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Discussion in 'Ms T's Bakery' started by RedhatPat, Jul 24, 2013.

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  1. RedhatPat

    RedhatPat Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Howdy folks, RedhatPat here. Checking in live and direct from Amish country. You can call me RHP, Pat, RedhatPat, anything but flatlander. I decided to create a place for new and experienced Ms T wookies to congregate while they wait for new orders or just want to rave about what they got in the mail.

    What did ya like, what didn't ya like, how much do you tip the mail carrier on Christmas, etc. Maybe it'll even grow into a chit-chat thread. Now that would be a trip! So depending on the rules, feel free to post pictures, videos, free thought, anything to ease the vapemail anxiety! I even see sticky potential here.

    I'll begin. I discovered Ms T way back during the same month I joined ECF. I lived in the new members section and after asking what equipment to buy (I skipped the middle mods and went str8 for a provari) the next thing was to find juices. In a nutshell, I asked who are the best juice vendors. Ms T's Bakery was mentioned on many occassions.

    So I placed an order, along with many other vendors. It's a big blur, during Hurricane Sandy, but from what I remember I didn't settle on Ms T's line of juices because I felt I tasted too much butter in almost everything. Full disclosure: I was still only one-month into vaping so despite the literature, I didn't know the difference between a steep and a stoop let alone what delivery device were best for me. Add to the fact after 20 years smoking 2-2.5 packs a day, your taste buds among other things weren't as they are now. So Ms T, along with many vendors - never stood a chance with me.

    There was one creation of Tammy's (forgive me for calling you Tanny) that did stand out to me, it was in a pre-steeped catagory which you can imagine is like music to a newcommers ears, called Banana Fosters Coffee without Cream, but it was only in a small amount and very low nicotine. I tried to steep a fresh BFC back in the day then but by the time it had steeped I imagined I had already put it on the back burner to keep trying other juices and NETs (naturaly extracted tobacco) and fell in love with Bobas Bounty from Alienvisions (Run by Ben & Christine) not to mention increasing my vaper IQ along the way. For example, my first order of BB came at the same time I was lucky enough to buy a new ZAP effectively tasting BB for the first time in a pre-assembled genny around Feb. It's been a long strange road for me here in Amish country, lemme tell ya folks.

    But as a friend of mine who has vaped longer than me said, if you decide on a brand than make sure you keep an eye out for a second brand in the event you burn out. So long story short, 2.4% or 24mg nicotine wasn't cutting it for my lifestyle. With 30mg, I don't need to chain vape to feed the nic genes and because it doesn't gunk-up my devices as much as GJ or BB, then if there's a flavor out there I like being offered at 30mg even if it's not a NET, then it's a no-brainer folks.

    I am a BFCholic, BFC-holic. I am a recovering Bobaholic. But I vape batteries. That's the common theme we all share across all walks of life and ages encountered over ECF; we found a way to deliver nicotine in a less harmful way saving untold healthcare costs and most importantly - PEACE.

    I was too cocky back then. I thought I could gradually reduce my nicotine until I was nicotine free in a relatively short period of time. Well, I still drink my coffee & soda to feed my caffiene genes, vaping seems like a viable long term solution to me but in the grand scheme of things, historically speaking we are all on the frontline. To me, the risks are worth the rewards. Especially to those around me.

    I have made a friend with a girl here who has vaped for four years without relapsing to the poison sticks and another woman for over 4 years who still smoke because of her geography, vaping is so underground that it's a privilage (because her gov't has banned them) in her Country! I know DIY grandmothers and girls younger than me. My best friend over twice my age was going to hold my hand at rebuildables but passed away before I ever took him up on his offer. R.I.P Jack. Now back to BFC. I re-visited Ms T recently noticing a 30mg option (High).

    Hey why not, afterall I had a Joyetech eRoll on the way this would give me a chance to see if I could get a cigalike experience off a 90mah battery while still quenching my nicotine thirst - so I added a bottle to the cart!

    Well it worked, so much so, that BFC got transfered to my Smoktech MINI Rda (nicknamed the squid because of the wicks) pretty quickly because in my heart of hearts I will always be a dripper.

