Protank 2 burning thru coils?

Discussion in 'New Members Forum' started by marilyn, Sep 2, 2013.

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  1. marilyn

    marilyn Full Member

    I have been using my protank 2 on a vision spinner. I usually vape around 4.1-4.3 i have replaced 2 coils in about a week 1/2. I dont know whats going on? The tank just starts leaking thru on the top of my battery. And i do make sure to never have my tank screwed on to tight. any help is appreciated
  2. Spmxk

    Spmxk Full Member

    Sometimes it's the resistance of the coil. Do you know what resistance you're using right now? I know I've had issues with 1.8 ohms and using 4.1V. Burns my juice :( You also might want to check that the atomizer is screwed on tightly to the base. Hope this helps.
  3. Choc_Addic

    Choc_Addic Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Make sure that the rubber seal on the coil is not missing and that center pin is installed correctly and it is straight up. Also did you remove the flavor wicks?

    This thread discuss the same kind of issues with your tank. here:

    Get some extra heating coils (heads).

    Learn how to clean and dry burn. Check youtube on how.

    In short, Rinse with hot tap water dry.

    If that does not work..... Rinse with hot tap water. Dab dry with paper towel, dry burn. Rinse dry.

    That should bring back your atty to life. (Make sure you don't loose the flavor wicks.)

    Best advice is back up and back up. Ie. extra tank (Get some EVOD's or Protank mini which are the same internally with protank). Extra heating coils.

  4. marilyn

    marilyn Full Member

    what part is the heating coil? is that the whole coil itself? i do have extras i just hate to be burning thru them so fast and waste more money. And do the first reply yes i use 1.8 resistance. I do have an evod as well that i absolutely love. almost more than my protank
  5. stevegmu

    stevegmu Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    When you get a burnt taste, is that the coil that is burned, or the wick that went bad? Had that happen last night on a new PT2 and coil I had only been using for 1 day. It still fired, but got a burnt taste every time, regardless of voltage. I dumped out the tank, washed it and threw away the coil. Never had that happen to me with a Triton coil in a Triton clearo-tank.
  6. SilverZero

    SilverZero Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    4.1-4.3V might be a little high with a 1.8Ω coil (although the 1.8Ω coils I have from Kanger usually measure out at 2.0Ω). Have you tried backing the voltage down for a while with a new coil to see if it reoccurs?
  7. Choc_Addic

    Choc_Addic Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    You may be burning it too hot. I find that 2.0 (warm vape) and 2.6 Cool vap works for me really good. Can you lower the watt or volt on your battery?

    If not, You may want to try removing flavor wicks to help with wicking. It's not wicking fast enough for 1.8 ohm coils which burns faster and hotter. Do you have higher ohm coils?

  8. Spmxk

    Spmxk Full Member

    The heating coil is in the head , but when you clean them you can clean the whole head. I find mine works best around 3.8V with 1.8 ohms but that's just my personal preference. It takes a few tries to find that sweet spot. Play around with the voltage a bit.
  9. InTheShade

    InTheShade Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Could someone explain to me how using too high voltage on a 1.8 coil head cause leaking please. i am confused.

    Also, with a leaking protank, removing a flavor wick will just allow more juice in to the coil and cause further gurgling / leaking.
  10. timinftl

    timinftl Super Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Use the same setup myself at even higher voltages depending on the charge left in the spinner, I don't mean to sound silly but from all the forums I've read since my first PT1 and now PT 2's this tends to occur most often with the head not being tightened into the base enough. I've not had the problem so don't know if this is of help or not but hang in there.

  11. marilyn

    marilyn Full Member

    currently soaking my pt2 and going to try try burning..i use around 1.8 because any lower takes forever to get a good hit. So basically your saying if im gonna run my voltage higher i should use a higher resistance coil?
  12. marilyn

    marilyn Full Member

    and yes i always make sure to have my parts screwed on tight. except tank to battery..timinftl do you use 1.8 as well
  13. Choc_Addic

    Choc_Addic Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Yes use lower voltage setting and bring it up until it feels harsh. Then turn down one and you are there.

