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Discussion in 'Backwoods Brew' started by whiskey, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. whiskey

    whiskey Moved On

    This thread is for all website questions and ideas...Don & I will try to answer them, but please note the website is being worked on as I post this thread, Thank you
  2. twohandedcreations

    twohandedcreations Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Just curious, but will the "notify me" option still be available for outta-stock Items? and if so, how will it work if the outta-stock items will not appear on the site???
  3. whiskey

    whiskey Moved On

    They will I am pretty sure, But its still up in the air, if they will be for the RY4 & Ejoker until Don states otherwise~
  4. twohandedcreations

    twohandedcreations Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I'm hoping it will still be there for the honey flue....!!! I check the site everyday anyway, but I'm gonna keep my fingers crossed that he keeps it.....!!!!
  5. whiskey

    whiskey Moved On

    Your safe there Two:)
  6. vapspaz

    vapspaz Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Will the new site have a special spaz area where I can order Casa by the gallon? Maybe even make it look like a nice padded room with images of straight jackets hanging on the wall and with a big ol 55 gal drum of Casa setting in the middle of it where I could just walk over and scoop it up by the bucket full? All in 3D of course. I got the glasses! :lol:

    On a serious note... I like the ideas/plans Don is working on for the site and the new labels for da joose!

    Just an ider here.... What if the site showed all the juices (as already talked about) but when any are out of stock only the name of the juice shows with a "notify me" button next to it. I think that would make everyone happy such that they could see at a glance what it available and yet still be able to click a "notify me" button. With the exception of the special two of course.

    Another improvement I just thought of if he isn't already planning it would be to have just the one screen of juices and be able to select all our choices without going into a separate screen for each juice and then have to back out again to select another juice.
    Hmmm... Now that I type this I think this might be what someone else was suggesting as well in the other thread. lol

    Just a few iders. Well.... cept for the 3D padded room thing. That's a must. :)

  7. whiskey

    whiskey Moved On

    I think thats probably the way its gonna be set up Vaps with the notify me buttons...still too soon to know though.
  8. vapspaz

    vapspaz Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    But... but... but.... What about my special 3D padded room!? You could make it a round padded room! That way I wouldn't be able to pee in the corner if I got too excited. :lol:
  9. twohandedcreations

    twohandedcreations Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    while the site is being modified, he should change the name to "crackwoods brew" because I spent all day peeking out my blinds like a fiend, ready to tackle the mailman, hoping to find casablanca in his mailbag!!!!
  10. Bowtie

    Bowtie Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Wait.....Those "notify me" tabs actual worked for some? Ive used it many times and never once was notified. huh
  11. Jammin246

    Jammin246 Full Member

    Why did virginia, ry4 and ejoker disappear? Will they come back?!
  12. wingscup

    wingscup Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    They are out, for now juices that are out of stock won't be listed. This may change as they update their website. Right, Whiskey?
  13. Wharf Rat

    Wharf Rat Registered Supplier ECF Veteran

    It's late, I'm tired and haven't read everything (4 straight days of work :blink:) and this might have been brought up.

    I like showing stock amount, or just in stock, on the product page, but I'd like to see the items on the product page with out of stock. Especially important for newer or first time visitors to your site, so they know you make it.
  14. whiskey

    whiskey Moved On

    Correct Wings..if they are not on there, they are out of stock...simple right???LOL
  15. whiskey

    whiskey Moved On

    They won't work either, if they are out of stock....
  16. Dkrom68

    Dkrom68 Forum Supplier ECF Veteran

    I will make the notify buttons available but for the RY4 and Ejoker it will not. When it is there and everyone is notified everyone hits the site at once and crashes it plus with it being random which ive done the last few times it has remained on the site for more than half a hour and alot of people were able to get it.
  17. Dkrom68

    Dkrom68 Forum Supplier ECF Veteran

    Make sure your spam isnt picking up the emails, 9 out of 10 times this is what happens.
  18. Dkrom68

    Dkrom68 Forum Supplier ECF Veteran

    This is last time Im saying this or answering PM's, Emails or anything to do with RY4 or Ejokers.

    RY4 and Ejoker are not dicontinued, The flavoring is a pain in the A** to get and I am only offering it when I have it. I cant help the situation as I have no control over it other than ordering it and them making it available in the amount they send me. There will be no Notify for either one and it is a first come first serve basis as long as Im limited on it. If it becomes more available Ill set the notify back up.

    Im sorry if this sounds harsh but my mailbox and pm's are so cluttered with this subject. If I could have it in stock and not out all the time dont you think I would. This makes so much more work for me I am very close to totally discontinuing it cause the bad is certainly outweighing the good.
  19. whiskey

    whiskey Moved On

    Thread is now sticky'd
  20. vapspaz

    vapspaz Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Damn... I feel for ya Don. Sorry folks are doing that to ya. I hate that it's become so frustrating for ya. :(

    But!!!!! ................. :)

    In my normal smartazz way I'll try to bring a smile to your face.

    From this day forward I nominate Whiskey to be the one that copies and paste your message above on a daily basis onto the main ordering thread and any other thread where folks type the letters RY4 or Ejoker!

    There! Problem solved! heehee Glad I could help out buddy! Whiskey's got your back. :lol:

    Hey Whiskey! GET TO WORK! ;)

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