EVOD Battery Recall

Discussion in 'Announcements and News' started by sonicdsl, Jul 19, 2013.

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  1. sonicdsl

    sonicdsl Reviewers Mgr
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  2. tj99959

    tj99959 ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    TY Sonic for staying on top of this (or getting to the bottom of it :lol: )
  3. SnapperJR

    SnapperJR New Member

    because generally they do make good ecig accessories and batts

    im using their evod mt bcc clearos and i love the convenience it offers, only downside is the small wicks in the attys which tend to get gunked up pretty quick
  4. dietcoke

    dietcoke Full Member

    Kanger seems like a reputable company with well made and designed products, voluntary recalls are good.
  5. AronDelight

    AronDelight Full Member

    Yeah it's always nice to see a business take action.
  6. vap3rclouds

    vap3rclouds Full Member

    I hope all companies that have a product with a problem follow after them. All we need is something to start a fire or blow up and give the government more to feed off.
  7. markr1446

    markr1446 Full Member Verified Member

    Really sucks
  8. gotmantis?

    gotmantis? Moved On

    whats the highest mah you guys know of thats an 18650 like over 3000 mah and where can i get one
  9. rasmith1959

    rasmith1959 Super Member ECF Veteran

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    3400 is the highest that I'm aware of and just about any vape store has them. You can even get them on amazon.com or eBay.

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  10. Gena

    Gena Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I saw on another site where a lady didn't turn her e-cig off before putting it in her purse and it caught on fire. I used to do the same thing before reading the article.
  11. sonicdsl

    sonicdsl Reviewers Mgr
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    It's just the Evod battery purchased from a particular vendor at a particular time. Please see the link above to the Kanger announcement. :)

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  12. liuj71

    liuj71 New Member

    That sucks i gotta upgrade
  13. StuMan

    StuMan Full Member

    thanks. i see what you mean
  14. Rod J

    Rod J Full Member

    Looks to me like a responsible manufacturer taking sensible action. Good to see:)

    As for the purse fire:
    EVOD batteries have 5 click protection. Most regulated eGo types do.
    To activate this simply push the button 5 times in 2 seconds, the battery will not fire again until you repeat the 5 click process.
    The button on an EVOD is set almost flush with the surface of the case which should make accidentally pushing a little bit harder than a regular eGo.
  15. Barbaroo

    Barbaroo Full Member

    I have SIX of these, three 650's and three 1000's.
    I know that ONE of them is OKAY, but I'm STILL waiting to hear about the other FIVE!
    I'm glad I have my BACKUPS!
  16. Zegee

    Zegee Full Member

    Glad I went with bigger battery first time

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  17. Dvx67

    Dvx67 Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Its best to turn them off but you really shouldn't have that problem with an evod battery because the button sits flush. It could happen but much less likely than with a battery with a raised button.
  18. DougC

    DougC Full Member

    Pretty cool if you think about it, they know the exact vendor the bad batteries went to...did not know they had serial/lot numbers.
  19. rwicai

    rwicai Full Member Verified Member

    TY Sonic for the information
  20. Morbus

    Morbus Full Member Verified Member

    wow, scary
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