Li Hing Powder Flavor?

Discussion in 'New Members Forum' started by Gunshow, Jan 25, 2012.

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  1. Gunshow

    Gunshow Full Member

    I'm pretty new to the e-cig community - 17 days tobacco free and counting. But whoever said you would save money by switching to e-cigs is full of stuffing! I've spent a ton on carts, eliquids and stuff! Which leads to my question: does anyone know where to find a Li Hing powder flavor? I got some pineapple flavor from a local vendor and it's begging to have Li Hing added to it!

    If anyone could help, I'd be very appreciative!
  2. Shoyu Chicken

    Shoyu Chicken Full Member

    Wow li hing pineapple, gotta love that stuff! Sorry I've got no idea where to find a li hing-powder flavor, and I'm pretty sure that a lot of people don't even know what li hing mui (or li hing powder) is. My best suggestion would be to put a whole bunch of powder in your hand, lick it, then vape! Anyways, welcome and congrats on kicking the analogs. Aloha!
  3. dormouse

    dormouse ECF Guru

    Li Hing has sugar in it. You do not put real sugar in eliquids unless you want to buy a new atomizer every day.
  4. Gunshow

    Gunshow Full Member

    I know! That's why I gotta find the flavor somewhere! Maybe I can make it somehow with sweetener, sour and something else? Is there a salty flavor somewhere maybe? Or is there a master flavor spreadsheet floating around that shows what flavors are out there and where to buy them? I don't mind doing the experimenting but I'm a bit handicapped by my lack of knowledge.

    Any help would be much appreciated!
  5. kempo63

    kempo63 Ultra Member Verified Member

    Wow, Li Hing Mui and Pineapple flavored eliquid. That would be interesting! I used to live in Kunia, HI and work for Del Monte for 12 years. Had that just about every day.
  6. Gunshow

    Gunshow Full Member

    Maybe I need to take this post in a different direction - there are a bunch of us who like Li Hing Mui, I think - but no one has seen any flavors for it. So now my question becomes - how can we make it? I'd put this in the eliquid or recipe column, but I'm too new and have to get my posts in here first...

    Anyway, I've seen sweetner flavors out there and I could swear I saw a sour at another site... but salty will be troublesome, I think... Does anyone know of an ejuice that would give a salty kind of flavor?

    Also - for those that have had Li Hing Mui before, what kind of proportion would you ascribe to it? Would you say that it is about 33% for each one of those or do you think it's more sweet than sour, etc? Does it have a flavor that we might ascribe to it apart from salty, sweet and sour? I think it may have originally come from plums but I can't really taste plum in it... maybe I read that wrong somewhere?
  7. hairball

    hairball ECF Guru Verified Member

  8. Gunshow

    Gunshow Full Member

    The powder itself almost always contains sugar (or some kind of substitute like aspartame). I'm thinking that I'd have to try to build it from its base if I wanted to get something close. Supposedly, Li Hing is made from plums but I'll be darned if I know how they turn those things into powder!

    Maybe some combination of plum, salt and sweetener? If we have some Li Hing lovers out there, I'd appreciate your thoughts on what you think it the best way to approximate the flavor using flavorings like Lorann makes (or a similar place that does flavors).
  9. kempo63

    kempo63 Ultra Member Verified Member

    The "plum" in Li Hing Mui is supposedly the apricot plum so I guess it would be possible to mix apricot, plum, licorice, Malic Acid for the sour, Sucralose for the sweet, don't know about the salty, though.
  10. Gunshow

    Gunshow Full Member

    Are malic acid and sucralose safe for e-cigs? Either for batteries/atomizers or for lungs? I saw a saltwater taffy somewhere but I don't know if it's salty...
  11. kempo63

    kempo63 Ultra Member Verified Member

    Both malic acid and sucralose are used in eliquids. Saltwater Taffy might work, I haven't tried it as a flavoring, might be too vanilla-ish.
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