Kanger e-mart Clearomizer and Halo G6

Discussion in 'KR808D-1' started by bigdawgbeav, Aug 16, 2013.

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  1. bigdawgbeav

    bigdawgbeav Senior Member ECF Veteran

    In the search for bigger and better tanks to use on a Halo G6, I believe I have found the answer! OK, my co-worker found it, but I planted the seed for the Google search.

    When I got my G6 starter kit, I also got some of the Halo Mini Tanks. I knew that I wasn't going to be happy with the included cartos (spoiler alert: I wasn't). I love the mini clearos, I can see how much is left and it's a much better vaping experience, especially for a n00b like me. (BTW: the "Halo Mini Tanks" are exactly the same at the "Kanger T4's"... and the Kangers are cheaper). However, I wasn't all that thrilled with the occasional leakage. Just like when I diaper my daughter wrong... leaking isn't good. So I set out on a quest, it was a short quest as my above-mentioned co-worker beat me to it after we were having a discussion one day. I wanted to find mini clearos, with 808 threading and a screw-on tip...

    Enter in: Kanger e-Smart Clearo! I was a little apprehensive at first as they were bigger (1.3ml vs 0.9ml). The extra size had to go somewhere. And they are wider than the G6 battery. The great news is the extra width isn't bad, in my opinion anyway.

    The tip does screw on and has an o-ring at the top of the threads. There is also a silicone gasket on top of the coil which makes contact with the bottom of the tip. So far there has been zero leakage out of the tip, provided you fill the tank correctly.

    The air draw seems to be more with this clearo than with the T4 or the Halo mini tanks. I think that might have something to do with the fact there there is an overlap and might provide some more surface area. Or I could be talking out of my butt because I really don't know and I'm trying to sound cool.

    Please check out the attached pictures. In them you can see the slight overhang and the silicone gaskets. If you haven't already might want to pick a couple up and see for yourself. BTW: I'm not paid or endorsed by Kanger or LiteCigUSA...

    IMG_20130816_113200.jpg IMG_20130816_113225.jpg IMG_20130816_113240.jpg IMG_20130816_113246.jpg
  2. ckmeyers

    ckmeyers Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I got my E-smart clearo from LiteCig a couple of days ago, they really are terrific. I'm using mine with my extra long G6 battery, and my Halo Triton. I agree with you about the draw being better. If you look at the bottom of the mini-tank there are only two cut aways for air flow. The E-smart has four, so that might be why. I like the 1.3 ml capacity better too. Great little clearomizers! :)
  3. Nailz

    Nailz Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    The e-smarts are what I get my wife for her 808 cig a like's, but I get them from Vaporkings, they do red and purple as well as the smoked color, and out of 80 of them, we had no duds, I clean them and last a good amount of time.
  4. Amy87

    Amy87 Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I'm so glad you posted those pics. I LOVE my G6, but I only use clearos (yes the cartos suck) and I was worried about the slight size difference. Now I can see its not much. I can say I have never experienced the leakage that others complain about from the halo & kanger tanks, but I did want something that would hold a bit more juice, so these look promising.
  5. bigdawgbeav

    bigdawgbeav Senior Member ECF Veteran

    UPDATE: Not sure if this is me, but I'm vaping my fav Halo Tribeca... with the Kanger e-Smart, the flavor seems more muted. I wonder if that is a function of the longer wicks? Right now I only have the 1 but I have 10 more on order. When I get them in I plan on loading them up and we'll see if the muted flavor continues.

    I will say there is much more vapor with this clearo...
  6. ckmeyers

    ckmeyers Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    No, I doubt that the longer wicks would make any difference. There are a couple of flavors I like better from Halos Low Resistance cartomizers than from any clearo. When you wash the clearo out make sure the wicks are good and dry before you refill. If the wicks are still damp with water, you will get a muted flavor.
  7. bigdawgbeav

    bigdawgbeav Senior Member ECF Veteran

    This was a brand new tank, never used. My other theory is that since there is double the airholes the increased air draw is thinning out the flavor. I'm probably off and just talking out my rear. However, still like the larger tank.
  8. Vapo Marx

    Vapo Marx Super Member ECF Veteran

    I've been using E-smart clearomizers on G6 and Triton batteries as well as E-smart batteries (I bought a starter kit) and I love them. I find them a big improvement on the T4s. They are a tad wider than standard 808 "stick" batteries such as the G6, but not enough to look dumb.

    I've experienced zero leakage so far but the thin gasket that seals the top of the atomizer tube is really easy to lose, so do be careful when unscrewing the mouthpiece. I accidentally lost one down the drain while rinsing out one of my E-smarts; I'm hoping it'll still be relatively leak-free without it but that remains to be seen. Learn from my mistake and remove the gasket altogether and set it aside if you're gonna wash the clearo.

    I highly recommend the E-smart clearo to anyone who uses 808 batteries; it's definitely one of the better options available in this threading. By the way, it's also available with a 510 thread.
  9. Vapo Marx

    Vapo Marx Super Member ECF Veteran

    Update: I filled the clearo, screwed in the cap and tried to get it to leak by turning it upside down and shaking it several times. Then I vaped a little while and repeated the procedure. It seems to be OK but still, avoid losing that gasket if you can.
  10. bigdawgbeav

    bigdawgbeav Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Good advice...

    Something also to note: the normal Kanger T4/Halo Mini Tank comes in around 2.2ohms, this tank (e-Smart) is listed as 2.8, so there could be some performance differences when using a 3.7 G6 battery. According to the chart a 2.2 mini tank on a 3.7 battery comes in around 6.22 watts. The 2.8 e-Smart on the same battery is dropped down to 4.89. In order to replicate the same wattage on a 2.8 I would need a battery at 4.2. Luckily for me a VV is in my future...
  11. Vapo Marx

    Vapo Marx Super Member ECF Veteran

    VV or VW is a good thing to have but the power consumed by the atomizer coil is only part of the story. The T4 runs hotter (sometimes too hot for my taste) but I get more vapor and a more satisfying experience overall from the E-smart. It seems more efficient somehow. I especially like the E-smart clearo and battery together even though it's a fairly cool-running system (the E-smart batteries are regulated at 3.6V output). It doesn't scorch my juices like a T4 fitted to a G6 or Triton battery, both of which are 3.7V nominal or 4.2V at full charge.

    As for the difference in coil resistance between the two clearos, I should point out that the actual number can and does vary from the nominal. (In the circuit design biz we call this "manufacturing spread"). I measured seven samples each of T4s and E-smarts with the following results:

    T4: 2.3, 2.3, 2.4, 2.4, 2.4, 2.4, 2.5, AVG = 2.38

    E-smart: 2.3, 2.6, 2.7, 2.7, 2.7, 2.7, 2.9 AVG = 2.65
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