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what flavors can you not use in the mini nova?

Discussion in 'General E-Liquid Discussion' started by crashhat69, Jan 31, 2013.

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  1. crashhat69

    crashhat69 Super Member ECF Veteran

    Apr 19, 2012
    i thought id ask before i buy a flavor that ends up breaking my mini lol
  2. guppy

    guppy Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 8, 2013
    Southern California
    I would guess bobas bounty because of the liquid being so thick and the wick might not be able to pick it up? Just my guess... I could be wrong
  3. trishdadish

    trishdadish Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I do have a mini VVN, so I know they are made of polycarbonate. Here's a helpful list compiled by another member. To enjoy these flavours one would simply need to use the steel tanks they offer.

    My aim is to compile a list of juice and flavorings that may cause problems as far as cracking polycarbonate tanks. Anything listed here may cause your polycarbonate tank to crack. I am primarily focused on the polycarbonate tanks, although this info may apply to other tanks.

    I am certainly not attempting to ban any flavors or ejuices. I'm just trying to help out some folks who continue use polycarbonate tank systems.

    ***Most, if not all, polycarbonate plastic by nature uses BPA in its manufacturing You can read about BPA leaching from plastics. Just google BPA. IMHO, it's just another good reason to move away from polycarbonate material.

    Polypropylene is my personal choice for tank tubing because it it inexpensive and durable. This is the same material that is used to make syringes. Polypropylene tubing can be purchased here: McMaster-Carr. You can use 5/8"id x 3/4od for Liquinator tanks, Lil mama tanks, Big daddy tanks, Jtanks, and others. This tubing has a very slight curve to it, but will not be noticeable when cut to a short length. You can see a pic of a tank I made using this tubing with Liquinator endcaps here: Here's a pic of my polypropylene tank

    The popular DCTanks can now be found made from polypropylene tubing. Polypropylene will not crack from a chemical reaction from using juices on this list. For some reason, most vendors are not stating the fact that these are made from polypropylene. IMO this is an excellent selling point that they are missing... These tanks can be used with some XL cartos, or they can be easily cut down to fit a standard sized carto, my personal preference, since I have a few dozen tanks, and I can't afford thetanks are also a wonderful alternative.

    I am personally not familiar with the Vision Stardust type tanks. From what I hear, they are polycarbonate and folks seem to be having the same issues with cracking/frosting. I am also not familiar persoanally with Vivi Nova's, since I have found my happy place with polypropylene DCTanks.

    All of the ejuice/flavors listed below have been reported by an ecf member to cause problems for them. YMMV.

    Some of these are premixed juices, some are flavorings that DIY'ers use. Contributions have been made by myself and other members. So far we have:

    Here is the list so far. Everything listed here has caused someone a problem with a polycarbonate tank. Some have reported no issues whatsoever with some of these juices/flavorings. Use at your own risk with polycarbonate tanks.

