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Discussion in 'General Vaping Discussion' started by Keeferes, Jan 26, 2014.

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  1. Keeferes

    Keeferes Super Member Verified Member

    After becoming somewhat frustrated at seeing the constant post's about "how do I blow big clouds?" or "what is that?" and the ever present "Why does it matter?" type threads I decided to compile a single one stop shop if you will for other noobs wanting to learn. Now this list is not exactly what I would call "all encompassing", but as a noob myself, I think it's a pretty dag gum good start. IN MY OWN OPINION, the following information should all be read very carefully by EVERY NOOB before posting a question similar to "How do I blow clouds like the guys on YouTube?"

    This list is just for basic direction, and doesn't include liquid discussion, legal discussion, supplier discussion, etc. This is purely for the basic over and over again questions with the same links usually provided, but just put in one place easy to find to find. I hope this helps some folks out.

    Huge THANK YOU to all the people who took the time to make this information available to us all. None of this information is my own, but rather it was gathered from folks here on the ECF.

    First lets get some terminology out of the way.

    What things are, and what they are called. Thanks to PBusardo
    Differences in a few things Thanks to Baditude

    Now lets take a look at batteries and the things we need to know about them.

    Battery Info 1 Thanks to Baditude
    Battery Info 2
    Battery Info 3
    OHMS Law in Laymans Terms Thanks to GrimmTech
    How to use a digital Multimeter with Electronic Cigarettes

    So you've got the lingo down, and learned about battery safety and OHMS Law. Now we can take a look at how to rebuild some coils.

    Protank Microcoil Discussion Thanks to M_DuBb716
    Step by Step Guide (Including Photos) Thanks to Romelee
    Where can I find Videos of a coil rebuild Thanks to Jerms
    Microcoils Spreadsheet Thanks to ancient puffer & bones1274 & MamaTried
    Vapers ToolBox Android App

    A bit of safety for the Sub-Ohm crowd.

    Beginners Guide to Sub-Ohming Thanks to lordy
  2. Recycled Roadkill

    Recycled Roadkill Ultra Member

    This information ought to be on a sticky!
  3. Keeferes

    Keeferes Super Member Verified Member

    I was hoping for that when I finished. That's beyond my control though. lol. I was thinking about blogging it and just using it as my go to link for responses.
  4. Recycled Roadkill

    Recycled Roadkill Ultra Member

    I was actually hoping one of the moderators here would recognize your work with this. Otherwise it'll end up in the graveyard for old threads never to be viewed again.

    Good Job, BTW.
  5. Keeferes

    Keeferes Super Member Verified Member

    Guess we shall see...
  6. Buggainok

    Buggainok Ultra Member Verified Member

    Excellent info. Wish it had been all in one place when I started out. Thanks.
  7. Australe

    Australe Senior Member Verified Member

    Looking forward to seeing this grow... you've got something great started here... a comprehensive here's the damn info section :)
    Just the link to the Vaper's Glossary is worth its weight in juice
  8. Keeferes

    Keeferes Super Member Verified Member

  9. rowdyplace

    rowdyplace Super Member Verified Member

    Thanks for the good work. I agree with the others that that this should be a sticky, if not mandatory reading for forum members under with 10 posts.
  10. Papa_Lazarou

    Papa_Lazarou MKUltra Member

    Supporting member
    Nice job, Keeferes! :toast:

    This so has to be a sticky.
  11. Keeferes

    Keeferes Super Member Verified Member

    Thanks everyone!

    If ya'll have anything you think should be added, feel free to post it up and I'll do my best to get it edited and included.
  12. Huckleberried

    Huckleberried Ultra Member Verified Member

    Just a suggestion? As you discover more things to add, edit your 1st post so it's all together?

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  13. Keeferes

    Keeferes Super Member Verified Member

    I did. I just dropped a comment to one, keep in on the first page, and two, to notify thread subscribers of what change was made. Thanks for the suggestions though.
  14. FilterLess

    FilterLess Senior Member Verified Member

    +1 for sticky.
  15. AttyPops

    AttyPops Yeah, I type stuff.

    Supporting member
    He only gets 48 hours or so to edit a post. IDK the exact time limit.
  16. Keeferes

    Keeferes Super Member Verified Member

    Well I'll update as long as I can. When the time limit cuts out we'll just have to use the comments. As that grows, I'll make a noob stop 2. Lol.
  17. bones1274

    bones1274 Super Member Verified Member

  18. MamaTried

    MamaTried Vaping Master Verified Member

  19. Keeferes

    Keeferes Super Member Verified Member

  20. patkin

    patkin Vaping Master

    Thanks! In the event it DOES get buried/closed, I'm bookmarkin it so I can post links to it.
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