Please help Looking for a 14500 mech mod.

Discussion in 'APV Discussion' started by ChaotikDreamz, Oct 26, 2013.

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  1. ChaotikDreamz

    ChaotikDreamz Full Member

    ok yes i already know there's tons of post on this trust me i been reading them and looking at them. I want to get into a mech mod but i dont want the big size of the 18xxx mods. I want the small sleek looking 14500 mod with a possible genny style addy that would match.

    here's the issue i am asking and looking for help.

    1: Sorry but the makers of some of these mods are really working the price FFS their not made of platium. For some of these crazy prices on 14500 mods i could own a seriously high end 18xxx mod.

    2: everyone that i have seen that has one DOESN'T.

    i really want to get into the mech mods and fun but i dont want to carry a mag light. I also don't want to break my bank buying all the stuff needed. So any help on a good cheap 14500 mech mod and a possible genny style addy would be greatfully thanked.
  2. quatro

    quatro Super Member ECF Veteran

    Noble2 comes to mind.
  3. DrBeaker

    DrBeaker Registered Supplier ECF Veteran

  4. ChaotikDreamz

    ChaotikDreamz Full Member

    That nobel2 looks nice def a option but sadly like every other Sold Out :( Starting to think these things are a myth and not being made anymore.
  5. minimalsaint

    minimalsaint Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    What sort of price range are you looking for?
  6. Racehorse

    Racehorse Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

  7. JmanEspresso

    JmanEspresso Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    The noble 2 just recently sold out, it was in stock for a while. Message 310 and see when they're coming back in.

    There is also the Bagua, paired with a Kayfun Mini. Nice and sleek, 14500, solid vape all around. Check VapeRev for both items.
  8. minimalsaint

    minimalsaint Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I love my Temon though it doesn't see much use any more. Pretty tiny in 14500 and looks good with any 16mm device. Pictured with a Vulcan:

  9. ChaotikDreamz

    ChaotikDreamz Full Member

    The bagua seems to be sold out everywhere too. I like that set up of the bagua and AGT that looked good.

    looking around $150 total if it can be done. That temon while nice looking is just a lil out of me range :p

    Might go with that precise simplicity that looks good. Just if one would go that route what atty would go good with it would like a genny style.
  10. Jazzi Mike

    Jazzi Mike Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I bought a bagua clone from vapor tek. It is pretty good, but I haven't been using it much.
  11. Baditude

    Baditude ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    Just realize the limitations of the 14500 battery size when choosing a mod. These batteries are great for regular clearomizers and cartomizers. When you step it up and place a high amp - drawing RBA/RDA on them, expect poor battery time and performance when compared to an 18490 or 18650 battery. Expect to need to carry several spare batteries to last you throughout the day.

    There's are good reason why there are so few 14500 regulated APV's on the market. It is the weakness and limitations of the 14500 battery.
  12. durgidog

    durgidog Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

  13. ChaotikDreamz

    ChaotikDreamz Full Member

  14. Fury83

    Fury83 Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I've had a bunch and so far my favorite has been the bagau (legit). The one thing to look out for and especially on china/clones is height. Skinny is great and almost any 14500 mech is going to be 16-18mm but they vary a lot in height. A bagau is 72 or 73mm, rainbow heaven lists the sprite as 89.8mm. That's as long as 18650 mods that I have.

    The market on bagau's is pretty saturated so you see them sell for much less than their original price in classifieds so that is one avenue to look. Also, with the chi sleek, turtle ship mini, nemesis mini and piccolo with the 2.5 switch coming...a lot of existing mods will be getting loosed for less than retail.

    As for atty's...had a bunch genny, non genny, cheap and expensive. I find the spheroid to be the best in terms of ease of setup, height, capacity and vape. I keep mine at 1.2ohms (max continuous discharge on an AW 14500 IMR is 4amps, 4.2 volts at 1.2 ohms is 3.5 amps) and it delivers tons of flavor/vapor. Holds 2-3ml depending on how you set it up. Since it's shorter than most other 14-17mm rebuildables and doesn't leak like a genny, it's a great pocket atty.

    Another direction if you want a pocket something...microstick...18350 but tiny and takes any atty under 16.5mm
  15. theb0b

    theb0b Full Member Verified Member

  16. chadsmo

    chadsmo Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    When I'm vaping my Ba Gau as my daily device I take six batteries plus the one in the mod with me when I leave the house lol. With a .8ohm build you can go through a battery faster than a pint of beer.

    That being said I love it when the mood strikes me.

  17. ChaotikDreamz

    ChaotikDreamz Full Member

    Sent from my SCH-I535
  18. ChaotikDreamz

    ChaotikDreamz Full Member

    Running a sub-ohm coil on a 14500 is a really bad idea. You are really.pushing past the amp limits of a AW IMR 14500. You are hitting 5+ amps on a fresh battery and 4.6+ at 3.7volts.
    That would.explain your massive battery usage. AW IMR and.even other IMR 14500 batts are only ratef max continuous amp of 4-4.5. Becareful witb that set-up.

    My ideal is.going to be around 1.2-1.8ohm battery life should be decent as is on my current egos.

    Update: I have decided to go with the precise simplicity 14500 and a AGT genny. Then hopefully save up some more for a Arrow atty.

    Sent from my SCH-I535
  19. chadsmo

    chadsmo Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    If it's any lower than .85 i don't put it on there. I generally try to keep them around 1.1
  20. NicoHolic

    NicoHolic Ultra Member ECF Veteran

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