    Alien Vision Cravelope
    Alien Vision Pineapple Pulp
    Cinnamon like "atomic cinnamon" types, not warm cinnamon like cinnamon coffee cake, this is okay
    Citrus acid
    Clove oil
    Cola(because of cinnamon)?
    Decadent Vapors Bubblegum
    Dekang Pina Colada/Tobacco mixed
    DIY Flavorshack Tangerine
    DIY Gummibear(melted plastic endcaps on DCTank).
    E liquids that contain triacetin, used in vg liquids to carry flavor more effectively
    Ecblends Apple Pie
    Ecblends Banana
    Ecblends Cinnamon Apple
    ECBlends Gingerbread, double flavor
    ECBlends Grape
    ECBlends Rootbeer
    Elixirliquids Cinnamon Death
    Elixirliquids Deathday Cake
    Elixirliquids Gummibear
    Elixirliquids Heaven and Hell(cinnamon with menhtol)
    Elixirliquids Rage(hot cinnamon)
    FA Lemon Sicily Flavoring
    FA Tiramisu
    Fuzion Vapor Gumby's Blood
    HellaVapor's Raspberry Winta-green.
    Juicy Vapor Vanilla Cola
    KBV Hummingbird Nectar
    Lorann Butter Rum flavor
    Lorann Butterscotch
    Lorann Peppermint oil
    Mad Murdock's Radiator Pluid
    MadVapes Black Licorice
    Malic acid
    Mimosa(because of the orange)
    Mountain Oak Vapors Red Drop
    Mrs. T's Kickin' Pineapple Mrs. T's Snickerdoodle
    Mrs. T's Strawberry Lemonade
    Mrs. T's Strawberry Shortcake
    Mt. Baker Vapor Arnold Palmer
    Mt. Baker Vapor Marachino Cherry
    Mt. Baker Vapor says not to use their Amaretto, Cinnamon, Citrus flavors, Mt. Dew, Sweet Tarts, Green Apple, Ginger, and Lavender in plastic tanks
    Mt. Dew flavoring
    Mt. Vapor's Lemonade(endcaps melted)
    My Vape Store Cinnabun
    Neon Vapors neon Cherry
    Oil based/e liquid that conains essential oils, when mixed, creates esters which will crack plastics
    Rawrvapor AuRaWRa
    Rawrvapor Banapple
    Rawrvapor Hawaii Sunrise
    Rawrvapor Strapple
    Sour flavors
    Tasty Vapor Atomic Cinnicide
    Tasty Vapor Cherry Cola
    Tasty Vapor Sherbet
    Timmy's Double Double from Juicy Clear
    TPA Blueberry Candy(melted plastic endcaps on DCTank)
    TPA Blueberry(melted plastic endcaps on DCTank)
    TPA Cherry Blossom flavoring
    TPA Cinnamon Danish flavoring
    TPA Earl Gray Tea flavoring
    TPA Honeysuckle flavoring
    TPA Lemon Lime flavoring
    TPA Maraschino Cherry flavoring
    TPA Pineapple flavoring
    TPA Ripe Banana flavoring
    TPA Rootbeer Flavoring
    TPA RY4 Double Flavoring
    TPA Spearmint flavoring
    TPA Vanilla Bean Ice Cream flavoring
    TPA Vanilla Custard flavoring
    V2Cig's Menthol
    V4L WOW Peppermint Nobacco
    VAL Goddess
    Vapalicious Gooey Butter Cake.
    Vape Dude's Lemonade
    VaporGod Spearmint
    Vapor Renu Mt. Dew Baha Blast and Strawberry Limeade
    Vapor Renu Teaberry, Cherry Vanilla (possibly most of their flavors)
    Vaporbomb Fire 'n Ice(cracked tank, melted rubber drip tip)
    Vaporbomb Green Apple
    Vaporbomb Hot Cinnamon Candy
    Vaporbomb Sun Kissed
    Vaporbomb Sweet Cherry
    Vaporbomb Sweet Cinnamon Red Hots
    Vaporgod Licorice
    Vapor Room Cinnamon Red Hots
    Virgin Vapor Luscious Lime
    Virgin Vapor Sweet Summer Lemonade
    Vixen Vapor RH Candy Cane
    Vixen Vapor Rootbeer
    Wintergreen juice or flavoring
    Ziquid Zenthol
    The Flavours Aprrentice Sweet Tart DIY flavour

    Perfumer's Apprentice lists triactetin as in ingredient in some of their flavors, so be sure to check that out. Triacetin has caused problems for many members.

    Disclaimer: These are not "bad" juices. They just have the potential to cause cracking in tank systems using polycarbonate tubing.

    Thanks to ECF Veteran member Stosh for alphabetizing it for me.

    THANKS BE GIVEN TO M4JEWELS FOR THIS LIST, I'm not taking credit, merely passing it on
  4. XfooYen

    XfooYen Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 11, 2012
    ^Could've posted a link to the thread that was in, but I guess that about answers it.
  5. peraspera

    peraspera Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Sep 2, 2012
    You can purchase anodized aluminum replacement tubes/tanks to use with your mini Vivi Nova. They also have them for the normal sized Vivi Nova. Anodized aluminum is non-reactive so you can use those safely for juices that destroy plastic tanks. However, if you scratch the anodized aluminum on the inside of the tank (very hard to do accidentally) pitch the tube/tank. Raw aluminum will be underneath the anodized finish which is highly reactive and likely not safe to use with any juice.
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