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Discussion in 'Vermillion River E-Juice' started by Old Guss, May 11, 2012.

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  1. Old Guss

    Old Guss Forum Supplier

    This thread is for Tank & Carto users to share the tips & tricks they have found helpful to make cartos last longer, not run dry, keep from flooding, you get the idea. This is the topic we get asked about the most, so I thought it would be nice to have the knowledge of many in one place.
  2. Old Guss

    Old Guss Forum Supplier

    OK, not all at the same time, take turns please, LOL.
  3. MissP

    MissP Supplier Associate

    LOL.... My thing I do that extends the life of the carto a little bit, is to clean the coil in the cartomizer each time I fill the tank. I have a large sewing needle (yarn needle) that I run in and out of the bottom hole of the carto and wipe on a napkin till the needle comes out clean. It both improves the draw, and the flavor taking off the burnt gunk from inside :)
  4. lmarr1975

    lmarr1975 Full Member

    Also I have found that light colored juices make the cart last longer, it seems that the Carmel coloring gunks up the coil in about four days. I have a peach in a cart for about four weeks and its still going strong. Just to mention its a 2.4 ohm single coil at 4.8 volts.
  5. TroopX

    TroopX Senior Member Verified Member

    I've found that cartos hate me. I used to hate them- now they just hate me. Previously, I had been strictly using attys for over the first year- with the exception of testing a few boxes of cartos for the experience. Because of many atomizer orders that were way too inconsistent, I gave the tank a try. The dual coils 2.0 set at 5-5.5v won me over for a bit. Now I'm sitting with 1 carto left from the 10 I got at the start of this month (15-16 days). I've been using primarily smoktech 2.0 dcc. My issue is that even when soaked, some cartos produce a foul, chemically, plastic taste. At times this taste goes away, other times it doesn't. I've read on another thread that the smoktechs are going through some issues now. Either way, I think I'm done with the smoktechs. I'm at about 50% reliability with these things. Any super tips for this one? Any similars?
  6. lmarr1975

    lmarr1975 Full Member

    I gave up on smoketech dual coils a long time ago to many problems. I use a boge single right now and they work alot better. Of course i had to cut my tanks down a bit, but it was worth it.
  7. Old Guss

    Old Guss Forum Supplier

    Hmmmm, this didn't go as well as I had thought it would, LOL :)
  8. lmarr1975

    lmarr1975 Full Member

    I would have to agree lol
  9. ksmith

    ksmith Vaping Master Verified Member

    I have been using cartomizers in tanks exclusively for the past 6 months. The biggest thing that has helped me was finding a good punch. The best one that I have found is from VIP Vapor. The only drawback to the one I have is not being able to punch the xl carto's in the right place but for the standard carto, you won't find a better one. As for punching carto's, I punch 2 holes in mine just above the top of the bottom cap across from each other. I go 2 full turns with the VIP punch and do not have any problems with flooding with any of the Vermillion River juices. I am getting around 3 weeks out of most of my boge cartos.

    I tend to lean towards the lighter colored liquids but if you like the darker ones, the trick that MrsDash mentioned works really good for prolonging carto life. One other secret to carto's is making sure you fill them good before using them and not sitting the voltage too high. For 3.0ohm carto's I run the voltage between 5 to 5.4 volts and for 2.0hms carto's, I run from 4.0 to 4.4 volts.
  10. CatLady007

    CatLady007 Ultra Member

    Is there a moderately-priced 808-threaded PV that produces more than 4.2 Volts? And it needn't provide more than 5V. I wasn't really sure where to ask this question, and I think I'll post it in the Come Say Hello thread as well--I don't have the patience to put up with "bigger is better/more expensive is king" crowd that is drawn by this type of query, out in the greater ECF world. Thanks in advance, everyone.:2cool:
  11. MissP

    MissP Supplier Associate

    Sorry Cat, but I am not aware of a higher voltage PV unless you go to a mod. Some box mods I 'think' you can put your preference on threading. I am just not sure, I have used 510 threading for almost a year now so I am out of the 808 loop. And you can always use an 510 to 808 adaptor if you cant find a dedicated 808 threaded high voltage PV ;)
  12. CatLady007

    CatLady007 Ultra Member

    Thanks, MrsD; I'm not in a hurry; maybe more ideas will come in. I'm not sure what the exact definition of a "mod" is; I just know I'm not interested in a box-type of thing, or anything that is just huge (my 900mA Volt X2 is about as big as I want to go).
    I've got a couple of liquids, that I really like, that just taste better when they're heated more. A higher voltage device would make that easier. I already have a pass-thru, that I'm pretty sure is 5V, but being "tethered" is pretty inconvenient for me.
  13. Paradox28

    Paradox28 Senior Member

    catlady, have you looked at the Ego Twist? Its max is 4.8 with the right resistance carto. You could easily get one and fit it with an adapter and be set. Its still slim like the ego style(albeit longer) and the adjustment is easy and on the fly.

