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Discussion in 'The Women's Room' started by Mary Kay, May 18, 2009.

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  1. Mary Kay

    Mary Kay ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    Here's a handy little thread to chat about whatever. Don't worry about being on topic..I never do:p
    I wanted you to know I deleted the guest room. It turns out guys aren't allowed to post in here anyway..some do sneak in but not many.
    So tell me something about yourselves, I am mostly just a goof. I like it but my family finds it wearing..LOL
    I have had about every non technical job there is, I worked retail, food service, tele-wagering at Jai Alai, Flag person for a construction company. I took census door to door..not fun! I was an Avon Lady, a guard for Burns, A nursey school teacher on and on. I am smart but hate it when it when a job gets old or we have to move again (Military).
    My favorite job was phased out from under me , an inventory clerk for Wal-Mart Vision Center, I got to order, recieve shipments and do stock balances all over the store. (Ummm, sounds a lot like ordering e-stuff!) Not tied to a desk. I made up order forms that they still use. But in their wisdom..not, they decided that the store inventory clerks could do better. They didn't.
    I am married..often. :pMike and I have been married 33 years. I have 2 grown kids and 2 grands. I was born into a military family and married Military.
    I love doing genealogy and have tracked down GGGGrandparents from all over. There are a few that must have been in witness protection.
    That's pretty much 'ME". Who are you?
    Remember NO dates, NO last names or id of any kind, Bad people are on the internet!
    Any of you can start a thread on any topic you like..and please do!
  2. Cori

    Cori Super Member ECF Veteran

    Wow..what a cool idea for a thread. I too sometimes have trouble staying on topic. I think thats a side effect of our multifunctional girl brains lol. My hubby can't keep up with girl talk..for instance. Ever notice how when you have say 5 or 6 women chatting..that you can not only follow the conversation you have going with this person, but you also hear and follow whats being said by everyone else, all at the same time? Anyway thats why we can't stay on topic I think. *could be true :D
  3. Mary Kay

    Mary Kay ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    I agree, I can do 6 things at once, not well but still..
    The best threads are the ones that drift into the unknown. But for some who are trying to find an's a bit annoying. So as long as the drift doesn't take us too far off topic, no problem.
    In this thread that would really be hard to do!
    Somebody who is handy at picture posting start a thread seen on T.V. let's see how many people fell for the hype. :oops:
    What about who were you in high school, the cheerleader, the jock, goth, geek, shrinking violet ect.:D
    Check out my lastest uh oh in fun, frighting and foolish flavors. (I am writing it as we speak)
  4. Wildsky

    Wildsky Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    along the lines of following all conversations, I can switch off and not hear a THING! LOL irritates my hubby NO end! LOL
  5. Cori

    Cori Super Member ECF Veteran

    Wildsky..I too can have selective hearing at times. I get that way when I'm on the computer reading and someone comes in to ask me something or just to talk to me. I find it hard sometimes to tune into what they are saying.

    I've spent so much time on computers that I feel my attention span is shot..I used to read 2 to 3 books a week, now I can barely get through a chapter before I either fall asleep or lose interest. I think the internet has changed the way I read. Anyone else feel this way?

    BARENETTED Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    OK - I find it hard to walk and chew gum!

    I was born and raised in New Jersey.

    I just love to laugh and have fun.

    My favorite pasttimes are my grandkids, baking, playing Texas Holdem and swimming. Oh , add vaping and this forum to that list!

    I have 2 daughters and they each have 2 daughters.

    I was separated in 1981 and divorced in 1986. Yes, it was a long one!
    I was a stay at home Mom until the separation, which forced me to go
    out and get a job. My pay was not 'cutting it', so I went to school in the evening to become a computer programmer. Once working as a programmer, I went to college at night and got a degree in computer science. I have been working as a programmer for 23 years now. Wow,
    it seems like yesterday! I enjoy what I do, but I am looking forward to
    retirement. :rolleyes:;):rolleyes:
  7. Wildsky

    Wildsky Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Wow good for you going back to school!
  8. Cori

    Cori Super Member ECF Veteran

    I'm kinda surprised this thread hasn't gotten more replies than it has. Being a motor mouth myself I see it as a great opportunity to run my mouth freely. :lol: What can be better than that I ask you? So Mary made this thread so we could just express our thoughts..lets not disappoint her.

