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Discussion in 'New Mexico Vapers' started by Firegrl, Feb 23, 2010.

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  1. Firegrl

    Firegrl Senior Member

    Has anyone in Albuquerque seen the new kiosk in Coronado Mall with the very cheesy ecig? They are located on the upper level near the mall entrance by American Eagle, right by the escalators.

    The lady stopped me and asked if I smoked. I told her I already had a KR808, which she didn't know what that was. They had little bottles of juice and when I asked what SIZE the bottle was, they proceeded to ask everyone that worked there until one guy chimed up "18mg". Uh, no. That was the strength of the nicotine listed on the bottle. I never did get an answer as to how big the bottle was, but I think it was a half ounce. And I almost fell down when I heard the price. $20 for a half ounce of juice!

    Left feeling like these people had no idea about what they were selling and probably giving ecigs a bad name.
  2. gatsby

    gatsby Super Member

    I saw that one too. Believe it or not their prices aren't as insane as the Kiosk where I bought my first PV. When I was stop there I was looking at the price list and they asked if I wanted to try their PV. I pulled my SuperT out of my pocket and just said "I've got it covered". I don't think they had any idea what the heck that thing was.
    I have heard Cottonwood has a kiosk too, but I don't like going out into the country so I have never seen it. SOmeone also told me that one of the Bowling Alleys sells something (maybe disposables). It was either Leisure or Holiday, I think.
  3. Ralph T

    Ralph T Ultra Member

    I think Coronado is Smoke51 or some such. I actually did buy some juice from there once. It said CHO*HIG on it and I think I paid about $20 for 15 ml, but it was some of the best juice I ever had... Until I discovered Tasty Vapor.

    Every once in awhile I walk by there and whip out a box mod or my chuck... Just for fun. :p
  4. Firegrl

    Firegrl Senior Member

    Well, even though I thought the employees were idiots and the prices absolutely ridiculous, it's good to know of someplace local that sells some juice. Just in case of an emergency!
  5. SpottedPony

    SpottedPony Senior Member

    I don't think I will ever have an "emergency" when it comes to liquids...I have a whole stash of flavors that I didn't like....enough to see me through months of "emergencies". :)
  6. Ralph T

    Ralph T Ultra Member

    I have a huge stash now too. I am thinking that some of it needs to go in my freezer. I need to read up on putting e-juice in the freezer. I doubt that the PG based juice will freeze at all, but the more VG leaning stuff might.

    Those mall vendors do provide a valuable service even though the prices are outrageous...
    1. Make the average Joe/Jane aware that e-cigs exist... Sort of a conceptual primer if you will.
    2. Help get the truly desperate off of the analogs. Eventually, after replacing 2 batteries and 2 atomizers a month at $20 a pop, they find this forum and start learning all the ins and outs.
  7. SpottedPony

    SpottedPony Senior Member

    I don't have a problem w them selling stuff..and they probably do raise public awareness. I just do not go near malls on purpose. :)
  8. Agentaaron

    Agentaaron Full Member

    While I agree that they are very uneducated in their own product there at Coronado. They are bringing us into the mainstream which is good.

    I stopped there to look at their juice (BTW firegrl...they are 15ml) and they were asking 20.00 a pop. The kid that was helping me was sooo nervous and shaky I felt bad for him (must have been his first day). Trying to play a little dumb, I asked him what they were made of and he told me they were 100% pure nicotine extract...WOW. Then he was telling me about the "cartilages" though I think he meant "cartridges" I asked him if I could try the blueberry and he was so shaky he gave up trying to fill it and asked me to do it. I then breifed him on the whole PG/VG thing and bought a bottle of USA-mix. Expensive I know...but again, I felt bad for him (I know the pressures of being a new sales person trying to get your first sale)

    I understand that its hard to find good help to work at the mall (I used to manage a T-Mobile store there several years back). But its the responsibility of the owners to know their product and to properly train their employees.

    And while they are wayyyy overpriced (130.00 for a clone 510 PCC), they sold 3 of them in the time I was standing there. Thinking about it now I realize it will probably pay for itself anyhow if they keep with it. I know the clone 510 I bought for 25.00 has multiple times...
  9. Firegrl

    Firegrl Senior Member

    Thanks for the clarification on bottle size. Sad that I had to go to a forum on the internet to get it lol. And I do agree that it's the owners responsibility to train their people with proper information. My boyfriend is a salesman, a damn good one, and he was standing there with me at the time and we had to leave before he exploded. I can understand one nervous employee, but there was 2 women and one guy. The guy was busy trying to get phone numbers from two skanks and the women couldn't answer ANY of my questions. I can't believe they sold 3 while you were standing there. Must've had different people there that day!

