Killer Cafe - Product Blitz Sale! (Plus Cherry Berry)

Discussion in 'Killer Juice' started by Walt83, Jun 26, 2014.

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  1. Walt83

    Walt83 Registered Supplier


    HERE WE GO! This week's Super Blitz Sale is coming straight out of the coffee shop!
    Super Blitz Sale!!!!

    If you love coffee you will love this week's sale, if not hey there is Hot Cocoa and Cherry Berry Chiller.

    This weeks flavors are:
    Caramel Latte
    Hot Cocoa
    Cherry Berry Chiller

    So everyone give Cynthia Noonan a big round of applause! She is the winner of last week's contest! As a winner she will get 1 year of free vape mail from Killer Juice! Congrats!

    If you did not win don't worry! This week we are giving away 4 $50 gift cards! Yes 4 FOUR! All you have to do is like this post or comment.

    Have a great weekend!​
  2. CJHacker

    CJHacker Full Member Verified Member

    Oh sweet! I've always wanted to try some coffee vapes and just have never got around to it. On my way to order!

    Also, congrats Cynthia! That would have been awesome, enjoy!
  3. Partsmunkie

    Partsmunkie Full Member Verified Member

    Got me some, cant wait to try it.. Thanks walt for super deals..
  4. Elizabeth Baldwin

    Elizabeth Baldwin Ultra Member Verified Member

    Weekly order placed. Yummy! :p
  5. rosesense

    rosesense Vaping Master Verified Member

    Supporting member
    Haven't had a good coffee flavor in awhile. Can't wait to try them.

    Congrats to the winner of last week's contest.
  6. atroph

    atroph Super Member Verified Member

    Last weeks order just shipped out for me and now another one!? /breaks out credit card again....

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  7. Walt83

    Walt83 Registered Supplier

    Hey just a heads up. There was a bug with shipping. We were able to fix it. Sorry about that!
  8. demlevis

    demlevis Super Member

    Congratulations, Cynthia Noonan!

    Walt, that coffee cup graphic just might be one of the best yet!
  9. BigKev77

    BigKev77 Senior Member

    Sweet! Just made my order. I can't wait to try the cherry berry chiller.
  10. JoanJ

    JoanJ ECF Guru Verified Member

    Supporting member
    Cherry Berry is pretty good...

    Me??? I am clam happy cuz I got last week's juices yesterday so today have a tank o Shamrock, one o Peach and one o Vanilla
  11. SleeZy

    SleeZy Super Member Verified Member

    Ordered alot of juices this week aswell!
    I'm still waiting for the last weeks order :)

    You've some new swedish customers since last week. ;)
  12. juggalofisher88

    juggalofisher88 Super Member Verified Member

    Alright Congrats winner!
    Just got my shakes in today aint tried em yet but I'm sure they are great.
    Might get some berry chiller or hot coaco but I'll Prolly sit this week out and wait for chocolate lovers

  13. Xanadu78

    Xanadu78 Full Member

    Just got my order....and Shamrock (only one I've tried so far) definately lives up to the hype...YUMMY!!!

    Gratz to last weeks winner....YAY!!!!!!

    About to go place my order for this week.....but I may have to make dinner first, the natives are getting restless.

    I only spent the last 2 hours playing with KillerJuice DIY instead of getting dinner ready :oops: ...loving the simplicity of the shakeNvape! Made a bunch of 12mg and 9mg samples to try....
  14. V8inDamma

    V8inDamma Ultra Member Verified Member

    Supporting member
    Will Darn I was SO hoping and waiting for the French Vanilla and the Caramel Macchiato ; ( Oh will maybe next time. Thank you for the great sales each week!!!

    CONGRATS TO THE WINNER Cynthia Noonan!!!

    I went to school with a Noonan I wonder if it's her?
  15. exnihilo

    exnihilo Super Member Verified Member

    Wasn't the last winner named Cynthia, also? I'm thinking of changing my name...

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  16. Vaylianne

    Vaylianne Full Member

    Congrats Cynthia!

    Trying desperately to order some of this week's Blitz sale flavors but my computer officially hates me. I think I'll have to borrow somebody else's computer to make it happen.
  17. Renegayde

    Renegayde Ultra Member

    I know something you don't na na na na na
  18. tencars

    tencars Senior Member Verified Member

    This maybe a stupid question.......Cherry Berry Chiller, how is it that related to coffee flavor?
    What the flavor like in a dripper and a kayfun? Sounds yummy, so does caramet latte.
    Are they a dark color juice?

    So many question so little Vape time. LOL.

  19. demlevis

    demlevis Super Member


    I think Walt just threw cherry berry chiller into the sale for those who don't like coffee.

    Color of the coffee flavors on a five-point scale varies...3-5 depending upon the specific flavor. Cherry berry chiller is 1-2 on same scale. Of course, color depends a bit on age and nic content also - juice tends to darken a bit with age.

    Walt tests with a kayfun and he's picky about flavors being right. I don't have a kayfun so no personal experience. For dripping, I use 510 dripping attys, not a rebuildable. Cherry berry chiller is really good in the 510 and in my iclear 16 and pt2.
  20. demlevis

    demlevis Super Member

    :glare: Again with the secrets/insider info? As always... Just a bit jealous. I don't harass Walt enough, apparently. :2cool:
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