    So I've been spending so much time on this board that I've gotten very little done around home. I find this whole ecig thing fascinating and its been fun trying to learn all I can. I'm on Day 3 now without a real ciggy and not really wanting one and that surprises me. Even though I'm not happy with my current ecig, its still loads better than smoking.
  9. Mary Kay

    Mary Kay ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    Cori, from what I can see on the board..there is always a better, bigger, fatter, sleeker, smaller, more vapor then Old faithful and comes in 23 colors P.V. around every corner! I like my mod, the P.E., no fuss no muss. LOL
    Oh Cori..3 days! Whoohoo:thumb: keep it up girlfriend!
    Hilway..good onya! That must have been rough going back to school and all. I bet you were puffed up as a peacock on grad day. I sure would have been!:D
    My daughter and son had their birthdays last month and this month. They were 38 and 39! It's getting harder and harder to try to con people with the young mother this rate I will soon be telling people I had them when I was 12 and 13! My daughter is trying to backtrack too..I told her we both can't be getting younger! Her 16 year old son loves to tease us and says he plans to be a young father! Oh good grief that would make me a Great grand! No!8-o *faint*
  10. Cori

    Cori Super Member ECF Veteran

    lol Mary.. my son told me when he was about 7 that I could be 24 yrs old forever..what a sweet child he was. However, now that he's over 24 himself he wants to go back on that..told him NOPE, I'm just 24 you're older than your own MOM. He says thats just wrong. :D I'm 24 forever!

    BARENETTED Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Mary - yes I was totally puffed on Graduation Day. School was tough since I was working full time during the day and I have a house to take care of also. It was well worth it all!

    My Daughters are 42 and 38. One is here in NJ and one is in Florida.
    Grandkids are 11, 8, 7and 2 & 1/2.
    That 2 1/2 year old - she is one of the ones in Florida.
    Oh how she tugs at my heartstrings. I know she is my last Grandbaby - I just don't want her to grow up. She is already swimming! Can you even believe it? When I was there 2 weeks ago, we were leaving the pool to go back home (my daughter's house is just across the street from the pool in her subdivision) - we took her life jacket off - she went running and jumped into the pool! I screamed like a madwoman and 3 of us jumped in. SHE WAS FREAKIN SWIMMING!!!!!! ANOTHER PUFFED MOMENT.

    Hey Mary - what is P.E. ?
  12. bmacva

    bmacva Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I've been so busy the last few days, I come back and find a gazillion posts! :D

    Last night was our anniversary...19 years!!! 2nd marriage for both of us. We planned a nice intimate dinner at a seafood restaurant and I surprised my hubby (Dave) with a limo! It was so nice!

    Oh, and btw, I vaped discreetly at the table after dinner! :D
  13. bigeyes

    bigeyes Senior Member ECF Veteran

    coming in late to the party.

    I've lived all over the place, got a bit of wanderlust. Spent time in TX, FL, CA, OK, MO, KS and now HI (not necessarily in that order, some states more than once) and worked all kinds of jobs because I didn't know what I wanted to be when I grew up. I did singing telegrams back in the 80s, that was loads of fun. :lol: Bartended off and on for years even when I had regular jobs, which led to my smoking habit. :oops: What kind of dummy starts smoking as an adult, right?

    Divorced in 1989 and didn't get married again until 2006, let's say I was a bit gun-shy. 8-o DH and I both had our kids late in life, which makes us about half nuts and means we'll probably be retired when they graduate. :thumb:
  14. mixxy

    mixxy Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Fun topic MaryKay! :)

    I've lived in Oregon all of my life, and have been in the same house now for almost 30 years. I was married for 14 years (to a nightmare) that I divorced in 1989, and we had 1 daughter (31) and 1 son (29) together. My daughter is married and has 2 children, my grandson is 6, and my granddaughter is almost 3. They are in the military so move around, and even though I don't get to see them as often as I'd like... I so love being a Granny! :D

    I married my 2nd hubby in 1996... and still totally adore him after almost 13 years of marriage. ;) We have our dog "kids" together - a Jack Russell Terrier (Lucy) and a Rat Terrier (Holly) and we love spoiling them rotten! And, after both raising human children (he also has 1 son, 1 daughter) we can appreciate that our dogs won't need/ask for designer clothes, cars, or have a need to go to college! :rolleyes:

