A Month with a Brunhilde MTL


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Jul 22, 2023
My Big Bad Brunhilde is still dual coil. You can't make the original dual coil Brunhilde into a single coil without significantly losing flavour.
You need to completely block off one whole side of the airflow which comes from out of the post in the deck and there's about 12 tiny holes to block off.
If you want a single coil Brunhilde that can handle a bit of wattage then you want the Brunhilde 103. That's a dual coil and a single coil in one, it has the same flavour as the other Brunhilde's too. Great!!
Yep I tried a single coil in it, used cork from an old wine bottle to block off the steel cable holes and electrical tape to block of one side of the airflow, flavor was very muted. In the end I dropped in two tiny 2mm ID 1.2ohm coils and converted it to MTL with both side airflow closed off and attached a 510 mtl drip tip. And the thing sips juice now, I get avg 1000 puffs per tank, was averaging around 400puffs before. Its a great tank to experiment with. Next i'm going eight 2mm coils, 4 on both sides since I never get to use it with full airflow open XD

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