Provari Variable Wattage

Discussion in 'ProVape' started by emonty, Nov 9, 2012.

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  1. emonty

    emonty Flavor Junky Verified Member


  2. kiba

    kiba Vaping Master Verified Member

    lol, emonty...

    you are joking but i got yelled at in anothet thread for suggesting it :unsure:
  3. Riverboat

    Riverboat Vaping Master Verified Member

    Supporting member
    Provari Variable Wattage............ I would buy one.
  4. kiba

    kiba Vaping Master Verified Member

    I know right? Same here. An american provari made nivel-like chip, i would definitely buy that, especially if they offered a chip upgrade like they did in the past, if not i would still buy one or two. Why do people hate this idea so much?

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  5. emonty

    emonty Flavor Junky Verified Member

    people that hated VV when it just came out ;)
  6. kiba

    kiba Vaping Master Verified Member

    yup, what is up w/ that

    maybe just an extra option on the menu system that displays the wattage so I dont have to do math.... i hate math.
  7. glauserjg

    glauserjg Super Member Verified Member

    i contacted provape about it and they said not anytime soon :(
  8. gthompson

    gthompson Free at last Verified Member

    Supporting member
    Why do you need to do any math? Adjust to taste. Or does being able to say "I'm vaping at X watts" mean more than your juice tasting good?
  9. Baditude

    Baditude ECF Guru

    :thumb: What the monkey says.
  10. emonty

    emonty Flavor Junky Verified Member

    Variable wattage has to do with consistency of the output. Regardless of the ohm, it will give you the desired heat across the board, irrelevant of what you put on top..that is the true benefit.
  11. revolver

    revolver Super Member Verified Member

    With VW option you could change atties without having to re-adjust if they are different in ohm reading... It would be easier because you can have a certain figure as your sweet spot reference and dial it in automatically, or just keep it there, without the need for further adjustments...

    And while it may not be 100% necessary, it would surely simplify things, at least for many...

    Just saying.
  12. alexhaj

    alexhaj Full Member

    Actually the TRUE benefit comes from getting a consistent experience as your atty heats up and resistance changes. I love to just vape and vape and vape but then my rig heats up and it starts to taste like crap, I have to wait until it cools down before I get the vape I'm used to. It's a pain to fiddle with voltage to accommodate for this. Variable wattage is the way of the future. I was holding out on a Z-Max thinking ProVape would be along any day now releasing the ProWatti... unfortunately I will have to settle for lower build quality and a menu system that gets activated after only 3 presses, since I can't find the Darwin anywhere! Unless anyone has info on a Z-Max V3 or if ProVape considers licensing the tech or designing their own any time soon it will be too late for this consumer.
  13. Aceyboogie

    Aceyboogie Ultra Member Verified Member

    I'd buy it for sure buddy.....
  14. Morandir835

    Morandir835 Idiot Guru

    Supporting member
    Have to chime in on something, VW is not a set and forget. While the wattage may be consistent, there is a difference between using say a 1.5 ohm dc and a 2.0 ohm sc carto. The same wattage the juice shines in the dc, scorches the juice in the sc carto. VV and VW both require adjustments depending on what exactly you're using....
  15. AteOhAter

    AteOhAter Senior Member

    I think what we really need is a constant temperature device with a control to set the desired temperature. Put a heat sensor in the atty/carto as close as possible to the heating element. It's output would be an AC signal, the frequency of which would be dependent on the temperature. This is so it could pass it's signal back to the battery using the existing contacts. The battery would pick this up and adjust it's output voltage to keep the temperature constant.
    Only requires a heat sensor small enough in size to fit, small enough in mass so it can respond quickly, and durable enough to work in a really harsh environment.
    Yes, I'm kidding. Although I think it might be a technically sound concept.
    Everyone (in the US) have a nice Thanksgiving tomorrow.
  16. Lakus

    Lakus Full Member Verified Member

    I really, really want a Provari, but ever since I got my Zmax with VW I can't really justify spending another $180 for something that has less features than the mod I already have. And yes, I do know it's the Provari I'm talking about. I know it's like the Vaping Jesus. I'm just saying, VW on a Provari would be like Jesus riding a Tyrannosaurus Rex.
  17. doots

    doots Vaping Master Verified Member

    This is exactly true Mor. I find this from atty to atty. Even with my Darwin I would constantly adjust for different attys or cartos..
    Maybe that's just me, but I have found this oi be true in my experiences. In theory it works, but in the real world applications I find that different attys require different watts to achieve the same spot I like to vape at..
  18. emonty

    emonty Flavor Junky Verified Member

    True about different atties, but more and more are leaning towards RBA's and with that VW would be great as it will deliver a constant heat irrelevant of the ohms going up or down as time goes by.
  19. TalkingCactus

    TalkingCactus Super Member

    Supporting member
    I'd think ProVape would be coming out with an adjustable wattage rig, or upgrade to the ProVari sooner than everyone here seems to think.

    Yesterday I spotted a new item at called eVic, and it looks like their copy of a ProVari. Only, it has variable wattage. JoyeTech USA, Ovale, has this video up on YouTube on the eVic: a Versatile intelligent battery for electronic cigarette : OVALE eVic Promotion - YouTube

    What says you, ProVari copy or what? Limitations like 2.9v to 5.0v max and having so many functions (more chance for problems)...

    Even w/variable wattage on the eVic, I'm still asking for my first, ProVari for Christmas. :)
  20. TalkingCactus

    TalkingCactus Super Member

    Supporting member
    Ditto :)

    You can keep all yer fancy pantcy rigs with all yer fancy features. Give me a constant temp PV, that's all I require... ;-) hahaha!
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