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SLB eGo-V v2 review from VaporBeast

Discussion in 'E-Cigarette APV Reviews' started by sb253, Sep 25, 2013.

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  1. sb253

    sb253 Full Member

    Aug 29, 2013
    Hi everyone. I am only one month into vaping but I finally picked up my first vv device. I have been using a fixed 3.7v Johnson Creek Vea with Boge F17 LR cartotanks

    First off I have to give BIG THANKS to the VaporBeast crew. My order was shipped FREE from CA on monday and was delivered to VA about an hr ago. 2 day cross-country shipping is awesome. :thumb:

    The SLB eGo-V v2 650mah from vaporbeast $29.99 + $2.99 for small tank adaptor/beauty ring

    First Empressions-
    I was wary about buying a non joye ego but I really wanted to enter the world of variable volt vaping, so I said "what the heck". The box and packaging was quality like an iphone type box. Everything was packaged nicely in their own compartments. It included the battery, a USB to mini USB chord and a small instruction booklet. After I removed what i wanted, read the directions, and packaged everything else back up for safe keeping (ya, I'm like that), I was ready to go. The finish on the battery is a black soft rubber style of coating. The + and - buttons are finished the same. It is about an inch longer than my 650mah ego style Vea. Finally, I did the "Pbusardo button shake test"....silent. All in all, it seems like a quality product.

    Assembly and Functions-
    I screwed the beauty ring on with no flaw and applied my Boge F17 on. Everything went on as smooth as butter. The weight balance of this battery paired with a slim tank feels great. After a quick 5 clicks of the fire button, I was in business. Some models I have seen online have a "flush" fire button and I was getting ready to have to get used to that (it is also like that on the image on the box), but I was pleasantly surprised to find the button just like my Vea. Along with the fire button, the menu screen is bright blue with easy to read X.XV design, a typical bar style charging icon, and it also round robins from 3.00 volts to 6.0 volts in .1 increments. The menu screen returns to rest after about 3 seconds after dialing in your voltage. The bottom of the battery is a fixed chrome cap with mini USB passthrough exposed. I was also nervous about it not being able to function when charging, but to my surprise it works perfectly when plugged in. Oh yeah, the battery came pre-charged.

    Let's vape it!-
    I started at 3.5v with a tank of Virginia Custom Blend caramel frappe´ 25mg unknown ratio liquid. Flawless. It felt as good as my 3.7v, possibly better. I went straight to 4v. Even better. The vapor was warm, thick, and more flavorful than I have ever experienced. I'm gettin' giddy and need more. Up to 4.5v. Warmer, thicker, tastier! I am unsure what these LR cartos can handle so I crank it to 5.2v. WOW! It seemed to be cooking the liquid a tad, but it could have been the flavor of the coffee coming through so intensely I may have mistook it as a burnt taste. I backed it down to 5v and i feel i found that liquids sweet spot. Im excited to be able to fine tune the voltage to each juice and enjoy them exactly how they were designed to be tasted.

    Final Thoughts-
    I am extremely impressed at this battery for the little amount of time I have used it. I have a pack of 3.0ohm cartos in route so I can start to gain first hand knowledge of resistance/volt combos. For right now, the LR cartos are holding me over to say the least. If it keeps performing how it currently is, there's no doubt I will be buying another one as back-up, as well as promoting these little babies to friends that are getting into vaping and/or want to step up from a fixed voltage device.


    Once again, thanks to VaporBeast for a quality product, great customer service and amazing shipping.

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