    Well folks, I couldn't put it down. Just like I love my BB fresh, I started getting the same impression with BFC, hey maybe we're onto something here. Even though there is PG in there, even if you think you prefer all VG (like many Bobaholics) the simple and undenyable truth is that I finished 30ML of BFC in less than a week with no problems except the kneejerk reaction we all have when we discover a brand we love, which is WHY DIDN'T I ORDER MORE?

    Well I kindly exchanged some emails with Chef T and placed another order for 3 30ML bottles of BFC no cream @ 30mg (High) and always look forward to the extras she tosses in because even if I don't like them, my fiance scoops up! My advice to new folks who are fans of ADV and SDVs with vendors like these who put blood sweat and tears into the stuff is to order big when you do discover the flavor(s) best for you. Live 'n learn. Now when I do get them, atleast I'll be able to steep some before I finish off the whole order!

    Let's talk about cost here. Many of my friends are DIY juice folks but I am not. I will always be at the mercy of Chef's and I've accepted that. I won't even use coupon codes, not because I'm allergic to money or anything, because I feel for what they are helping me do is worth every cent they're asking. Hell, let's put our cards on the table. I am on my knee's here folks praying Big Tobacco, Big Pharma, the FDA, and all those power players won't condem vaping and put folks like Tammy out of business.

    Joining CASAA was a good move, and let's face it, it's just a mailing list at its minimum and far more to those that wanna help make a difference. Hell, Bill Godshall grew up just down the town from me. It's the curse of our Peoples (PA), not only are we handsome but we're smart, too.

    I have a lot of VV mods, not so many mechs. There's a lot of Reos & Provari love happening under RHP's roof, folks. And I bought an iTaste SVD from a friend in the classys a few months back because I wanted a telescoping & regulated VW device (aside from Kicked Mechs). Plus it was cheap! I also picked up an iTaste MVP and for a powerbank, it's a pretty good vape. Ha! Plus it was cheap!

    I was sitting on the can one day reading an issue of Consumer Reports (it was either that or National Geographic for Kids - did I mention I live with a woman?) wondering if one day there will be a vaping review with their corney looking half circles. So call me optimistic but I just hope Ms T will eventually have order numbers as long as my our social security numbers one day.

    As I have said to Tammy in private, I will share for the folks in the audience. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for may well be adding an extra 10-20 years to my life, a life I share with my soulmate and maybe even to a child one day.

    My only crutch in life has been the stinkies. I've managed to steer clear from all the nasty stuff out there, even alcohol. Two days before my father passed away from lung cancer though, he dictated a note to my mother for me. And in it, one of the things he spoke on was his mistake of smoking cigarettes. Keep in mind, back in those days they didn't know what toll those unfiltered Lucky Strikes took until folks started getting cancer. I'm just sayin' my ol' man gets a pass in my book.

    Thanks to the devices we use and the juices that are created, maybe history won't repeat itself this time around. You play the hand you're dealt and let God sort out the rest.

    My Avatar is a picture of Charlie, a character from the hit TV show called Lost. Someone thought it was the new Dr. Who :facepalm: Here is a clip (contains spoilers but is work-safe). I don't believe in coincidence as much as I believe in Fate.

    Anything else, just ask. Coffee talk, no big whoop.

  2. RedhatPat

    RedhatPat Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    :banana: The status of order #36287 is now Awaiting Shipment :banana:

  3. DiegoVol

    DiegoVol Full Member Verified Member

    36301 here... Will be my first try of the snicker doodle. Ive bought a few from a different company its pretty decent but I hear Ms. Ts is the best so I may as well try it. I'm not one for waiting though.... I'm trying really hard to be patient lol.
  4. RedhatPat

    RedhatPat Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I hear that's the cream of the crop and have yet to try it def let us know how you like it. I guess I rather eat them than vape them, though. But patience is something I have learned quickly in less than a year. And if you're on the hunt for the best, then the road may be rough but the rewards are great!


    It's impressive to me just to see how many orders have been filled by an Army of one.

  5. HarmonyPB

    HarmonyPB Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Hey Pat! I'm game for a chat thread!

