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Discussion in 'Australia - New Zealand Forum' started by Aaronpeh, May 20, 2012.

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  1. Aaronpeh

    Aaronpeh Full Member Verified Member

    Guys, need some advice.

    I have a friend currently in Auckland, which suppliers has the fastest shipping for getting a provari mini over there? or is there a suppliers base in NZ?

    best regards
  2. katz-in-boots

    katz-in-boots Ultra Member

    [​IMG] don't you hate it when no-one answers?
  3. Aaronpeh

    Aaronpeh Full Member Verified Member

    Maybe there is no suppliers in NZ?
  4. Pharein

    Pharein Senior Member Verified Member

    Hey Aaropeh,

    There's no local suppliers here in New Zealand with the Provari Mini. Vapebar in Australia have them in-stock at the moment and they'd be the closest. Express shipping from Australia should take 3 - 5 days. Priority, 10 - 12 days.
  5. Pharein

    Pharein Senior Member Verified Member

    Kiwi's tend to be a bit lazier... I mean... a bit more laidback the rest. :p
  6. Dragonenvy

    Dragonenvy Full Member

    Agreed, Vapebar is probably the quickest way to get one and the good thing is you can always call them if you have any questions about what to get with your Mini
  7. Aaronpeh

    Aaronpeh Full Member Verified Member

    Thank guys, i guess Vapebar is my best bet. =)
  8. katz-in-boots

    katz-in-boots Ultra Member

    Well I had noticed a couple of threads where Kiwis don't get any/much response. Feel sorry for y'all, so would rather post a tumbleweed than nothing :laugh:
    I wonder though, more laid back than we Tasweigians?

    Do Aus & NZ have the same power plug configuration? / \
  9. ByeByeCoffinNails

    ByeByeCoffinNails Senior Member

    Sorry about the delay- had to leave my duck shooting hide by the letterbox.

    VapeBar are in Perth and have shipping prices to match. They will not take orders from NZ due to an agreement with Provape. Kiwis can only get Provape products from Provape in the USA.

    The irony is that the shipping from the US will be cheaper than that from Perth. Nice to know there are at least four vapers in our tiny country!

    Yes, New Zealand and Australia have the same power point configuration. A third vertical pin is also used on some occasions. Plug adapters are expensive too here. That's why I like USB powered chargers.
  10. katz-in-boots

    katz-in-boots Ultra Member


    Yeah, couldn't figure out how to get the 3rd pin in the pic. So if you bought your Provari from the US, you'd still have to think about your charger set-up. I wonder if Vapebar would sell just their charging units to NZ?

    I don't like using US configured power plugs on the Oz power supply, though I do it.
  11. Aaronpeh

    Aaronpeh Full Member Verified Member

    US lead time like so long, 5-7 for processing and another 8 days for shipping. :(
  12. Pharein

    Pharein Senior Member Verified Member

    Possibly, I'm a country boy so I'm pretty laid back.
  13. Pharein

    Pharein Senior Member Verified Member

    I didn't know this re: Provape products at Vapebar. I just assumed they did as I've ordered other stuff from them. Sorry to Aaronpeh for steering him in the wrong direction. :oops:
  14. Aaronpeh

    Aaronpeh Full Member Verified Member

    No worry. Anyway I check with vapebar, they do ship to nz. :)
  15. Hackcessor

    Hackcessor Senior Member

    Hi All,

    Just a point of clarification.

    We do ship on a daily basis into New Zealand & there are no restrictions on any products that we sell & supply :)

    We charge flat rate shipping of $20AUD or can have things shipped Express for $40AUD (up to 2kg, cost price from Australia Post).

    Just to answer some of the questions I see raised above.

    Have a great day everyone

  16. ByeByeCoffinNails

    ByeByeCoffinNails Senior Member

    The USB is good for me because the computer has surge protection. Know what you mean about cruddy power supplies. When it's windy here, the lightbulbs start to blow!

    A word on Australian shipping: it takes nearly two weeks to get from Australia to New Zealand's Regions. That is as long as shipping from the USA (before the USPS restructure). Unfortunately, the good currency rate with Australia is wiped out by the high shipping costs and of course, Aussie liquid is short one key ingrediant :laugh:

    Anyone know if Courier is cheaper than Australian Post?
  17. katz-in-boots

    katz-in-boots Ultra Member


    Such a chatty lot in NZ :laugh:
  18. flowerchild

    flowerchild Senior Member

    hi Im in Auckland and the only place to buy from is naked Vapes (they do Ego) Also theres NZ Ciggies that Ive ordered juice from ive just remembered that they do other stuff too it would be worth having a look at their site.. I buy form them and from the Uk, US takes ages to get through customs the UK stuff arrives in 7 days at the latest.
  19. Yves

    Yves Super Member Verified Member

    Hi :)

    We do have a supplier in NZ for the mini I have not used them.

  20. Amorphis2k

    Amorphis2k Full Member

    I buy from Soulblu in NZ and they generally deliver to Australia within 48 hours. Very happy with their product. Can order more items and cheaper from china or USA but I'll keep buying from Soulblu as their products are of high quality and I'm happy with their delivery times.
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