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About Fastcrap quality

Discussion in 'FastTech' started by postembr2, Oct 4, 2014.

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  1. postembr2

    postembr2 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Dec 20, 2013
    Sao Paulo Brazil
    I know a lot of people here complaint about Fastcrap shipping time. Well, its a know issue. Its not even that bad if you live in some semi decent country.
    Where i live, Brazil, goods usually arrive within 2-4 weeks, then after local mail takes around 4 months to deliver. But its not about it i wanna talk.

    Every single time i purchased on fastcrap im disappointing. Low quality crap, ....ty crap, broken things, counterfeit goods. 100% bad reputation from me.
    Let me tell you about my individual experiencies:

    1 - Kanger coil: the box is the same as kanger, resistance contains laser engraving, opened it, identical to kanger originals. The problem: smells like ..... Not just crap, every one on the box, of 2 boxes is crap. Probably the silica is contaminated, as usually kanger coils are usually clean silica. You may try do dry burn it, but it will not help. I dont get how people post positive reviews, thing is crap, sucks real hard. Kanger itself advises directly on its site that its counterfeit.
    I wont care about being conterfeit, i just used knock off coils with reasonable well quality, its just a damn coil. What makes it special is that the coil is real bad.

    2- RBAs: got some clones. Some well machined, some okay, some real bad. All have bad machining gunking. Second it never works right of the box; you need some sort of "adjustment" or setting, because usually it suffer from bad quality. Last one, i got a Kayfun clone. Steel, not best grade, but passable. Thing would dry hit every time because juice channels were poorly made. You need to use a dremel to enlarge it. Even after, it still tastes bad and performance is subpar. Meanwhile, i brough an original kayfun lite. Incredible how the thing works perfectly, no matter how crappy i make the coil. It just works.
    Another RBA, copper plated, within a week started to turn gold from plating worning off. Also leaked all the time.

    3 - Eliquid: well, i know this should even not be considered, but i just brought one "dekang" just for the sake of knowing. Man that .... sucks. Fastcrap dont get liquids from dekang itself, but probably get from several other local resellers. That is why you can see "dekang products" listed as both "strong nicotine" or "12,18,20mg" nicotine. Okay, so i got one virginia dekang. The things hardly have any real flavor. Its crap. Second, i brought it with 16mg. The bottle dont even state what is the nicotine level, but okay. I put it to vape on my aerotank mega. I usually vape 16mg on this tank. It was nowhere near 16mg, i dont get any TH. Its ridiculous.
    I wasnt not intending to really vape it all, i just brought this liquid to put a last nail on fasttech option. I would stay away from any "dekang" brands or any liquids from fasttech, we cant really know what is inside. They probably even put some water from yellow river on it.

    4 - Other products: i put an order to a nice torch. Well, it was surprising that it came in 2 weeks. Fasttech claims that it comes full loaded. Flame lasted for 30 seconds. Tried to refill; port isnt compatible with any port from my lighter gas tank. Useless crap, but cheap.

    5 - Nitecore charger: i have one that i purchased local, and purchased another from fastcrap. The one from fasttech looks like original, box and everything, except some issues. Springs dont work as the good i have, plug cord is incorrect, but it looks like to work as intended. I dont know if its a knock off.

    After all, i just want to say, lose some money from fasttech, but crap is really horrible. Seriously, the savings are not worth. If you live on a country that dont have serious restrictions to ecigs like US, buy from local websites or M&B. Its really not worth.
  2. postembr2

    postembr2 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Dec 20, 2013
    Sao Paulo Brazil
    Some other stuff i brought:

    Wick: tastes like crap, even after burning it. It gets very dark when i torch it.
    Nemesis clone: horrible, cant fix batteries on it, button dont work.
  3. Harlen

    Harlen Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 14, 2013
    Charlotte Nc
    I think it's where your at , they know it will be 1/2 year befor you use it so they send you crap ?
    I have had nothing but great things to sey for them and they do post when they are a clone . You may need to reed the hole add ?
    Sory that you got stuck with crap.
  4. postembr2

    postembr2 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Dec 20, 2013
    Sao Paulo Brazil
    Hi Harlem, i must say, things from fasttech arent superb, at least not on my opinion, but for their prices things are on the passable range.
    Maybe what im saying shouldnt be just to fasttech, as they are a reseller. I have some items here that were sold to me by a local dealer who brought at fasttech.
    My first protank2, i still uses it, its clearly a kanger clone, came even with fasttech price label. Its better than my original ones.
    I have (had) an aqua clone, made by tobeco, that i brought from a local seller too. Hated it. Leaked from all sides.
    Sincerely, i had enough of clones, especially RBAs, given the trouble i got.
    As a rule of thumb, if i even repurchase again on FT, i will stick to buying the most simple products, like probably Drippers. I have on Ecig bag from FT. Its good, work as intended, nice quality.
    I know a "good clone" of a kayfun is 1/5 the price of a real kayfun, but sincerely, i prefer to pay for one that really works like intended.
    Same for DYI Liquids... i tried a lot and mostly didnt find it very good. Maybe im a kind of vaper that prefer just to use stuff. Summing out, i want to say that buying from FT requires experimentation and the spirit to fix your products. Im just tired with their products.
  5. szot

    szot Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    NEVER received a damaged item or any item that was not EXACTLY as described for almost 2 years now at FT..clones are as good or better than some authentic goods...EVERYTHING I have received there works perfectly...and FT doesn't bait and switch..if it says AUTHENTIC , then it is..and they will refund you if you don't like it....AND I always get orders within 3 weeks..with there guarantee, I can't believe somebody would complain, but some people are never happy..
  6. postembr2

    postembr2 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Dec 20, 2013
    Sao Paulo Brazil
    Szot, the kanger coils i got are either a clone or a defective batch. Im well aware that fasttech offer good deals for a lot of people. I just feels that for me, the quality isnt passable.
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