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Discussion in 'Genesis' started by rekeybobby, Aug 8, 2012.

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  1. rekeybobby

    rekeybobby Super Member Verified Member

    does anyone know if there is a video how to on how to make and excuse me if im saying it wrong but i would like to add a second wick into the refill hole but dont know how to and dont want to cause any shorts just wanted to know if it could be done and would it give me double the vapor leading to a shorter draw just to recap right now my did has a 2-3 wrap where it should be and i would like to add another wick with a 2-3 wrap into the drip hole but also didnt want the n shape where the two wick are connected wanted them separate thanks again and happy vaping
  2. RsK0807

    RsK0807 Senior Member Verified Member

    Second Wick/Coil setup would have a higher resistance since the grounding screw is further from the fill hole...
  3. ricklynchcore

    ricklynchcore Super Member Verified Member

    Why? Mine vapes like a steam train as it is?

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  4. rekeybobby

    rekeybobby Super Member Verified Member

    so if it could be done would i be able to vape at 4 volt on my provari

    mainly for a shorter draw im hoping. i like mines a lot but not a fan a the long draws i have to take other than that its a great device let me also add that this is my first repairable atomizer but from my first wrap i was very happy also gonna save me money in the long run .im a chain vaper and my normal 510 atty didnt make it pass a week im going on two weeks friday on my first wrap
  5. Jason_brent

    Jason_brent Full Member Verified Member

    btw did you ever find out if it is posable to add a second wick hold to the did or would it short out???
  6. Royaldrunker

    Royaldrunker Super Member Verified Member

    theres 2 ground screws but coil lengths and wraps would have to be exactly the same..i have done dual and tripple on phoenix its all safe its gonn a lower a normal 2 ohhm coil to 1 thats the only issue

    edit; i think you can run the second wick up and connect to center post and should be grounded from original..but will fire slower and not effective i have donr the upside down horseshoe and have 2 wicks coming up to a single unit and works fine
  7. vapdivrr

    vapdivrr Vaping Master Verified Member

    Supporting member
    have had my did for months and have heard alot of tips and tricks, but never heard of doing a dual wick. if you were to do 2 wicks (one in the fill hole) then how would actually fill it? maybe drill another hole? let us know how it works out if you do ,do it
  8. fanatic205

    fanatic205 Senior Member

    Drill another hole directly next to the negative screw, try to space it about the same distance from the negative screw as the original wick hole. Now i dont know about VV as i only use mech mods but going dual coil wraped the same as your single wick is going to make for a cooler vape. You will also find it takes longer for the coils to heat. I was able to get around the cooler vape longer heat up time by going from 32ga to 28ga wire. I found 28GA 3/4 wraps dual coil nets me about .8 ohms and fires fast with massive vapor.
  9. spraintz

    spraintz Super Member Verified Member

    What gauge wire are you using?

    If you are looking for lots of vapor with a quick sub 2-3second draw then I would suggest running a lower resistance wire(thicker/lower number) and maybe a couple more wraps. You can get that "instant-on" short draw big vapor hit with a single wick/coil.

    Lately I am using a 4/5 wrap of 30g A1 giving me a resistance of about 1.1 - 1.4ohms. I run this on my Provari at abou 3.4 - 3.7ohms and I get super clouds of vapor with 2second "double inhale" draws.

    This works great for me, just keep in mind with the coil getting hot real quick you might need to tweak yer wick to keep up with coil........
  10. Kamoch

    Kamoch Super Member Verified Member

  11. vapdivrr

    vapdivrr Vaping Master Verified Member

    Supporting member
    if he does have a provari, and providing that the set-up is good he should be able to achieve a coil between 0.08 and up. i do not run a dual wick on my provari, just a single and that is what i vape at on my v2 provari, 28g 4/5 wrap between 0.08 to 1.0ohms. i have tried various resistances and imo is the thickest, warmest and fastest vape. does drain the batteries though.
  12. Jason_brent

    Jason_brent Full Member Verified Member

    Ok guys i am so sorry for i am still new to ECF and how the blog works i didnt get any notifications that ppl had been replying to my post i am so sorry it took so long to get back on this while i was reading what other ppl where saying to try and so far what i think my problem is that i didnt do enough research and ordered 36 or 34 ga Kanthal wire cause i was going to try rebuilding my kangar T3 coils cause all the RBAs i found where $$$$ and "Household 6" would have my .... for spending so much on one. I have got some items saved on my e-bay my next order will be for 28g Kanthal and 250 SS wick i have been watching Rip Tripper and Igetcha69 Ect, and that seems to be the way i want to go Thank you all for the help as of right now i am not going to drill the hole until i see what the new mesh and wire work out. I did how ever move the air hole on the cap and made it smaller because the DID i got has a screw on lid which i love but the air hole (if you screw it all the way down) was not inline with the wick and coil and the hit was to airy for me i should have taken pics and made a video. but anyways Thank you all
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