    Just throwing that option out there...I love m new twist.
  14. CatLady007

    CatLady007 Ultra Member

    I looked at that one; how long have you had yours? Since the voltage is selectable, does it follow that it is regulated?
  15. Paradox28

    Paradox28 Senior Member

    I've had mine for a week now. It is regulated, yes. I think the 650 twist is 3/4" to an inch longer than regular 650, as is the 900 and the 1000

    I can push a 1.7 single coil with applewood in it up to 3.8 before it starts tasting burnt. I have pushed EMDCC's @1.5 up to 4.2 with no bad taste.

    I have a vision V2 2.1-2.4 that can only take up to 3.8 as well...all with applewood.
  16. CatLady007

    CatLady007 Ultra Member

    Thank you; excellent info!
  17. MightyWhighty

    MightyWhighty Senior Member

    Supporting member
    With the EGO DCT Tanks, I had a hard time replicating the method I normally use when filling tanks. With regular threading I would just tug at the screwy part of the cart until it slid out a bit, but the EGO DCT Tank's ego threading makes this impossible without super strong finger nails or other tools.

    I had a hard time figuring out the best way to fill these, but I finally did, and so I wanted to share the method.

    1) screw the system into the ego battery all the way
    2) remove the tip
    3) hold the tank and twist to the left while pulling up. (The tank will slide up the cart)
    4) keep sliding the tank up until the carto's top is inside the tank.
    5) carefully push on the side of the tank near the top until the cart is angled as such that there is a little opening at the top.
    6) slowly drip juice along the edges of the tank's rubber top, making sure to just drip it into the tank and not into the cart.
    7) after it's filled 75% of the way, angle the tank with the cart and push down on the tank (towards the battery) until the cart snaps back through the top.
    8) If this is the first fill, drip into the top of the cart enough to prime it with juice so you don't burn it out.
    9) again, if this is the first fill, let the cart sit for ~5 minutes to absorb the juice.

    That is a good no-mess way of filling this system without using needles or even removing it from the battery.
  18. Babs14

    Babs14 Full Member

    CatLady007, I use the eGo Twist with a 510 to 808 adapter. It adds a little to the length but allows you to vape volt cartomizers or volt clearomizers on the eGo twist. You can adjust your voltage from 3.2 up to 4.8 and find your sweet spot. You can find the adapters at litecigusa or other vendors. Get the one listed as 510 battery to 808 device. Works great!
  19. Fuzzy-5150

    Fuzzy-5150 Full Member Verified Member

    I have 2 650 EGOs. My favorite tank is the EGO DCT 2.5ml Tank and 1.5 ohm dual coil carto. It seems that anything higher than that doesn't want to produce near as much. I don't know if it my EGO's or what... The only problem I have is that I need to refill more often. I also use the EGO mega carto that is 1.7 ohm dual coil. That seems to vape pretty well. I would like to get the EGO 1000 twist in the very near future. Just cannot afford one right now... :( Coming soon tho...

    Keep vaping. :vapor:
  20. nosmo29

    nosmo29 Full Member

    I think I have tried every cartomizer , atomizer and tank system on the v. river website. Regardless of the style, I seem to be getting 2-3 duds out of every box of 5 I have purchased. The smoketechs don't absorb through the holes, or if they do they end up flooding non-stop. The DCT systems have been doing the same thing to me, and I still can't get the vision egos to wick properly. The cartomizers are hit-and-miss, and I keep wasting my awesome v-river juices on cartos that don't work. Topped off and sit for 30 mins, but still only get a burnt poly-fill taste. I've tried the tricks posted in various places, and I'm not a complete idiot when it comes to making these things work. I think I'll have to look somewhere else for my gear from now on, but will definitely stick with v-river for my juices.
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