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Discussion in 'Canada Forum' started by Zurrix, Jun 6, 2012.

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  1. Zurrix

    Zurrix Senior Member Verified Member

    I've been browsing around looking for a Black Provari V2 Mini for being sold by a vendor in Canada, and I can't find anyone who has them, except for VS who doesn't carry the black and is out of stock of the silver. Should I just be ordering it from Provape in the states?

    Also, is there any reason I should NOT buy a Provari Mini? It's kind of an expensive purchase, but I like the idea of having a nice solid feeling PV.
  2. ChellyNelly

    ChellyNelly Ultra Member Verified Member

    Yeah, you should just order from Provape but I'm not sure how long the wait is right now or if there is one. The only reason I can think of that you shouldn't buy it is if you want more battery life, in that case you might not be happy with it.
  3. gnc207

    gnc207 Senior Member Verified Member

    Buy directly from Provape and you will get it probably within a week. For the battery, just get 2-3 18350 and you will be happy. Since I got it, I carry it around instead of Ego.
  4. DevilFishPhil

    DevilFishPhil Ultra Member Verified Member

    You won't regret the Provari! I've owned A LOT of PVs and this is by far the best performing device I've ever owned. The Lavatube is great in its own way, but the Provari is in a class of its own.
  5. gnc207

    gnc207 Senior Member Verified Member

    And you can also add extended cap + let's say 2 18500.
  6. SloHand

    SloHand Eh? Verified Member

    Supporting member
    Direct from Provapes is the way I went, with the extension cap. You won't regret it.
  7. Zurrix

    Zurrix Senior Member Verified Member

    Ok, I'm thinking of going with the regular sized one now. Been looking at more videos and size comparisons and it looks as though the regular one is a decent size. I just thought it was going to be as big as the LT. I'm thinking though that with the extension on the regular size, it might bring it back to the awkward feel I get from the LT.
  8. frenchy128

    frenchy128 Full Member

    CEV will have them in a few days, is the site.. I've pre-ordered mine.. :)
  9. ChellyNelly

    ChellyNelly Ultra Member Verified Member

    Can you direct me to somewhere where there is information about that frenchy?
  10. Kingzkross

    Kingzkross Super Member Verified Member

  11. frenchy128

    frenchy128 Full Member

    I had contacted the owner about a week ago.. turns out he was going to stock them, so I pre-ordered/requested to order one. No money has exchanged hands, but I'm up there on the list to get the first they get. :)
  12. DevilFishPhil

    DevilFishPhil Ultra Member Verified Member

    Hopefully they'll correct the spelling before putting it up :)
  13. therealcmac

    therealcmac Vaping Master Verified Member

  14. MisterMike

    MisterMike Super Member Verified Member

    "Provary" conjures up images of dubious fertility supplements being hocked on infomercials: "Now with 13 proprietary herbal ingredients to BOOST your chances of conception!* Call within the next 15 minutes, and we'll DOUBLE your order! Absolutely FREE!"

    Yeah, I get weird notions from time to time.

    In all seriousness, I'm really excited to see the Provari moving up into Canada. Maybe it'll be my 6-month anniversary present to myself.

    *Results not guaranteed. Use at your own risk. You might as well just go grab some leaves from the drainage ditch. That's all we did.
  15. Chinner

    Chinner Ultra Member Verified Member

    Do people still buy these things lol?
  16. DevilFishPhil

    DevilFishPhil Ultra Member Verified Member

    Chinner I take it you're still a Darwin fanboy? :)
  17. Chinner

    Chinner Ultra Member Verified Member

    Nah not especially, but I still have one and prefer it. Just surprises me that's all, these were hot new and cool when I was getting started lol. Considering they haven't really made any changes aside from a marginal amp limit increases and some color changes, I'm surprised with all the affordable vv options these days that they're still so popular that's all. Maybe the provari v3 will have a built in alarm clock or an ultra cool integrated lanyard with back support! ;) ;)

    Nice to see ya Phil man! How's married life treating you so far sir?
  18. DevilFishPhil

    DevilFishPhil Ultra Member Verified Member

    As you know I've owned a lot of mods, a lot of which were even in your possession at one point or another :D, and aside from my Precise love affair, the Provari is probably my (dare I say it) favorite of them all. Cheaper alternatives are just that, "cheaper" and even then there are't too many single battery buck boost VV tube mods out there aside from the LT which doesn't scream quality when your read countless stories of top caps popping off and connectors coming loose. The Provari is tough as nails and even though the menu system is a PITA at first it becomes second nature in no time, and of course the extension cap is a huge plus. When you think about how a Vmax costs $130 and a Provari $159, I wonder why people choose the former.

    Married life is treating me well so far, but I won't even have had time to enjoy a full year of being a husband as I'll be becoming a daddi-o in about a month. So that major life event will pretty much be eclipsed by the birth of my to-be son, not to mention that he's due a few days after my 30th birthday (bye-bye trip to Vegas, so long beer tasting tour of Belgium). From what I've been told though the birth of your first child is the single greatest day of your life :)

    What's new with you? We rarely see you around these parts anymore. Oh and congrats on your 1 year vapeversary May brother! ;)
  19. MisterMike

    MisterMike Super Member Verified Member

    Indeed. The minute the nurse put my newborn daughter into my arms, all those 7 and a half years ago, I felt the centre of my universe shift. I can't really explain it any differently than that. It was just amazing. Then she peed on me. :D

    Congratulations, sir! I wish you and Mrs. Phil the best in your new life as parents, when the time comes. It's the hardest job you'll ever love.
  20. Dusty_D

    Dusty_D ECF Moderator
    Original Guru
    Staff Member Senior Moderator Verified Member

    Supporting member

    I agree with pretty much all you said about the ProVari, and the reason we're not seeing much of Chinner is because he's too busy fiddling with rebuildable atties. ;)

    First child.. absolutely the greatest day of your life. Just stop there.. right there is good enough! :)
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