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Volcano doesn't sell a 3.0 ohm clearomizer for the Lavatube?

Discussion in 'Volcano Ecigs' started by John Phoenix, Mar 31, 2014.

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  1. John Phoenix

    John Phoenix Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Apr 12, 2011
    New Orleans
    I see Volcano has a 3.0 ohm cartomizer but it's solid black (and propably made for dripping)

    I only use clearomizers because it's beneficial to see:

    1) the amount of juice left

    2) see the clarity of the juice - after a while the juice gets cloudy due to burn on debris on the coil - once this happens you have to wash the atomizer and change the juice because it's contaminated with burnt flavor. You cannot do these with a solid black clearomiser.

    Since the Lavatube is a VV device, I cannot imagine why Volcano would not offer a larger line of cartomisers and clearomizers.

    Can anyone answer why this is?

    Seems silly to me, like your selling only half a product. Don't you guys know with a VV you should supply at least one style of carto for all possible voltages and ohm ranges?

    Answer that..


    Since Volcano doesn't sell 3.0 ohm clearomizers where can I find them? I normally use CE3 type but these are getting impossible to find. Why doesn't volcano offer this product?

    What is replacing the 3.0 CE3 clearomizers ? and where can I find either the CE3's or whats coming next.. CE4 or CE5?
  2. JoeInferno

    JoeInferno Forum Supplier ECF Veteran

    Aug 31, 2009
    Honolulu, HI
    Aloha John,

    I am sorry we don't carry a clearomizer for the Lavatube. We have atomizers for dripping with the Lavatube, and the cartomizer Tube Tank The Tube tank is a steel cotton filled cartomizer but it has a wick hole that draws e-liquid up into it from the tank around it. Having this tank allows you the option of seeing when your cartomizer is dirty and needs to be replaced like you mentioned about the clearomizer.

    We are in the works for bringing out a BCT Tube Tank for the Lavatube. It is a Bottom Coil Tank. It will be like the one for the Inferno

    We hope to release it soon.

    Most people are getting away from the CE3 clearomizers and moving more towards the Bottom Coil style atomizers with replaceable heads.
  3. John Phoenix

    John Phoenix Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Apr 12, 2011
    New Orleans
    Thanks Joe for the answer.

    I am on my third LavaTube having had the version 1, 2 and now 2.5. (version 1 broke out of warranty and version 2 you guys replaced with the 2.5 when it died in warranty)

    I have two friends who want to buy LavaTubes but they may not be satisfied with a 3.0 ohm coil at 5 volts like I am. It's hard to recommend the Lava Tube to them because you guys do not carry atomizers in different styles or voltage ranges (other than apparently Tanks and the one odd 3.0 ohm cartomiser)

    Why is this? (question 1) I'll explain my situation again in detail

    It's a VV device. Don't you guys think if you cater to the VV concept and actually encourage folks to use the variable volt features by selling them different ohm atomizers, you will keep more happy customers and make more money? (question 2)

    One of my friends who needs an e-cig is handicapped. It's easier for him to order everything from one company instead of searching to mix and match parts from different companies. But I cannot recommend Volcanoecigs in good conscious because you guys do not cater to the ability of the same variable volt system you sell.

    If you only sell a 3.0ohm atomizer - why then make a VV device at all? (question 3)

    Why do you guys seem to feel that Tanks are where it's at so much so that you don't use other styles of atomizers? (question 4)

    I hate tanks and will never use them again because they hold so much liquid it WILL burn discolor and get cloudy before the first tank is finished. This is the same experience with every tank I've tried. My two friends, your two new customers, may not like tanks either and you leave no recourse for them aside from shopping elsewhere. This seems to be a big problem to me because I like you guys and your products but really wish I could recommend them in good conscious knowing you actually sell everything my friends could need and it is within reason my request because the device is made to be a VV.

    Please answer all 4 questions. Thank you.
  4. JoeInferno

    JoeInferno Forum Supplier ECF Veteran

    Aug 31, 2009
    Honolulu, HI
    Acytually the 3.0 Cartomizer for the tube tank is the best ohms for the Lavatube. Since the Lavatube uses a 3 Amp limiter you can not go much lower than a 3.0ohm coil and still use the full range of the Lavatube. A 1.5ohm coil you would only really be able to get up to around 4.3v before youhit the limiter and then the power is automatically turn down to a safe setting for the device and battery.

    Lower ohm coils are more meant for people that are looking for that higher TH and heat but only have a fixed voltage device (normally 3.7v)
    So if you have a fixed 3.7volt mechanical battery and want to feel like you are vaping at a higher voltage you would use a lower ohm coil. Variable voltage/wattage devices are more designed for higher ohm heating elements and so you can adjust and get the right feeling for your taste.

