LT-V10 vs. KR808D-1

Discussion in 'New Members Forum' started by Adam, Feb 16, 2009.

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  1. Adam

    Adam Registered Supplier - Offline ECF Veteran

    I am very new to vaping and am looking into buying one of these two e-cigs. Does anyone use or have used either of these two devices? If so, please let me know what your experience was like with it. Did they have good vapor, nic hit, battery life, etc. Do they live up to what they claim or is it just hype? Then finally, would you recomend it to someone or not?

    Thank you in advance for your posting.
  2. Kate

    Kate Moved On

    KRs are from Kanger and they aren't highly thought of, SmokingEverywhere sell the KR808, Parked has a review up of it. Loong Totem batteries aren't great either apparently.
  3. lordmage

    lordmage Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    my suggest for a close to analog e-cig is a tride and true DSE-901
  4. Adam

    Adam Registered Supplier - Offline ECF Veteran

    Kate - What Manufacturers are highly thought of? It seems that each manufacturere has at least one model that gets poor reviews. What is a tried and true manufacturer? Kanger sells the M401, M402 models which I thought were very similiar to the DSE901.
  5. Papa Lazarou

    Papa Lazarou Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Smoore make the M401 and M402 as far as I'm aware. They aren't really like a DSE901 - they are smaller and lighter. I like 'em, but they are more fiddly to refill than the 901, and the parts aren't as widely available.

    The DSE901 (made by Sailebao) or the more common RN4075 (made by First Union) which is often sold as a DSE901 are one of the best starter e-cigs. Work quite well, and cheap and easily available parts (which you will need to buy often).
  6. mr.crowley_br

    mr.crowley_br Full Member

    Actually, M401 and M402's manufacturer is S'Moore, as far as I know (please someone correct me if I'm wrong) . According to some reviews, they are good e-cigs.
  7. mr.crowley_br

    mr.crowley_br Full Member

    Repeated reply...
  8. Kate

    Kate Moved On

    That's right, the M series is by Smoore.

    I've not heard anything good about any Kanger products.

    The DSE901, M401 (Evo/Pilot), Janty Kissbox and DSE801 (with manual switch) are all worth a look in my view.

    Leaford reckons that some disposable atomiser combos are good but I don't know much about them except that I wouldn't buy batteries from Loong Totem, or ePuffer.
  9. Kate

    Kate Moved On

    I forgot about the Janty Dura/Titan/Yeti/Joye510. That might be worth consideration too.

    Janty is due to bring out the Janty Stick soon if you want to wait ... I don't know how good it will be but it will have a manual switch, take standard classic/penstyle atomisers and ecigar type cheap batteries.
  10. surgyelan

    surgyelan Full Member

    KR808D-1 and KR808 are definitely not the same. The former uses disposable atomizers (like LTv9 or EAZE magnum), the latter goes with regular atomizer and cart combo. I don't have LT (and don't wanna change that state anyway), but I recently ordered a set of KR808D-1 and some spare batteries. I will keep you updated if can put my hands on it.
  11. Kate

    Kate Moved On

    Yes, please let us know what you think of it. We hear very little about Kanger products so any input is welcome. Thanks.
  12. surgyelan

    surgyelan Full Member

    OK folks, I just have opened the package, I would like to share my first impressions after 30 mins of usage.

    In one sentence: It is a pretty damn good device, I have to give a lot of credit to it, I must say.

    In details:

    Vapor production: man, it is a steam machine, not an e-cig! It produces massive clouds of vapor (comparing to my DSE-901 not mentioning my tiny D-401). I think the disposable atomizer is what rocks, so it is just like that we have already seen (regarding the LTv9 or EAZE Magnum). Just for the fracton of their price.

    Throat hit: this is the only point what is dissapointing. I alway thought it had a strong correlation with vapor amount, but with the M*rlboro carts provided it gives little or no throat hit.
    Ease of draw: lightweight draw, just like inhaling plain air through a straw.
    Appearance: nothing special, just like any of the ordinary Kanger products, avarage, I would say. At least not as fancy as the black-gold M-401.

