Introducing the fasttech dna30 hana

Discussion in 'Variable Voltage APV Discussion' started by Joeseff, Jul 7, 2014.

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  1. Joeseff

    Joeseff Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Hi all,

    Finally received the 18650 dna30 hana modz clone, I paid 33 quid for it and the build quality is really good. Bit of a glue mess inside but the thing hits like a champ. Ohm readings on mine are fine. All functions work accept for power lock. It does say evolv dna on startup. All in all though it's a great buy I will keep you updated if it dies. Up to now though it's great. Comes with an efest 35amp battery. Probably not legit. uploadfromtaptalk1404737570078.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1404737581418.jpg
  2. Cullin Kin

    Cullin Kin Ultra Member Verified Member

    Well it sure looks good! My friends have been raving about this mod lately, good to see there may be a cheap clone out there.
  3. Joeseff

    Joeseff Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Honestly it's a great little device still waiting on my cana modz from elev8vape
  4. Nautiboy1279

    Nautiboy1279 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Yea, same here. Mine should be in the mail today (finally).
  5. Joeseff

    Joeseff Senior Member ECF Veteran

    No atty that I have tried sits perfectly flush on the fasttech one either but it's literally a mm or 2 hardly noticeable
  6. vampyrex13

    vampyrex13 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I thought the newer FT Hana clones had the LED charging hold next to the USB port?
  7. TomGeorge

    TomGeorge Super Member ECF Veteran

    What is the lowest it will fire? 0.6 ohms?
  8. Joeseff

    Joeseff Senior Member ECF Veteran

    They do on the new model this was the first batch without the led hole. Mine fires at 0.5 ohms not tried lower yet. I have the taifun on it today and that sits completely flush.
  9. Joeseff

    Joeseff Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Sits flush with taifun gt.


    Proof it fires at 0.5

  10. TomGeorge

    TomGeorge Super Member ECF Veteran

    Very cool, thank you!
  11. Cole J

    Cole J Full Member

    Ha, i thought that said 80 watts. I was like whaaaaat?
  12. Circa Survivor

    Circa Survivor Super Member Verified Member

    Supporting member
    Joeseff, I was thinking "... kind of vehicle are they driving?" then I realized you're in the UK :p I need to pay attention more.
  13. Joeseff

    Joeseff Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Haha Yeh in the UK my delivery van
  14. Nautiboy1279

    Nautiboy1279 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I just received my cloupour DNA30 without logo, updated PIN and features. It fires really anything you throw at it, but if the calculated volts (heard these devices only calculate volts and do not actually measure it) are lower than the volts of the battery, it will fire in 'unregulated' mode (usually this is .5 ohms or below), almost like a mech mod would, and will not get steady vape power throughout the battery. I had a fogger v4 built at .45 (DNA30 rounds it to .5), but when you would take a vape from it at 30watts, the ohms would blink. This is what tells you its in an unregulated firing mode.

    Didn't realize this right away, and also had realized my mech mod had way more flavor with this build of fogger. So after getting some info from others, I realized it was in fact not regulated, and rebuilt it to .8 ohms. Fired it up at 30watts, and the flavor was all there. Something else kind of weird tho, I have a Kafyun 1.5 build that I always used on my mech mod, but at anything above 25watts, it gives you that crazy burnt throat hit. Not exactly sure what that would be, being my mech mod puts out just as much power or more than the DNA30 clone.

    It also drops in wattage at random times. You will be vaping at say 12watts, then suddenly you pick it up to use it and it says 11.9, or even 11.8. Out the box mine also had a nice dent on it. Not too obvious, but still is there. Definitely a thought that makes you think to maybe send it back, but whatever, it works at least lol.
  15. MrPlink

    MrPlink Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Either your math is way off or I don't think you understand ohms law at all and how these things work.

    Unless you are stacking batteries there is no way your Kayfun at 1.5ohm is hitting 25w on a mechanical. On an efficient mechanical you would need to cut your resistance in half to hit that kind of output.

    I will also add that Kayfuns can't run T
    that hot period. They wont wick fast enough, not enough air and tsmallmber is too small.
  16. Joeseff

    Joeseff Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Horrible gap with the crown rda[​IMG]
  17. Nautiboy1279

    Nautiboy1279 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I mean 25watts on the Hana. Using sub ohm coil setups, the mech mod is pretty much right there in terms of power, but I see what your saying about the wicking and air flow. This could definitely be why, and i'm sure it being a single coil setup is contributing as well. I have a modified kayfun with bigger airflow, but same thing when you get around 25watts or above.

    Spoke to Elev8vape and they said the wattage drop is normal even on the newest batch, as well as the green light not coming on. All normal they said.
  18. Jetfoi

    Jetfoi Full Member

    I just ordered a fasttech Hana DNA30....same thing for me that i've been hearing amazing things about them...i cant wait to get mine and start playing around with it.
  19. chief63

    chief63 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I have a mini and fullsize on the way...come on Singapore Post. Taking forever to leave country.
  20. BeRight

    BeRight Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I have the full-size and mini - so far so good. It is great that they also now sell the case + electronics separate - easy and cost effective repair.

    DIY mod fasttech hana like device for only $45.

    The only thing that I do not like about this mod is its tiny buttons - wearing hole in my
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