Vapers in Arkansas?

Discussion in 'Natural State Vapers' started by AlphaTau99, Aug 18, 2010.

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  1. AlphaTau99

    AlphaTau99 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I didn't even know there were others until I saw Dee's post on that Dem-Gazette article.

    You folks all up the hill? (Central Arkansas speak for Northwest) =)

    I've also yet to see another vaper in the wild here, any of you guys seen any? Regardless, pleased to see you all. :D
  2. dee5

    dee5 Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Hey Hot Springs! Glad you found us. I have only met one vaper just out and about town and he wasn't being very cool with it. Kind of pissed me off. He was in the Walton aRts Center in Fayetteville during Art of Wine and just puffing away on his ecig. He had been asked to not do it 3 times by management but loudly proclaimed "I have a note from my Dr that says I have to do this to keep my lungs moist". Not cool. I vaped the whole time I was there and nobody said a thing to me because they didn't notice me doing it. Ah well, are you going to the Vapefest in St louis this weekend?
  3. AlphaTau99

    AlphaTau99 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Dammit, I wish. I didn't find out about it until fairly recently (how THAT happened, I'll never know) and wasn't able to take off work in time. Take pictures if you're going, k?
  4. Seabrook

    Seabrook Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Hi AlphaTau99,
    I know there are vapers in Hot Springs, because I was just on a today looking for USP-grade vegetable glycerin for DIY juices. When I was reading the label description to see if it was USP-grade, someone had written a review that said they used it for their e-pipe for the DIY e-juices. I looked to see where they were from, and it was from Hot Springs, AR. Their username on was tomed
  5. Nighthawk

    Nighthawk Super Member ECF Veteran

    Hiya AT! Waving at you from the nowhereville of Pine Bluff!
  6. jlvaughn75

    jlvaughn75 Full Member ECF Veteran

    jl from clarksville checkin in hehe
  7. dee5

    dee5 Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Welcome jlvaughn, glad you found us! (Shoot, now I have that stupid Monkee's song in my head!) You've been here on the forum since June 2009? I think if you post 48 more times you can be a member of the Veterans forum too. Alot of us oldtimers hang out in there. So, after vaping so long, what kind of ecig are you using? I'm still a 901 fan.
  8. Nighthawk

    Nighthawk Super Member ECF Veteran

    Hiya Jl~ I like my 901 too. I have only tried the 901 & the 510. I like the cooler vape with less harsh 'bite' of the 901. I've only found one place that has 901 cartos (ivape). Anyone know of anywhere else that has them, or used the ivape ones? I like the 510 cartos because they are cooler temp & more consistant hits. the 901 forum is nearly unused and no one's answering these questions there.
  9. jlvaughn75

    jlvaughn75 Full Member ECF Veteran

    well at the moment im rockin an f-16 battery with a low res atty
  10. Rikaroo

    Rikaroo Super Member ECF Veteran

    Greetings from North Little Rock
  11. fray

    fray Registered Supplier ECF Veteran

    Cabot here
  12. Gadd

    Gadd Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Mountain Home checkin in. I am the only vaper in this part of the state that I know of. Keep a low profile, but it has kept me off analogs for 4 months now after 46 years of smoking. I'm sitting here listening to the thunder outside and enjoying my eGo-T filled with BWB Casablanca and hoping that we don't lose power. Nasty Tstorm on the way. Nice to know that there are other vapers in the general area.
  13. dee5

    dee5 Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Glad you found us Gadd and Fray! Yea, nice storm tonight-lots of thunder mmmmm. Keep spreading the word guys, we might have enough vapers for a meet up soon, that would be fun!
  14. jbblack

    jbblack Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Sherwood here. I'm actually surprised that y'all haven't seen that many in the wild; I work with at least seven other vapers that I know of. Shame that the only one that Dee met was a jerk about it; we'll have to nominate him for the "You're Not Helping" Award.
  15. ou812

    ou812 Full Member

    I see we've picked up a few more in AR. Welcome.
  16. dee5

    dee5 Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Yes, welcome jbblack! You know, it was probably a year ago or more that I saw that guy and I still haven't seen anyone else around here using one!
  17. jbblack

    jbblack Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Apparently there's a lot of interest building up though. I never go out but was convinced to go a pub tonight with a friend. I went out to the patio to vape and ended up unwittingly hosting an electronic cig petting zoo.
  18. dee5

    dee5 Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Hahaha jb! Love it when that happens! It's so fun to be able to teach other people about this great product.
  19. BlueMoods

    BlueMoods Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I see a few in Texarkana but so far none in my town aside form myself and my in laws who do not have internet that I can find. I'd be delighted with anyone in Ashdown, Red Bluff, Ogden, Jack's Isle area. I'd really love to find several to split the cost of a mega sampler juice pack and trade flavors with, but, that is unlikely here.

    If you were here, I'd even host occasional vape nights at my home (providing my wolfdog didn't scare you away LOL)
  20. beenshot

    beenshot Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    hello from Knobel.
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