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Discussion in 'ProVari' started by Mikie, Mar 9, 2014.

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  1. Mikie

    Mikie Super Member Verified Member

    Well I was wanting to get a ZNA, and maybe will some day but I got tired of waiting. The Innokin products I have suite me pretty well (2 MVP 2's, a VV3) but I wanted something with a warranty and that could be repaired, in case mods start getting more difficult to get, or just flat out taxed to death. I got the black/red mini, 2 18350 batteries and charger, and the two year warranty. Now that I have used it for a couple of days this thing IS nice. I am thinking about getting the extension cap and a Tatroe extension ring and be able to have an 18650 in the mini, if I am understanding what I read correctly lol.

    I was also supposed to get my Ibtanked in today. Well it says delivered on USPS, but it wasn't delivered. Mailman just drove right by my mailbox (i was home when he came). I filed a complaint with USPS, doubt it will do anything. I am really hoping it as delivered to an honest person and they will bring it too me. I can get my PT2 to work, but it is a pretty tight draw.

    My new toy:
  2. jmercury1

    jmercury1 Senior Member Verified Member

    nice new toy. i hope you get your new stuff soon..enjoy it.
  3. Nermal

    Nermal Ultra Member

    Nice color combo.
  4. Train2

    Train2 Vaping Master Verified Member

    Looks nice!
    You got it right - a mini with a Tatroe ring and extension cap will run 18650. Or TWO tatroe rings and the regular bottom cap...
    For your ProTank - you might want to pick up a $5 "Aerotank base". It not only gets air to your Protank on a improves the ProTank on ANY device!

  5. Train2

    Train2 Vaping Master Verified Member

    Oh - and MY post office ALWAYS says "out for delivery" the day BEFORE I get it.
    Hrmmmmm. Sounds like fudging their statistics to me...
  6. Mikie

    Mikie Super Member Verified Member

    Thanks! I am really enjoying it. I was torn on what color to get, but black and red is my favorite. The Ibtank I was supposed to get today was black and red themed as well. Even bought one of their expensive drip tips, and the painted glass. So it all matched.... grrrr maybe it will show up in a few days :( If a vaper got it, i will never see it lol
  7. Mikie

    Mikie Super Member Verified Member

    Thanks for the link train, i will order a couple of those tonight. I don't have any problems with the pt2's other than on the provari. One I have won't work at all no matter how much I loosen it. I was thinking about getting the aero base anyways, I seem to like a lighter draw than the pt2 gives me.
  8. Lucky1384

    Lucky1384 Super Member Verified Member

    Love the red to black fade! It's a nice way to get some colour without looking like a mis-match with your topper :thumbs:
  9. cbrite

    cbrite Ultra Member Verified Member

    Supporting member
    That happened to me once on an order from Amazon. Turned out they delivered it to 115 W of my street vs 115 E (my address). The person at west did bring it to me. But Amazon sent out another order before that happened and when I told them that the nice guy brought me the original package they just said to keep both (not all that expensive stuff).
  10. Harlen

    Harlen Ultra Member Verified Member

    Supporting member
    Way cool , got to love vape mail
  11. Blkboyan

    Blkboyan Full Member

    Nice Color..Congrats!!
  12. Mikie

    Mikie Super Member Verified Member

    Thanks guys. I love the color combo! I hope Provape gets me my extension cap and batteries, I am blowing through 700mah at an alarming rate lol. I think the mvp2's have ruined me on battery life lol. The 700mah will work fine for work and I like the small size in that mode, I don't get to vape very often there. But when I am off work, yeah I'm gonna need the 1100's looking now for the additional ring that lets me run 18650's :facepalm:
  13. Mikie

    Mikie Super Member Verified Member

    Just did a pretty decent search for extension rings to take my mini to 18650 mode. Guess it doesn't come in a matching red :( Damn, now I'm thinking about buying a regular Provari with extension cap for that purpose.

    What have you people done to me?? Just kidding I have to work out a decent tank setup before I worry about 18650's :p If my Ibtank order would just magically show up I may be onto something..... grrrr
  14. kbf101998

    kbf101998 In the Sheepiezone Verified Member

    Supporting member
    Congrats! Enjoy and go for the 2nd one! :toast:
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