evic burning coils within a tank or two

Discussion in 'eVic' started by Mrrochi, Feb 26, 2014.

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  1. Mrrochi

    Mrrochi Full Member Verified Member

    Title says it all. For whatever reason when I put a new coil in a tank I get a terrible burnt flavor within a tank or two. Power is at 5.5 watts because I thought I may have been frying the coils. Happens with protank, anyvape davide, aspire, protank 3, iclear 30s, iclear 30 b. Has anyone else had a similar problem.
  2. RebelGolfer72

    RebelGolfer72 Resident TimeLord Verified Member ECF Veteran

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    Could be the juice you are using is funking up the coils. Likewise, poor airflow can also cause it

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  3. crxess

    crxess ECF Guru Verified Member ECF Veteran

    That is not how it works.
    Evic simply provides power.

    Coil does the work
    E-liquid may be high in Sugars or Flavoring and Caking the coils
    To Low heat and/or to short Vape will also load a coil. E-liquid only partially vaporizes leaving more caramelized residue on coil.

    I Vape at 6.8-7.6 watts with Kanger setups on the eVic. Not a hot vape at all.
    If a Coils starts getting burnt/funky, raising the power by .5 watt will often clear it up. then return to normal setting.
  4. Mrrochi

    Mrrochi Full Member Verified Member

    The juice is high in sugar but its the same juice ive been using for months without problwm until recently. Maybe im not vaping hard enough as I have started doing lighter pulls. Its weird though didnt have this problem on my vtr before it broke. And dont have this problem on my wife's svd. Is it possible that there is burnt juice under the center pen as I have had several tanks that leaked.
  5. crxess

    crxess ECF Guru Verified Member ECF Veteran

    You can do a cleaning with isopropyl alcohol.

    Different Mods will allow Different air flow through Bottom Air tube Devices.
    i.e. - eVic/Protank - Decent air Flow
    ....... Provari/Protank - Poor air flow

    Changes is Vape Draw will definitely make differences in function.
    Light/Short draws + airy Tank = poor wicking of e-liquid and poor Vaporization
    Heavy/Long draws + Tight air flow = Flooding/Poor Vapor production/loss of draw from tube filling with liquids

    Almost everything involved can change the final results

    Slight increase/Decrease of power can make significant changes is vape quality.
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