    Tanks are what people as for the most. So thats what we offer. Most people are looking for that fill and go all day type of system, so they dont have to carry around a bottle of eliquid with them. Even with the higher end devices, look at the Kayfun and Nautilus huge capacity and pricey. And those are big in the ecig world right now. The other big thing in demand right now are rebuild-able dripping atomizers. But at this time we are not looking to carter to re-builders.
  5. A.Jay

    A.Jay Full Member Verified Member

    Jan 16, 2010
    Bristol, CT
    Maybe a little perspective from outside of Volcano will be helpful.

    Clearomizers were a great choice 3 years ago, but since then vaping technology has gotten ALOT better. You might really like them, and while there's nothing wrong with that, the rest of the market has moved on to bigger and better things. The biggest issues with clearos is that they leak, they crack, and they don't wick fast enough for higher voltages. The products that have come out since the release of clearos have addressed all of these issues.

    Carto tanks (ie the Tube Tank), replaceable bottom coils (like Volcano's new design), replaceable top coil (like the iClear30), and many of the rebuildable designs have clear tanks so that you can see the amount of juice you have left, as well as its clarity.

    As far as your issues with Carto tanks. How long would you say it takes you to go through an entire tank? Did you fill the carto completely before putting it in the tank? I go through at least one tank a day, and I do not have issues with the juice getting gross until the carto is about a week old. It sounds to me like you are not completely filling the carto and it is burning the filler, which in turn will leach back into the tank. Or you are taking a very long time to finish a tank, which is causing the juice to naturally age in the tank. If you pour a little juice into a cup and let it sit out for a week, it will start looking gross by the end of the week because the oxygen in the air is attacking it, and causing the liquid to oxidize. Some people call this "tanning". It is the same reason that a brand new, unopened bottle of juice will be very clean and clear looking, but an older bottle that you opened a few months ago is darker. As juice is exposed to air, light, and heat, it will darken.

    In regards to your issues with lack of resistance options, ohms really don't matter that much anymore. Now that we have the option of using variable voltage, or even better, variable wattage, you can adjust the device to compensate for any resistance you happen to dig out of the bottom of your (where ever you keep your old vaping stuff). Because a 3.0 ohm carto at 5 volts will preform almost exactly the same as a 1.5 ohm carto at 3.5 volts. Furthermore, if you press and hold the + and - buttons on the LavaTube 2.5, it will switch it to variable wattage mode. This will allow you to set your wattage to 8.3 watts (which is what a 3.0 at 5v is) and any carto, atty, etc you can find will vape the same no matter what resistance it is. You could be using a 1.5 ohm, and switch it out with a 5.0 and never notice a difference.

    Expanding on this a bit, the reason Volcano recommends 3.0 cartos for the LavaTube is because the device is not able to provide more than 3 amps. Which is a round-about way of acknowledging that higher resistances are more electrically efficient. Your setup of a 3.0 at 5v is 1.6 amps. With a 1.5 ohm at 3.5 volts (same wattage), you are pulling about 2.4 amps. Fewer amps for the same result, which means that your battery will last longer between charges.

    Another benefit to the carto tanks, is the cartos they use are dual coil. This spreads the heat out, which helps wicking, as well as keeping the coil temps down, which will in turn make the filler last longer before it eventually gets charred.

    Going back to what you said about Volcano only selling 3.0 ohm atomizers. They also sell a 2.0 ohm (the Inferno Low Resistance Atomizer) and a 2.5 ohm (the Magma Atomizer). These work best on the batteries they are named after, but will also work just fine on a Lava Tube. But as I was saying earlier, since the LT is a variable device, you don't need to have a lower resistance atty. They also have 1.5 ohm cartos for the Tube Tank (marketed for the Inferno battery), but again, not really needed with the LT.

    If you give tanks an honest chance, you'll find that they really are a better option. Volcano tends to be slower than the rest of the vaping market when it comes to new technology, but it's because they thoroughly test everything for months before they decide if they are going to sell it or not. So anything you see on their site has been proven to be the best of what the market had to offer when they released it. There are better options out there, and Volcano is indeed narrowing down the field to decide on what the Tube Tank replacement will be. But until then, the Tube Tank with a dual coil carto is the best option from them. I used to be a dripper, and even though I tried everything that came out, nothing could compete with dripping until I tried a DCC in a tank. And years later, carto tanks are still my mark to beat.
  6. RogerWilco357

    RogerWilco357 Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 30, 2013
    I think the Lava tube is one of the best mods to use with the new 2.5 vv and vw ...and cost wise for one of the nicest sturdiest tubes on the market a value all in its self.
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