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Discussion in 'New Members Forum' started by antgod, Jan 7, 2010.

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  1. antgod

    antgod Full Member

    New to this,wondering if there is a store or stores in Washington state?I know about the stores in the malls but most are not to my liking.But maybe Im missing something.
  2. athlon14

    athlon14 Senior Member ECF Veteran

  3. antgod

    antgod Full Member

    Ill check it out ,Thanx
  4. athlon14

    athlon14 Senior Member ECF Veteran

  5. sbphotog

    sbphotog Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    I used to live in Lakewood/Tacoma....I don't know of any stores in that area unfortunately...just the kiosk at the Tacoma Mall.
  6. rosesense

    rosesense Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Hi, none in Tacoma that I am aware of but just wondering why you are looking for a local store? There are some great online ones that ship fast.

    Anyway, great to 'meet' another Tacoma vapor!
  7. antgod

    antgod Full Member

    Just in case ,you never know ,I do use on line ,but thought since Im on here Id ask.things might brake or need something today,never know.
  8. buttercrunch

    buttercrunch Super Member ECF Veteran

    I think there was one in Vancouver that was selling some juices last summer.
  9. jgdovin

    jgdovin Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Im still new, and I hate to stir up a storm, but I noticed all 5 of Rollque's posts in these forums include a big hurray shout out for Smart Smoke, I am sorry, even if I had to buy 20 Atties, which I can get for as cheap as $5 a piece if im buying in bulk like that, its still cheaper than smart smoke. $200 for a kit? that seems to be a rip off to me.

    $35 is what I spent on my kit, and who knows if Smart Smoke will be around in 2 months to replace those atties or batteries for you? I just cant see spending that much on a starter kit. I am not saying their product isnt good, but extremely over priced.
  10. kalekona

    kalekona Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I know that at least one smoke shop in the tri cities carries e-cigs but not sure which brand.
  11. THeGAMe

    THeGAMe Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Hey fellow WA staters!

    Im looking as well. Thought about trying the smoke shops in the area, and at least suggesting they would have a regular customer or two if they get into the esig buisness..

    Ill let you know if I find something local!
  12. v1John

    v1John Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Well here is a map of some ecig stores, click on the area to look at.
    Not everyone on the map is ECFregistered, just keep that in mind:


    Bookmark it, the map keeps getting populated.

    As far as online, some stores do have great prices and little or no shipping,
    but I still enjoy shopping at my local stores. They eliminate all the waiting for the mail, and I can test flavors, and see live demos. If I need a part or more juice, it's nice to go to the store where it's actually waiting for me to get there, not the other way around.

    I still order online. I support both, but most of the gazillion smokers do not bother getting internet access when they can purchase and solve their needs in 15 minutes flat from a walk-in store.
  13. WiiWok

    WiiWok Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I'm in Tacoma as well and it would be nice to have a local source for PV stuff. If anyone finds something, please post :)
  14. 5cardstud

    5cardstud ECF Guru (Fusionman) Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Hey another T-Town member. I think the only one is Spokane but it seems there was one in Belltown. I'll see if I can find it.
    I found these two:

    Njoy Electronic Cigarettes at Pilot Gas Station
    2430 93rd Avenue SW
    Washington 98512
    United States

    Njoy Electronic Cigarettes at Pilot Gas Station
    1512 Highway 97
    Washington 98926
    United States
  15. notime4nooky

    notime4nooky Unregistered Supplier ECF Veteran

    the bad thing about the smart smoke kiosks is that they r extremely overpriced and in order to get the "free" replacements you have to buy one of their $40 10 mil bottles of juice every 30 days. the warranty sounds good, but it's really not worth the overpriced merch, when u break it down.
  16. rosesense

    rosesense Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    There is at least one in Tacoma now. It is on 56th in the McKinley area. I pass it all the time, I think it is a smoke shop. They advertise on their sign,don't know what they carry. I will try to get the name of it when I ride by again.
  17. mister kil

    mister kil Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Get a hold of me I can get you a 510 kit for 50 a mrga 510 kit for 60 including a 10ml bottle of e-liquid. Right in Tacoma, I'm going through the grant process now to open a Tacoma shop
  18. Arlysil

    Arlysil New Member

    Smoke Cigar & Beer
    4704 S Oakes St, Tacoma, WA, 98409

    He sells a starter kit for around 30 dollars, you an get them online for around 20, I don't want to wait.
    There is also a refill kit for 5 dollars for the nicotine cartridge they are in a cigarette case white with green on it

    The store is near Tacoma Mall in the gas station parking lot across the street with the Pizza Hut in it.
    Brand he sells is e-health cigarettes

    Arlysil of Warcraft
  19. mister kil

    mister kil Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I have seen two places that Sell E-cigs outside of the Mall. One Is The Smoke Shop next to The BigLots on Pearl in Tacoma, the other is just a little North of 3rd and Union in Seattle, They Have disposable 510 Kits with a Carto for $10 if your Atty dies this would do in a pinch, both also have E-liquid, I'm not sure what brand though.
  20. jtcaseyjr

    jtcaseyjr Senior Member ECF Veteran

    In Oak Harbor, the smoke Shop here carries an E-cig and so does 7-11 and another small gas station. The ones at the gas station are disposable one time use type and are $11. The other 2 are really cheap looking. The one at the smoke shop is $49 and the one at 7-11 is $20 I had too in an emergency buy a 5ml bottle of juice from the smoke shop here. It cost $9.99 and tasted horrid, I'll never do that again :(
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