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Sample Juices...the Good and the Bad

Discussion in 'Freedom Smoke USA' started by Sad Society, Feb 10, 2012.

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  1. Sad Society

    Sad Society Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Aug 5, 2009
    Los Angeles, CA
    I noticed on my last couple of orders that I didn't receive any sample juices. The sample juices is something that I looked forward to in my orders, besides my actual order.

    It was like opening up a Christmas present. Thinking 'Oooh, what sample flavor did they put in this time?'

    One of my first orders I received had a sample in it, and that flavor ended up being better than my actual order. And now it's my all day vape.

    I think most ecig users would agree that when it comes to flavors, they will order bigger quantities of juices that they have tried before, and liked. I would not order a big bottle of something I hadn't tried, no matter how many users raved about it.

    Now I understand that cost is involved in putting samples in, and maybe FSUSA has already weighed the odds and ends of samples. And I would understand if it's too expensive.

    Maybe they have an order profile on me, and figured that I no longer need sample's. And that they only give it to newbies. Or maybe they did away with them all together.

    But I must say that, I don't think I would be vaping the flavor that I'm currently vaping now without that sample that I tried. I'm not looking for any free hand outs. My orders are big enough to keep me vaping for awhile. I just would like some new flavors to try every now and then. I know that FSUSA has sampler packs to buy and maybe this is why they no longer have them.

    All in all, I still think FSUSA is doing a great job. Having a new website, while handling (probably hundreds of) orders, while still coplying with state, federal, and OSHA laws is a lot to handle.

    The Good: A sample could get more users into buying more of that flavor.
    The Bad: The only thing I could think of is it being too expensive for the company.

    Happy Vaping!
  2. mauisun

    mauisun Forum Supplier ECF Veteran

    we appreciate your comments. unfortunately Pamela and I were losing alot of incoming constantly giving away free juices.
    Trust me we fully understand those little samplers were getting folks to fall in love with new flavors. Just as many were being wasted when it was flavors folks just plain did not like. Still, we do still throw in a freebie here and there. But juice, and bottles, and manpower all add up financially to us. We do what we can when we can do it but Pamela and I are not getting grossly rich here. We have bills like everyone else and when we can't afford to give things away we just can't afford it and it goes away for a while. Same thing as with sales. we used to have them fairly frequently but it was damaging us financially and we just could not afford it.
    Still, we will have sales from time to time, we will give away samplers from time to time too. :)
  3. Sad Society

    Sad Society Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Aug 5, 2009
    Los Angeles, CA
    Thanks, for the quick reply. Yeah I understand.

    While we're at it, I was thinking...

    I had seen a thread a while back about 'non face to face nicotine sales.'

    I did not read though it all, but one member mentioned that he would annually drive down to the company and pick up his yearly supply. Or something similar to that.

    But if the law were to ever change and we could no longer get juice through the mail, that would be a hard blow to many ecig companies.

    But it all depends on how the law is passed.

    I would drive face to face, fill out some forms (if need be) give you a photo copy of my D.L. and whatever else that needed to be done (hair, blood, DNA sample). Whatever....

    That way you could still send me orders (again it all depends on how the law is passed...lets hope not).

    It would be a pleasure to meet in person. But hopefully it's not because of some law.

    Happy Vaping!
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