    I've done a lot of different "jobs" in my life, but never really knew what I wanted to "be" when I grew up! After my divorce I worked for many years tracking newspaper advertising for TV & radio stations across the country. I really enjoyed my work, but my department/job was phased out in 1999. I then started a home business with Watkins products, plus turned a "hobby" of candle making into a candle "business" (my family room was my candle factory :rolleyes:) and sold candles online, gift shops, holiday shows & craft fairs, farmer's markets, etc. I also agreed to work for a friend in her CPA office for the 1999 tax season, and after tax season she asked me to stay on permanently to do payroll. Burning the candle at too many ends... I gave up my candle business in 2006, I hated the payroll job (was never a math type person) but struggled along trying to convince myself that I could do this until I could retire. It didn't work.. and I decided I just had to do something else! I had wanted to do something "dog related" for a very long time.. so I finally decided to check into dog grooming. There was a school about an hour away from where I lived, so I went to dog grooming school and graduated in 2007. I opened my own grooming shop at home in May of 2008 after my sweet hubby remodeled our garage into my grooming salon. :) I can finally say I LOVE what I do.. so have no plans to retire (ever) but may have to limit myself to 5 pound pups by the time I'm 99 years old! ;)

    BARENETTED Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Hi Mixxy,

    We have another thing in common besides the grandkids being far away. :(:(

    We were both married to a nightmare for 14 years!

    Looking back now, it all seems lika a very ,very bad dream. :lol::lol:

    Glad it's over!:thumb::thumb:
  16. bigeyes

    bigeyes Senior Member ECF Veteran

    That first marriage is just so you can figure out what you don't want anyway. :lol:
  17. Mary Kay

    Mary Kay ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    Hilway, The P.E. or Placebo Effect was a joke mod I did. All these people are sooo wonderfully talented with their mods and I am a klutz! I knew if I could carve or woodwork it I could do
    Anyway it's on page 4 of Idea's and tricks for PV's and juice in our section.
    People you have to keep up!:D:D:D
    So many of you are like me..Love to wander and try something new.
    I've lived in Florida, Virginia, California, Wyoming, Colorado and Kansas (last two when I was little) Dad was even stationed in Newfoundland! Visited other states, but so far my favorites are Florida and Virginia.
  18. bigeyes

    bigeyes Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Nobody wants to go back to Kansas, do they?:lol:

    I loved California, but my Florida experience was less than stellar. I think I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Seemed like everyone I met was on their way to jail or just out of jail and I'd never known anyone who had been arrested before so I was kind of freaked out. My neighbor was a murderer who killed another neighbor and stalked me...he kind of watched all the single women in the apartment complex until one was dumb enough to talk to him. Creepy. Every guy I dated wanted to get married and I was recently divorced so I couldn't get out of there fast enough. :lol: 3 abrupt proposals in a year is a little strange, imo. That's never happened to me anywhere else I've lived.

    I even saw a guy I knew casually on America's Most Wanted while I was living there. That has to have been the most bizarre year of my life. 8-o The whole time I was there I met 2 people who were actually from Florida. Everyone else seemed to just be passing through.

    Should have gone to Boca, I guess. :lol: I recently read a poll that said the city I was in was one of the top 10 most violent in the nation. Go figger. I was just looking for the weather, yk? :rolleyes: Very poor planning on my part.

    I sure hope my kids don't do as many stupid things as I did.:oops:
  19. bmacva

    bmacva Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Mary Kay, where in Virginia?
  20. Mary Kay

    Mary Kay ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    Well there's always Dorothy, but I did like it..Of course I was a second grader. Mom still fusses about the dust and sand or whatever under the window seals every day. It was rather dusty and windy, kind of like Cheyene.
    California is beautiful, I was in a small town above Sacrameto called Colusa. But once you get on the freeway it's a nightmare! We went down to Canoga park in the Valley/L.A area/Topanga Canyon whatever it is, and I was on the floorboard in fear. My brother-in-law said he was only doing 90 and was being passed! The bridge into S.F. was a free for all and the hills were not places you wanted to drive a V.W. bus. I like flat land!
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