Volt X2 Battery Issues

Discussion in 'Smokeless Image' started by GodsSon58, May 1, 2013.

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  1. GodsSon58

    GodsSon58 Full Member

    Good Morning Everyone,

    Last week I purchased an X2 Passthrough and some carts from SI. From opening the box until last night the product ran great and I was really enjoying it...but now I have issues.

    I've tried on two seperate occasions, on two seperate PC's, tried to charge the X2 battery with the charger provided (the mini-USB). I let it charge for 3 hours on Saturday...and overnight last night. The battery *seemed* to charge on Saturday but the first thing I noticed is the blue LED light never turns off to signal the charging is complete.

    Now today when I woke up after leaving it charge overnight (about 6 hour charge) i cannot get it to work at all. When I try to take a drag with the stealth cap removed...the blue LED flashes a couple times...i can only assume this means it requires charging. Can anyone please help with this problem? Is this battery defective? I'm REALLY enjoying the product so far and don't want to quit on the company due to a bad battery.

    Thank you all and good day!
  2. JoAnnW

    JoAnnW Vaping Master Verified Member

    Supporting member
    One thing you should do is use a wall adapter to charge your batteries in an electrical outlet... It is not a good idea to charge them on a computer.

    If that doesn't help, you should contact SI's online help desk... put in a ticket. It could be a defective battery that is still under warranty.
  3. GodsSon58

    GodsSon58 Full Member

    I am going to try a wall-adapter today...but currently I'm using the charger that was provided with the battery, which I figured would be my safest option. I have a mini USB charger from a phone or something ill try...but i want to gather more info before trying something like that. The charger they provide, from what I understand, is the one I should use :p
  4. JoAnnW

    JoAnnW Vaping Master Verified Member

    Supporting member
    Yes! you definitely have to use the mini usb charger that comes with the battery. That plugs into the wall adapter. Any good wall adapter should be fine to use.

    This is the link for SI's wall adapters... Smokeless Image | The Best Electronic Cigarette

    The 1.5A wall adapter would be better but unfortunately it's currently "out of stock" :( but this is the link anyway for future reference...

    Smokeless Image | The Best Electronic Cigarette
  5. Grimwald

    Grimwald Ultra Member

    I've had X2s charge for 12 hours on the .5 amp wall charger...and I believe that is also the amps on a computer usb port. Get any 1.5-2.0 amp usb wall plug, use the cord that came with your battery. That will speed up the charging process.
  6. GodsSon58

    GodsSon58 Full Member

    So 12 hours instead of the 3 the website says? I'm going to try the wall charger when I get home to see if that makes any difference...because using the USB-Mini directly into my PC for the 3 reccomended hours did not work thus far. Possibily because i got the biggest version of the X2 it takes longer to charge.
  7. SteveI

    SteveI Super Member

    Also, if you are connecting to a PC to charge, keep in mind if the PC goes to sleep, the USB may not provide power. Over night, your battery may not be charging even though it is plugged in. It all depends on the PC itself. With that said, I agree that you should not use the PC to charge your battery... just not worth the potential hassle.

    Spinners charge quickly, the ol' x2's, not so much, at least in my experience. My 650 spinner charges to full in less than 3 hours [even my 1300 spinner only takes 5]. My x2 650 takes about 9 hours. To some extent, it is luck of the draw, the rest is on the battery tech and charger.
  8. SteveI

    SteveI Super Member

    An x2 1300 could take between 12-16 hours. Also, it will charge a little faster off a wall charger. Keep in mind that the amp limit on PCs is0.5A [0.9 for USB3], but is probably providing much less continuously.
  9. GodsSon58

    GodsSon58 Full Member

    Should I be able to draw on the X2 while its charging? I do indeed have the x2 1300 and I'm trying to wall charge method so far. I have it plugged in now so we'll see what happens.
  10. Imagine

    Imagine Forum Supplier

    yes but you must but it must have at least some charge (10min) in order to work in passthrough mode.

  11. GodsSon58

    GodsSon58 Full Member

    Had it plugged in for exactly 60 minutes...tried to get a draw on it while it was still plugged in...still flashing blue and no vape smoke :( was working fine this weekend I fear this may be a dead one. any other ideas?

    Edit: Wow. I put in a ticket this afternoon with SI about my problem...and they were already kind enough to respond and send me a replacement. Great customer service! I'd still like to attempt to get this piece working but i tried just about everything.
  12. JoAnnW

    JoAnnW Vaping Master Verified Member

    Supporting member
    SI's customer service is the best and takes care of their customers!

    If the light is flashing on the battery, it's possible there is a short in it. The battery post could have been pushed down to far as the result of overtightening a clearo or carto when screwing it on. You might try to lift the battery post very carefully with a pair of tweezers, rocking it back and forth.
  13. Garemlin

    Garemlin Ultra Member Verified Member

    I have never even tried charging my X2 on my PC. I already knew the 78mm take much longer vs the wall charger. I always put the X2 on charge with the wall adapter before going to sleep and it is charged in the morning.
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