    I discovered Ms. T back in 2010 when I first picked up ecigs. I bought an overpriced, proprietary piece of crap kit at the mall. They were selling cartos $25 for a pack of 5. They said they couldn't be refilled but I saw the potential. I started looking around and found a good place to get blank cartos and several juice companies. I bought from 3 places, Ms. T's being one. I never bought from the others again and have been buying from her ever since. My first favorites were Green Apple Lollipop (in the testing area) and Red Hot Cinnamon Candies at 18mg.

    I now have my ordering down to a science. French Vanilla at 30mg is my morning vape. I am a light vaper and I only go through about 1-3ml a day, total. I also make sure I always have 60ml of a "backup" juice I know I like. I get 2 French Vanillas at 15ml and 5 6ml (24mg) bottles of different flavors I've never tried for my day vape. I get one bakery flavor, a mint, a candy, a fruit and a beverage just to keep it interesting. I make it through one 15ml bottle and all 5 of the 6mls at about the same time. When I open my second bottle of Vanilla I place an order for 2 more 15mls and 5 more new flavors. That way everything has ample time to get to me and steep before I need more morning vape and I vape my backup juice in the meantime.

    I actually just opened my second vanilla so I'm waiting for payday to place an order (hopefully tomorrow, possibly Friday). I'm kind of getting tired of the vanilla so I'm going to change it up this time. I'm going to get:
    -2 15ml Cinnamon Roll @ 30mg for my morning vape
    -6ml of cake icing @ 30mg to put in the Cinnamon Roll because although I like it I find it's missing something (thank you to whoever made that suggestion)
    -6ml of Graham Crackers @ 24mg
    -6ml of French Vanilla Cappuccino @ 24mg (lol ok, I couldn't completely stay away from the French Vanilla, this was the compromise)
    -6ml of Pear @ 24mg
    -6ml of Spearmint Gum @ 24mg (I combined my mint and candy categories this time to make room for the icing to go on the Cinnamon Roll)

    My plan is to try all the flavors that look appealing. I keep a spreadsheet of everything I've tried and how I felt about them. When/if I run out of new flavors I'm going to start buying the ones I liked in 10ml bottles and reorder as needed.

    I might be a little OCD :D
  6. RedhatPat

    RedhatPat Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    OCD is good, I might hire you to do my taxes next year! Great intro Harmony, you know in a way you remind me of Baditude the way ya switch up flavors. He's not a fan of ADV, either. But you have given me some ideas. Sometimes I tell folks who don't drip well, the easiest way to mix flavors is to have two-loaded mods with different juices - vaping shotgun style :lol:

    Since you've clocked in more time @ Ms T, have you had a chance to try BFC, wonder what your spreadsheet says about that! And what was the very first flavor you fell in love with back in the day? I can't imagine she had a testing area back then, wasn't that relatively new?

    How many orders do you average per month? And may I ask, how little did you smoke 'n for how long? Some background to the new folks who might be in the same boat, ya know.

  7. HarmonyPB

    HarmonyPB Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Hahaha!! Evidently my OCD only works on things I like. As many times as I've tried to keep taxes straight all those receipts end up lost. So I'm no help there.

    BFC isn't on the list, sorry. It just doesn't sound appealing to me. So far I haven't found a "complex" flavor that I like. I also haven't found a coffee that I like yet, I'm still searching for one of those. I may try it one day, maybe when my wish list starts getting short. That may take a while.
  8. RedhatPat

    RedhatPat Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I know what you mean brother. For everything you cross off the list, 4 more things get added. We either run out of money or runmout of time. Such is life. What equipment are you getting by with on the day to day?

  9. HarmonyPB

    HarmonyPB Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    That is exactly it!

    Right now I'm stuck on these 900mah and 1100mah auto VV batts. I love auto vaping :thumbs: and they are amazing! If I can find an auto mod that I can use replaceable batts in I'd be set for life! I haven't found a favorite clearo, but I'm currently using Kanger T3s and Vivi Novas. They do the trick, but I'm still looking for something better.
  10. qreepii

    qreepii Full Member

    Just an example of my OCD

    I'm currently waiting for the Snickerdoodle, Cola, Root Beer Float, PB&J, and a few others. But Green Apple Lolli has been my favorite so far.
  11. RedhatPat

    RedhatPat Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Green apple it is then!. What can I say except that when the folks bring out a spreadsheet, I can't dispute the facts! I wish I had the presence of mi d to create a chart back when I started, although the figures might shock me at this stage in the game. :lol:


    I love it, qreepii & Harmony!