    Still would keep it in mind for dire emergencies (dire, since I don't know what's in that juice), but $20 is pricey for 15ml. That's half of what you get from Tasty Vapor for $15!

    And $130 is highway robbery IMO. Yes, I agree that at least they are getting the word out there, but I would sleep much better at night knowing I helping people kick a deadly habit without having to rob them blind. I could understand $50-60, but $130?

    Things are always more expensive when you buy in town now. Strange how the internet changes things? There's another kiosk at Coronado that sells ghost armor for cell phones, etc. They want $35 at the kiosk when I can buy online for $15. Even told the guy that and he wouldn't budge on price.

    I've been dying to start my own kiosk, even before I saw theirs, just so I could really educate people. You give people a wealth of information, they will always come back to you with business....
  10. Agentaaron

    Agentaaron Full Member

    Look at phantomskinz.com...much better than ghost armor IMO and you get 2 complete kits for 25.00...I have tried others and always regret buying anything else. I had to deal with a zagg sheild for my Nexus until Phantom made one.

    Let me know about your business venture...I was also thinking the same thing, even went as far as finding a wholesaler where I can buy the Joye510 kits for 19.80 a piece and 30ml bottles for 2.75 (have to buy a min of 100 units though)
  11. carlton

    carlton Super Member

    I went by that kiosk the other day. While I agree that those prices are super high, I understand it. First, those kiosks aren't cheap. Secondly, they have to spend a lot of time with a customer in order to make a single sale.

    As far as a business idea, I was thinking a good way to go would be to try and partner with a cigar shop or a smoke shop. You won't really be hurting their business too much and I would think that it could be a good relationship. You'd have to advertise like crazy to get people to start coming around, though.
  12. dgriego

    dgriego Ultra Member

    I bought my first e-cig from the mall shop. I also bought a couple bottles of juice and a couple of attys before finding this forum. Since it was seeing and trying the e-cig that got me started I have to give them most of the credit for my quitting smoking. If not for them I never would have tried the e-cig. It just was not something I would have bought online without being able to try it.

    I went by there the other day to check their atty prices and they were selling 510 attys for 12.99
  13. strongdad

    strongdad Senior Member Verified Member

    I think the same guy that owns the kiosks at the mall opened one at the mall in Clovis. Same outrageous prices but now people are becoming aware of vaping. I have made a bunch of mods for friends and now they want me to carry juice. I've become a reluctant supplier of mods and juice. I can't make them fast enough but I also hate to see people get ripped off.
    But, compared to the price of a carton of cigarettes and the benefits of quitting smoking, I guess they (kiosks) are a good thing.
  14. Darrigaaz

    Darrigaaz Ultra Member

    There are actually 5 different places that someone could purchase e-cig stuff in Clovis, that I know of. The mall has that expensive kiosk which sells Penstyle ecigs. There's also that oriental owned place next to JCPenney, Keepsake. Love's truckstop sells two different brands. There's a smoke shop in front of Walmart on North Prince, next to Techboys... And lastly, the fleamarket on Grand St sells Vapor4Life stuff.
  15. KayleePup

    KayleePup Senior Member

    So I just ran across a guy from Rio Rancho selling via web.


    Looks like he has some good prices!

    Good to meet everyone!

  16. ALBPM

    ALBPM Full Member

    I just ordered a bunch of spare parts from route66vapor. Very good service and prices. My order status changed to shipped within an hour of placing it.

    I bought my first e cig from the guy who worked at the kiosk in Cotton Wood Mall. He setup his own table in the Indoor Mercado located in the building that used
    to be Unpainted Furniture on Menaul just west of Washington. His prices are a lot lower than at the Malls but the 510 kits he sells must be broken down and repackaged
    since you only get one Atty and battery and a charger for $59.99. He doesn't sell extra parts yet either.

    I just ordered a Riva and then some Atomic Fireball flavored juice from gourmetvapor.com.
  17. Brewtus

    Brewtus Forum Supplier

    yeah, my mom picked up an ego kit from a guy at the indoor mercado for $120... I told next time to call me. But I am happy that she decided to try it. Also, hello to everyone here in ABQ. It's nice to meet my fellow (local) vapers!
  18. Andy.Griego

    Andy.Griego Full Member

    Word!...burque por vida!

    Andy On android
  19. Brewtus

    Brewtus Forum Supplier

    HAHA, rigHT! We should try and get a meet and greet setup sometime for us albuqerqueians!!
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