E-Cig/Liquid bust Thailand.

Discussion in 'Thailand Forum' started by Lukey1979, Jan 29, 2013.

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  1. Lukey1979

    Lukey1979 Full Member

    I stumbled across this tonight on the news. I have no idea about the ins and outs but it's evident some poor sod got busted with his horde of harmless goods.

    Ever felt like the walls were closing in around you? I got the feeling the world over, It's going to be more difficult, if not impossible to vape in the future. Unless you are willing to buy a Carto from Philip Morris at 10 Dollars each....Damn shame if you ask me.

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  2. Atlexus

    Atlexus Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    is it that bad back home?
  3. Lukey1979

    Lukey1979 Full Member

    Looks like it was one of the vendors from Thaiecigclub who got busted, shame really, they are a useful lot on there.There is alot of noise going on in that forum at the moment, I've done my best with Google translate, but If anyone who can read Thai could take a look and report whats really going on It would be a big help. It doesn't look particularly cosy to be honest.
    I go through Survarnabhumi alot. I have had my e-cig pulled once by security checks and after an explanation of what it was i was waved through with no bother. I don't want this to start being an issue, especially with customs...
  4. Sickkboy

    Sickkboy Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    AFAIK, Some member on that webboard said someone report to police about this guy sell e-cig, and teenagers in that neighbor use e-cig and look like they on drug, so police arrested and charged him for violated law, also seized all of his stuff because e-cig are still banned in Thailand.
  5. MonoXimian

    MonoXimian Full Member

    It was TRPN that got busted. Somebody reported him to the police as stated above. It's a real shame because I was about to order some Kanthal wire and wicking material to start doing a rebuild. Does anyone know where I can buy Kanthal wire and wicking material from in Thailand or maybe someone can tell me what it is called and I can try asking around

  6. Lukey1979

    Lukey1979 Full Member

    Me too mate, by coincidence, I tried to order from him the same night. He responded by saying he had been shut down.
  7. MonoXimian

    MonoXimian Full Member

    Have you managed to find another supplier in Thailand or worldwide? I am looking on Ebay at Kanthal wire but I am confused as to what size I should buy. Someone told me about 32 g but did not say what mm I should be looking for. They said I should avoid silica wick as its not so healthy to use.

    They recommended buying cotton wicks for better wicking and flavour which I have found on Amazon for about $8 for 10 yards (just over 9 metres). But the Kanthal they sell there is industry sized and costs $40 not inc p&p.

    If I have to pay p&p I really want a 1 stop shop to take care of all my needs.

    Any suggestions or advice greatly appreciated

  8. gdawg

    gdawg Full Member Verified Member

    32 g means 0.20mm, 33g means 0.18mm, 34 g means 0.16mm.. most ppl on forum sugget 34g or 0.16mm R wire which cld be kanthal or nichrome
    n for the non resistace wire 32 g, nickel or silver wire. i always thght the nickel wld be better bcos its stronger than silver, so it wont break as easily as silver..
  9. MonoXimian

    MonoXimian Full Member

    Hi Gdawg

    Thanks for the reply but I am still a little confused as I seem 34 g kanthal wire on Ebay which was 15 mm and I am not too sure what the implications might be if I buy it ie will it have a lower or higher ohms setting when I use it to rebuild.

    I have the same confusion when it comes to wick sizes as well, do I need 1, 1.5, 2.0 or 3.00 mm sizes. If I can understand what I need then I will try ordering it from Ebay and have it delivered here as I haven't had any info where I might be able to buy these things in Thailand

    Thanks for your help so far and forgive my lack of understanding

  10. gdawg

    gdawg Full Member Verified Member

    lol its ok mate, i ve also been through it.
    the thinner the wire the lower will be ur resistance. if u want lower resistance then just go for the thinner wire.
    but then u can just wrap an extra coil n tht will increase ur resistance. so its not tht much of a deal whatever size u use. watever is easily available just get tht. i use the 34g. with around 4 wraps i generally get a resistance of around 1.5 - 1.8 ohms. if u want the resistance to be around say 2.4 ohms just wrap it 6 times.

    n for the wick again it doesnt really make a lot of difference but i wld suggest getting a thicker wick like 2mm or 3mm,
    i m myself looking for some 3mm cotton wick but i cant find it... actually i havnt really gone out to get it.
    hope this helps
  11. MonoXimian

    MonoXimian Full Member

    Thanks Gdawg, thats great info, much appreciated

    Happy vaping

  12. MonoXimian

    MonoXimian Full Member

    I got in touch with a supplier in Thailand who offers heating wire but he says he only sells 0.25 mm which is cheap as chips @ 10bht per metre. It's not kanthal and I am not sure whether it's 32 or 34 g but I might give it a try to see if it works out

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