  12. Prism

    Prism PIF MODERATOR Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    RHP, Mrs T's BFC and Snickerdoodle are 2 of my 3 all time favorite vapes. If you love the BFC you will also love the Snickerdoodle.
  13. RedhatPat

    RedhatPat Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Prism, my girl has a sweet tooth and with all this talk about snickerdoodles, which still makes me chuckle when I say the word out loud, I just might have to go out and buy her the real deal to munch on.


  14. HarmonyPB

    HarmonyPB Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Love the spreadsheet Qreepii!! That's what I'm talking about :thumbs: I have a tab for costs as well. My DH still smokes so I use it to show how much he spends vs. what I spend. I figured out that I can go on a crazy shopping spree every other month, buy everything I need and still only spend half of what he does.
  15. DiegoVol

    DiegoVol Full Member Verified Member

    Good Grief, If you have a 6 day waiting period on getting juice out, Maybe its time to hire someone to help out. The only way I could ever imagine myself ordering and waiting this long again is if the juice just knocks my socks off.I'm trying not the be a party pooper here but my patience is flying out the window. The bad thing is I saw the delivery time before I even purchased so I knew it was gonna be awhile. I'm dying for some snicker doodle lol
  16. jdrewry

    jdrewry Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    My brother got me started on e-cigs in 2011 (the eve of Hurricane Irene; I figured if I was stupid enough to go out in a hurricane for cigs, then I was truly a lost cause). He got me a Joye Ego kit, which I dutifully used for about 6 months.

    Then, I discovered this forum, and the world of vaping opened up for me.

    Not too long afterwards, I came across Ms. T's sub-forum here. I fell in love with her website, and put in my first order (got that Strawberry Shortcake, and my favorite, Ms. T(wink)'s Sponge Cake. While I try other vendors, Ms. T's remains my favorite.
  17. RedhatPat

    RedhatPat Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    JD, sounds like you have a good brother there but the real pat on the back goes to you for finding this place and sticking with it. And my condolences on the passing of james gandolfini since you're from jersey. :laugh: Sounds like you and Harmony have gone back the most with Ms T and proud to meet you!

    Any advice to the newcommers who are desperately stalking their mail carriers?

    Diego, you are not being a party pooper. If ya replaced snickerdoodle from your last post with BB/GJ, ya sound like most of the folks I've met in Boba Land. Even in the HHV army, the initial first-order always feels like the longest because basically YOU GOT NONE yet! But once you establish a go-to juice, then ya can stock up before you run out of the tastey stuff, ya know.

    To pass the time Diego, I present to you a funny video review of some juices NOT to try :lol:

  18. HarmonyPB

    HarmonyPB Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Diego, if 6 days is long then you got lucky. My last order took roughly 14+ from order to shipped. But she is getting help. I am so proud of her and how far she has come! The word on the street is that she is training (has trained?) new mixers and has extra hands helping out now. So hopefully the wait times will be shorter in the future. Hang in there!

    Btw, payday wasn't what I expected. So it's going to be a while longer before I'm able to order :( Maybe next week.

    And lol Pat!!! I love those videos!! The Satan's Anus (I think it's called) ones are so funny!
  19. RedhatPat

    RedhatPat Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I have heard the same thing, that she has a wookie on her staff helping with the mixing. But I was hesitant to mention it incase it was meant as private. That's a common theme I've noticed across many vendors, not just some juice vendors.

    For example, my favorite mod is run by a man in Maine who refuses to add numbers to his staff simply to increase production. He stands by everything he does, down to the littlest detail and that's how I see Ms T's Bakery.


    The vetting process takes alot of time because she'll take all the heat if something isn't right. The good news is when she does confide in the right person(s) for her staff then like Harmony mentioned, you can expect a faster turnout without sacrificing quality control.

  20. HarmonyPB

    HarmonyPB Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    You bring up an interesting point. I'm pretty sure I heard it from her on this forum, so I think it's okay to post. I know she has been doing everything herself for so long that it was probably a tough decision to bring in other people. But she has grown so much and people asked for quicker turn-around times that she decided it was time. At least that's how I understood it.

    I'm off work today :)
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