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Discussion in 'JantyWorld' started by Adik Ted, Mar 15, 2012.

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  1. Adik Ted

    Adik Ted Super Member

    14th Jan ordred 2 e-go automatic batteries from Janty Europe - JANTY EUROPE (Worldwide)

    10 days later (24th Jan)

    received the batteries and found they gave a very weak draw to the extent they were practically unusable

    next day (25th Jan)

    I opened a ticket on their site requesting details on how to return as they don't have that information on their site

    6 days later (31st Jan)

    I received a reply to my request

    next day (1st Feb)

    posted them back to them - didn't insure as cost was around 33% of cost

    21 days later (22nd Feb)

    having not heard from them I updated the open ticket on their site telling them I had returned them and asking if they had received them

    14 days later (7th Mar)

    Still no reply so opened a dispute on paypal only to discover I was outwith the 45 days (I thought you had 3 months)

    8 days later (15th Mar)

    Still no response.

    Ignorance personified. 30.15 euros down the drain and, 61 days on, not even a "we've not received them" to show for it. Deal with this scum at your peril.
  2. Oriana871

    Oriana871 Super Member Verified Member

    I opened a ticket last Thurs. (March 9) and have yet to receive any response at all. Doesn't sound good Adik.
  3. Adik Ted

    Adik Ted Super Member

    Easier to make contact with extraterrestrials Oriana. I've written it off. I've been vaping for 3 years, used many different outfits and never came up against cr@p like this.
  4. FaniFox

    FaniFox Super Member Verified Member

    Don't write it off just yet, Adik. I am sure that you will get the reply from Janty.
    BTW, why haven't you posted it here before?

    I still don't get it. I am a Janty customer for more than 4 years and never heard about no customer service at all. Delays yes, but eventually all tickets do have happy ends. And I mean all of them, so hang on...
    Don't give up on Janty.
  5. Adik Ted

    Adik Ted Super Member

    I posted about the original request for return details on this forum, I should probably have added the above post to that. It's 22 days and counting since I last heard from them and 6 weeks since I returned the items. Are they waiting for the good weather to come in do you think?
  6. FaniFox

    FaniFox Super Member Verified Member

    I know that at the time you mention they were re-located, they had a moving from the old office to the new one. At the same time I also had an open ticket, and it took them some time to reply, that's how I know about it. I believe that your ticket was somehow lost during this re-location or something similar had happened. It is not Janty's policy or habit to neglect tickets.
    As I told you, based on my experience, don't give up on them...
  7. Ludo

    Ludo Ultra Member

    A forum is not the place to get answers on after sales issues. Calling people scum is not helpful either. If at least you could mention your helpdesk ticket number in your post? You can also write to Yves at dispatchfrance@jantyshop.com but warranty requests do have to go through the helpdesk system.
  8. Adik Ted

    Adik Ted Super Member

    I didn't expect answers on the forum. The purpose of the post was to warn others about the sort of "service" they could expect. The ticket ID was 3665 but posting it is about the limit of my efforts to resolve this. I've wasted enough of my time.
  9. Ludo

    Ludo Ultra Member

    @Adik Ted:

    According to Yves, our dispatch, you asked for warranty replacement or a refund, so yves asked you to first return two ego auto batteries per registered postal service so he could trace it and follow up on your request.

    However, you sent it per normal postage, plus you did not specify the reasons for the return in a notice inside your envelope.

    In addition, the two batteries are apparently in working condition, but they where no longer in its original cellophane wrapping.

    Normally Yves would refuse to take these back but he said he'd send you a voucher for the value of the batteries.


    This is more complex.
    You informed Yves that your order was blocked by Canadian Customs. Yves told you that once he would receive back the package in return, he would expedite again by postal service.

    But the package is still stuck in Canadian customs and Yves is waiting for an answer form DHL as to why the DHL package is blocked, and how to get it sent back.

    For now, the official status is "awaiting documents from the customer". But Yves does not know what documents and what is causing the problem.

    Yves does not know if the problem is because the client does not want to pay import taxes and VAT, or if this dispute is about the package being blocked on ground of prohibited importation.

    Yves understands that you are eager to receive it, but Yves has no means of influencing Canadian customs.

    I hope this clears up a few things.
  10. Oriana871

    Oriana871 Super Member Verified Member

    OK... interesting.

    When I opened the ticket I gave all of the necessary instructions. To quote directly from my ticket message:

    DHL is requesting a Letter of Authorization to be emailed to them at bng_canada@dhl.com with the Waybill/Tracking # in the subject line.

    It is impossible for me to travel 2 hrs. to the Customs office during business hours so I felt it best to ask to return the item for a full refund. All of this is stated in my ticket. You do have a 30-day warranty for returns that include shipping.

    I don't understand what the issue is, seems pretty clear-cut to me.
  11. Oriana871

    Oriana871 Super Member Verified Member

    This is also interesting because I haven't had any communication with Yves regarding my issue/ticket. So apparently he told me something that he never told me.

    Also please note that it appears that DHL now knows that Janty is an e-cigarette supplier and will no longer clear packages at customs. There is now a 3rd person from Canada that has their Janty shipment being held at Customs: http://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/forum/new-members-forum/278380-toronto-newbie.html

    If DHL will not clear the Janty shipments any longer than this issue will arise from any orders coming from Canada.

    Either the shipping has to be changed or Canadians ordering from your European site should be notified of the Customs issue.
  12. Adik Ted

    Adik Ted Super Member

    Ludo, thanks for your efforts. As far as what Yves says, it's so long ago that I cannot recall what I wrote on the note inside the envelope but I certainly included the order ID and I doubt I'd fail to mention why I was returning them. I didn't send it registered because of the cost. As for the cellophane, are the bags even sealed? While they were in the same condition they were sent out in I'd dispute they were in working order. If that was the norm (I couldn't get a decent draw even after a couple of primer puffs) the product should be withdrawn. A token is better than nothing but I just hope I don't have cause to use customer services again as a result.
  13. Oriana871

    Oriana871 Super Member Verified Member

    Janty has to send a Letter of Authorization to the email address provided with the Waybill/Tracking # in the subject line, requesting that the package be returned to Janty.

    I've sent a follow-up note to my original ticket (#4217), and except for this thread, have heard absolutely nothing. Perhaps you have me mixed up with another customer, but your claims of correspondence with me are false. Please advise soon whether Janty will send this letter or not, and if so, when. Thank you.
  14. Adik Ted

    Adik Ted Super Member

    Finally got round to using up the credit note. Bought an ego-c kit that I didn't particularly want just to get closure. Cost me 15 euros on top of the credit note plus a non-optional 10.7 euros for 24 hour delivery which took 5 days. The kit mains adaptor was non-UK but I couldn't care less. I'm just glad to be shot of the feckers.
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