    Battery and cart duration: no experience yet, these could be its weak points.

    Bottom line: For me, it seems to be the best option available (so far, I must emphasize: I have used it barely more then for half an hour). The starter kit costs around 30 bucks (+ shipping from China), cartridges are also affordable (although not cheap), the only thing that can go wrong is the battery (like the LTv9's). But one can get spare batteries for $6 each, so who cares?
  13. Kate

    Kate Moved On

    Thanks Surgyelan, that sounds like it might become popular if it can compete with Loong Totem.

    Just to confirm, you're talking about a KR808D-1 from Kanger?

    Could you post a link to the place you bought it from for us?
  14. surgyelan

    surgyelan Full Member

    I just disassembled one of the carts and found as follows:

    1. The good news is, it has different structure from the LTv9's or EAZE's. This means there is no paper or polyester band that might be burned. Inside is just pretty much the same stuff as in any ordinary cart, some sponge-like material.

    2. Bade news is, therefore it might not fit in the formerly mentioned batteries, but I have no battery to make sure, so it is just a possibility.

    3. Good news #2: Yes, it can be refilled. It can hold pretty much liquid, although I have not measured yet precisely how much.

    4. Bad news #2: It is not user friendly to refill at all. The white plastic cap is not easy to remove, I could not manage to take it off without ruining the inner hole, and it looks a bit awkward now, but operates without problem at least. But after that initial step, one can easily refill the sponge with a syringe or even directly from the bottle by holding the cart at an angle. Avoid dripping in the hole in the middle, since it is the path of the airflow. Doing that, the remaining of the liquid would leak from the battery side of the atomizer.
  15. surgyelan

    surgyelan Full Member

    That's right, Kate.

    I am terribly sorry Kate, I wish I could do that, but I won't advertise any particular reseller here. Hope you understand that.
  16. Kate

    Kate Moved On

    I appreciate your not wanting to advertise but unless you have commercial interests yourself you will only be sharing your knowledge with the community. If we can't find this product we can't really discuss it easily.

    When you have enough posts to start a thread on the review board it would be great if you would tell us what you know about this product there too.
  17. dc2k08

    dc2k08 Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    interesting, what you you describe is what a greencig disposable/atomizer looks like. I wonder if they are the same/compatible.
  18. surgyelan

    surgyelan Full Member

    Do you have pics of a disassembled one? Also, do you have any personal experience with greencig's dispo-atomizer? If so, please share with us.
  19. dc2k08

    dc2k08 Ultra Member ECF Veteran

  20. surgyelan

    surgyelan Full Member

    OK, here are my measurements:

    1. Cart duration: The cart lasts about 315 puffs that is easily a pack, slightly more. I used to take 2-3 sec inhalations into my mouth, on a Leaford 5 sec scale it would be obviously less. But, what is more important and obejective: the cart holds 0.74 g liquid (to compare: DSE-901 carts hold 0.42 g, M-410 holds just 0.26 g). By holding I mean refill capacity, so a completely empty and dry cart would hold more, but you don't usually refill completely dry carts anyway.
    In my opinion, that's fairly acceptable.

    One more thing about refilling: I've found a better way to fully refill the cart: remove white cap, remove silicone ring. Insert the silicone cork into the hole (thread side) and top up fully the cart (don't bother the inner hole). Let the liquid soak into the sponge for about half an hour, then pull out the cork, mop up any excess liquid from the battery side of the cart - and now you have a fully refilled cartridge.
    I have refilled one cart 4 times so far with this technique, and it still works like a charm. I wonder if these "disposable" atomizers will last longer than the ordinary ones, which would be a shame.

    2. Battery duration: The batteries last 300 puffs (with the above mentioned inhaling technique), that is pretty impressive (although just half as the advertised). No wonder, the battery is rather thick and long (longer than the DSE-910).

    To sum up: so far, so good. The only weak point could be the switch in the battery, but for now that is just a speculation.

    Oh, one more thing: the throat hit has improved a lot with my old favorite RS mint, but still not that stunning as I hoped.
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