    For me I use 2.6 rated with regular ego battery and its just right. 2.2 gives me warmer vap but I have to watch out so it do not burn.

    I have 1.8 but have not try them since its been working for me.

    Be sure to not loose the flavor wicks when dry burning. Make sure to put a couple of drops of liquid on the wick ends before installing in the tank to help with wicking.

    Good luck!
  14. crxess

    crxess ECF Guru Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Reading this ^^^^ Sounds like you are assuming the coils have gone bad due to leaking.
    Leaking does not indicate a bad coil
    Leaking does not indicate a burnt coil

    Leaking indicates more liquid is wicking than should be.
    Leaking can occur from several things.
    Loose coil in base
    Loose Base on tank
    Bad seal on coil or base
    Top seal missing or bad - allowing air in
    Juice to thin
    Not enough wick to fill opening(proper fitted flavor wicks)
    Sudden change in temperature
    Drawing to hard

    So.......... is the coil burning out? Clogged with burnt e-liquid or okay and the tank is leaking?

    Voltage is sanother beast all together and is only effected by how well the wicks can draw e-liquid in and how much heat your e-liquid flavor can handle. Tobacco flavors tend to taste better at higher voltages. Fruits better lower.
  15. OlDogNewTricks

    OlDogNewTricks Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Leakage on a protank base is most likely being caused by the coil head not being screwed on tightly or the bottom of the tank not being screwed in completely to the tank. Both should be firmly screwed in with your hand only, no tools save paper towel. You can be easily fooled into thinking that it is fine if there is ejuice on it or your hands.

    Removing wicks from the coilhead can result in leaking, so I would not suggest doing it, unless you are getting dry hits. Coils only last me at most 2 days with 50/50 juice before I have to clean and dry burn them (see Youtube for the correct procedure).

    Coils becoming inoperative takes me 3-4 weeks average (before they actually have to be thrown out).

    Hope this helps

    By the way, I run my 1.8 - 2.0 ohm coils at 4 - 4.5 volts. Start low and work up. If it starts to taste strange, back off until is stops.
  16. marilyn

    marilyn Full Member

    the leaking iv pretty well solved. But ever since iv got my protank..(only had it about a week 1/2) i can never seem to get a good full hit. To the point i dont know what to do. I spent $20 on this thing and my lil $7 evod works better than this thing. I always make sure properly cleaned and everything. Sorry to be a pain. I appreciate ya'lls help
  17. OlDogNewTricks

    OlDogNewTricks Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Hi. I feel ya, it took me some time before I got mine working well. Here's what worked for me...

    Get 2 ohm coils and don't mess with them, leave them alone.

    Run at 4-4.5 volts

    Clean and dry burn them the moment that they start giving low quantities of vapor.

    Clean and dry burn them

    Clean and dry burn them

    I soak mine in water for a few hours and dry burn them until they glow brightly across the entire span (check Youtube for video examples). Make sure that the silicone 'boot' is all the way down when you put the knurled part back on after dry burning.

    Works for me, but I am starting to move away from the Protank 2 being my everyday tank. I find that they are lacking in reliable flavor and vapor production. I am moving towards rebuildables and tanked cartomizers.
  18. marilyn

    marilyn Full Member

    thank you. i would like to eventually get in to those yes. Just not experience enough yet to be able to. Plus i spent $20 on this bad boy i wanna get some good use out of it. I just had alot higher expectation than what im getting. I want those big clouds of vapor and just aint a gettin it. Tryin my damndest to stay away from smoking
  19. OlDogNewTricks

    OlDogNewTricks Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    <nods> I was a former pipe smoker, so vapor production is HUGE for me. I have never had the Protank 2 produce like that. I can get close, but it barely lasts a day before I have to 'fiddle' with the coil. Grimmgreen just posted a Protank 2 video on youtube that is a very good discussion about them.
  20. marilyn

    marilyn Full Member

    sooo best choice is to trash it and find something else? what is a good tank to get what im lookin for then? what do you use?
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