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Discussion in 'New Members Forum' started by Dssiginer, Jul 2, 2010.

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  1. Dssiginer

    Dssiginer Moved On

    I will be going on an airplane soon and was wondering if I can take my e-cig through airport security without any problems. Don't want them confiscated!!!:unsure:
  2. PopTart

    PopTart Super Member

    Yup you should have no problems. If you are that worried about it just take it out and place it in the tub with your other stuff you take out of your pockets.

    I have been with TSA for 8 years :D

    also see Travel and E-Cig - E-Cigarette Forum for more info
  3. finalthought83

    finalthought83 Senior Member

    keep the juice in a clear plastic back and most people have made it through no prob
  4. SpiritAir

    SpiritAir Senior Member

    Never had a problem yet......:)
  5. piratecaptainbob

    piratecaptainbob Senior Member

    glad this question was asked ive already had problems with lost luggage and things missing when i finally got it back so i would definitely want to carry my pv on a plane with me
  6. BarkeepCat

    BarkeepCat Senior Member

    As stated:
    - Liquids in your quart plastic baggie.
    - Everything else is fine on your carry on.

    I even carry a 510 in my pocket and just put it with my wallet and keys.

    Never have had an issue.
  7. LagSTeR

    LagSTeR Full Member

    I recently took a flight had a bottle of juice in a baggie in my laptop case, and my v4l kit in a carrying case and had no problems getting through security. All my other juices were in my luggage.
  8. radicaljd

    radicaljd Super Member Verified Member

    I must admit, however, that my Joye eGo might look a tad suspicious to an uninformed screener. :p
  9. fritos1

    fritos1 Super Member

    At least they dont think your a vape bomber lol
  10. Driver

    Driver Senior Member

    Don't take a hand grenade paper weight, from The Infantry Museum. we forgot to mail it, seriously it didnt go well. Learn something new everyday.:blink:
  11. Sarlen

    Sarlen Senior Member

    hahaha ohh man I bet that got ugly...
  12. chanderson50

    chanderson50 Full Member

    what about vaping in the terminal? Is that allowed?
  13. Vocalek

    Vocalek CASAA Activist

    Supporting member
    I have stealth-vaped in a number of airports across the country. There's nothing illegal (except in New Jersey) about doing it, but I figure it is best to avoid making waves. If any one asks, I have a card I can give them. These cards will soon be available to order form the CASAA web site.
  14. teh.reut

    teh.reut Full Member

    i can see how that could arouse some suspicion.
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