Possible cure for vapor's tongue

Discussion in 'Tips and Tricks' started by Moses195, May 6, 2013.

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  1. Moses195

    Moses195 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    This worked for me for the last 26 hours. Last nite I ate some TGI Friday's Nacho Topper's with some corn chips. The Jalapeno's were VERY HOT. Continued my evening drinking beer and sipping gin which always makes my juice taste 50% better. This morning when I started vaping (8 flavors rotating) I was shocked at the realism of the 8 juices. Its now been 26 hours and my taste buds are still tasting 150%. I don't know if this is what changed the taste buds or not. I've been vaping for 4 months and this is the best taste yet. Wonder how long this will last? If I have to burn out the tongue every week I will do it for this kind of flavor.

  2. CadAlack

    CadAlack Full Member Verified Member

    it was the jalapeno's! Spicy stuff always helps with flavors and cleans the system out. If you can handle it, a weekly jalapeno isnt a bad idea. i used to chop one up and eat it in my oatmeal once and a while.
  3. Moses195

    Moses195 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Thanks Cad, I think my taste started? to wane this afternoon. So I just ate 2 jalapeno slices and it seems to have helped.

  4. boogalu

    boogalu Full Member Verified Member

    jalapeño or chew coffee beans. you'll be able to taste the one drop of flavor in a cup of water :D
  5. MaxUT

    MaxUT Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Jalapeños eh? I'll try that, and if that doesn't work there's always habañeros waiting in the wings.

  6. sooevo

    sooevo Full Member

    Just twisted my arm. Have to get a jalapenos pizza now with some scotch on the side. Thanks for the tip!
  7. aemafia15

    aemafia15 Full Member Verified Member

    cool i need to try this =]:toast:
  8. ravenlily

    ravenlily Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Ive been vaping over a year and i still get vapors tounge. I see it as an excuse to drink way more water and to vape flavors i put aside because i dont like them.
  9. StillMaticc

    StillMaticc Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    While the jalapenos have worked for me, as well as any kind of hot peppers, I find the Biotene gum is the easiest when on the go.
  10. amin

    amin Full Member

    I will try this tricks to get good taste. Thanks for this post.
  11. Ciel

    Ciel Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Great idea! I love jalapeños! Didn't know they'd be beneficial to vapeing! :)

    Going to go try it!
  12. giantmidget

    giantmidget Full Member Verified Member

    interesting. i'll have to give this a try. i'm gonna sweat buckets.
  13. makkesk8

    makkesk8 Full Member

    Hmm, worth trying :)
  14. wanttoknow1

    wanttoknow1 Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    jalapeños or tabasco juice in a tank that would be the answer.
  15. ronjamesmajor

    ronjamesmajor Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I basically get vapers tongue every day. I also drink a boat load of coffee and not nearly enough water.
    I find yerba mate tea helps a lot too, especially with the phlegm I get from pure VG juices.
    Gonna try jalapenos tonight in something! Make good use of the ones I need to use up in my fridge.
  16. bigt

    bigt Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I love scotch. I love jalapenos. I love pizza. Never had them together though lol
  17. icklealien

    icklealien Full Member

    i will give these two ideas a go. cheers
  18. e-pipeman

    e-pipeman Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    I had a curry with Naga Jolokia in on Sunday. When my eyes had stopped streaming and nose had stopped running I could definitely taste my e-liquid better. (I got a badge and certificate for eating it - which was nice). :)

    Bottom line - I endorse this message.
  19. cduhh

    cduhh Full Member Verified Member

    ghost peppers mmmmmmmm
  20. zWarlock

    zWarlock Full Member Verified Member

    Great post! Now I need to go get some nachos!
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