Kanger Protank rebuild, 32 kanthal, silica wick and...?

Discussion in 'New Members Forum' started by MOTUVap, Apr 29, 2013.

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  1. MOTUVap

    MOTUVap Full Member

    Read a post bout rebuild, great one from Face Meat, pretty funny too, thx btw, bout to order some silica wick and 32g kanthal, but now I'm reading about ceramic and mesh, whats this all about? Is this needed? Didnt notice any of this in other thread,

    What are your rebuild materials for ProTank?

    What works best for you? And what supplies are needed?
  2. aussiedog61

    aussiedog61 Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Eddie Adams has a tutorial as well http://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/forum/tanks/404174-evod-protank-head-rebuild.html. It says EVOD, but applies to ProTank as well.

    Bumping this thread because I would also like to know the optimum rebuild for the ProTank in regards to wire material (someone mentioned flat ribbon?), ideal wick material (cotton, silica, hemp), and the 'wrapping around a screw' for perfect spacing method versus traditional wrapping.
  3. Kanj.nguyen

    Kanj.nguyen Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Ceramic and mesh are just two alternatives for wicking materials, like silica.

    I dont like silica so i ripped everything out of my Protank after 1 tank of juice for testing. As it comes (mine at least) the draw is way too airy and vapor & flavor production is poor. My guess is that since there is so much air in a draw and so little vapor, the flavor is diluted.

    Rebuilt it with mesh and ribbon kanthal, works like a champ now. Way more vapor, flavor, and no leaking whatsoever.
  4. Aubie80

    Aubie80 Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I havent rebuilt a coil for the pro tank but I would use silica for the wick.
    Generally steel mesh and ceramic wicks are used for genesis style devices such as z atty pro, ac9, rsst, the aga line so on and so on.

    I would just get 2mm or 2.5mm silica, 32ga kanthal and watch some you tube vids and go from there. Be careful to check your resistance so you can use it on your mod/battery. Also make sure there are no shorts and the wire does not touch the metal on the coil/wick head itself.

    I use mesh in my aga-t, and I use silica in the replaceable heads that you can get at most vendors websites.

    There are many other wick materials, cotton, hemp, and I'm sure there are others that I dont know about.

    Good luck with your rebuilds and hope all goes well.
  5. MOTUVap

    MOTUVap Full Member

    5 minutes later at 4am and two replies! Gotta love ECF
  6. Aubie80

    Aubie80 Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Only 1 here
    Had to stay awake to get my wife up, she has inventory today. Another hour and I'll be able to check my eyelids for holes.
  7. Dannyboy5691

    Dannyboy5691 Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Can you show a pic of the materials used please. I'm really interested in the way you did this. I'm new to all of this so I'm trying to learn all that I can about these cleros. Right now I have 2 EVOD's and eventually, after rehab for my stroke, I'd like to start rebuilding them with some knowledge. Thanks.
  8. aussiedog61

    aussiedog61 Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

  9. rnln

    rnln Super Member ECF Veteran

  10. Red_Bird

    Red_Bird Moved On

    Wraps of ribbon kanthal in that tiny area? I rebuild with 30 or 32 gauge kanthal and theres barely room. What is yours a 2 wrap?

    BTW, in response to this thread I have found 3 mm cotton wick with 30 or 32 gauge kanthal an easy rebuild. With 32 gauge a 5/4 wrap....with 30 gauge a 4/3 wrap.
  11. MOTUVap

    MOTUVap Full Member

    Just ordered 2.5mm silica and came with 32g kanthal, I'll post results when shipment arrives
  12. Kanj.nguyen

    Kanj.nguyen Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Full on 4 wraps. Thats as many as my Gennies. I could probably make it 5 if i try, just no point though.
  13. Kanj.nguyen

    Kanj.nguyen Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I ll try to remember to post some pics tmr. In my experience it was tougher than building Genesis style RBAs since its not designed to be rebuilt. Wires are hidden and you have very little wick to work with.

    But it was worth it. The Protank looks great on my ChiChi and the vape is quite amazing.
  14. NancyR

    NancyR Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I used #2 square braided cotton candle wick for the wick on my pro-tank. Flavor, air flow, and flooding all improved.

    FACE MEAT Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    I'm glad you liked it. I've never tried mesh, cotton, hemp, bamboo, ceramic or any of the other wick materials mentioned. Silica works well for me. It's inexpensive, easy to work with, non conductive, requires no boiling/pre-prep, reliable, durable, flavor-neutral, easy to clean and easy to dry-burn. Until I hear about another materials that improves upon these attributes of silica, I'll keep using silica.

    As far as supplies are concerned, some needle-nose pliers, wire cutters/scissors and a sewing needle/paper clip are the only tools you'll need.
  16. Vault

    Vault Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Sorry to hear you`ve had a stroke :( and hope re-hab goes well. If your mobility in one hand is compromised as can happen, you may find it hard to manipulate the wire to make coils, it can be very fiddly and you need to have reasonable dexterity. I have excellent dexterity but still find it a very fiddly job, maybe this idea would help when you come to re-coiling atomiser heads.
    vape 001.jpg

    Simple to make,or have made and makes wrapping coils easy, the screw is #4 unc commonly called 4-40 or for slightly closer coils a 6BA bolt works well (an English size and has 48 threads per inch as compared to the 4-40 which is a bit courser at 40 threads per inch).
    Wire can be either Kanthal awg32 (0.2mm) or for less ohms with the same amount of coils awg31 (0.23mm).
    Hope this helps.
  17. Kanj.nguyen

    Kanj.nguyen Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Here it is folks, the things you need to rebuild eVod/ Protank heads with:


    Ribbon kanthal, #500 SS mesh, a few strands of silica or cotton to be used as fillers, a lighter (my torch just ran out of gas), a plier, and a nail clipper used as wire cutter because why not.

    Just finished rebuilding an eVod head:


    Let me know if you guys would like a tutorial of sort. If enough people are interested I will either make a video or a guide with pictures.


  18. MOTUVap

    MOTUVap Full Member

    You da man Kanj, so have visited other rebuilds and havent seen the mesh, any choice you could expand on that aspect? thx
  19. Minwoo

    Minwoo Full Member Verified Member

    I like to use cotton for my wicks
  20. Kanj.nguyen

    Kanj.nguyen Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I use mesh because i absolutely hate the idea of throwing out a burnt head. And also because im bringing a few eVod-eGo combos home for smoker friends as an intro to vaping. Im not in my home country 10 out of 12 months a year so i wanted something as hassle-free for them as possible. A steel wicked eVod seems perfect for that.

    If more peole would like a tutorial i will make one, otherwise i ll just outline the process here for motuvap.
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