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May 28, 2013
Millwood, GA USA
It's been four weeks now since my last real cig. This is the first time in over 35 years that I have gone this long without actually smoking. I am happy to say that I do feel I have quit that nasty habit. I swore as a teenager that I would never start smoking, but I gave in when I was 19 due to peer pressure. The only other times I quit for any length of time in the past 40+ years was when I was pregnant. My husband is so proud of me. He's a non-smoker, but never complained. I've been lurking and reading the boards for the past few weeks and have learned a lot.

I started out with one of those disposables and was amazed at how satisfying it was. Next I bought a startup kit that I found locally and found the vendor also had a website. I decided to take the plunge and bought 2 kits, 1 of the 510's and 1 of the eGo's with the 900mah batteries. I've been reading up on the variable voltage ones and welcome any advice any of you can give me. Right now I'm leaning towards the eGo-V with the passthrough. I'd also like advice on some of the BCC's. I have some 510 cartomizers, T4's, CE4's and CE5's. Also, if any of you are aware of any e-cig shops in southeast GA or near Jacksonville, FL, please let me know.

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Aug 12, 2012
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Jwaterski, thanks for the link! I found a shop in a nearby town about an hour away that I plan on visiting. I've looked at the eGo twist and spinner. Can the batteries be changed out on these types or would I have to go to a "Mod" to get that feature?


The Joyetech Twist and Vision Spinner (I highly recommend name brands for the batteries) are both one piece batteries - you charge them with a USB through your computer or wall adaptor. They are a great way to try variable voltage without spending a lot of money, and should you choose to get a more advanced mod later you'll have them for back-up.

For VV/VW mods you can change the batteries in the Sigelei Zmax is very nice. There is a flat top telescopic and they just came out with a mini (an extension cap is supposed to be out soon so it can take two batteries sizes). Check them out at Exhale Vapors and Vapor Tek USA.

If budget is an issue, there is the Vamo, which is generic (there's no identifiable manufacturer). It is a very popular mod and FastTech has great prices for it, but personally I prefer the Zmax electronics (nicer screen, easier menu) but that's just my opinion others have different preferences.

Keep in mind that if you go with a larger mod, you will have to buy a charger and back-up batteries, and still need money to buy clearos/cartos/tanks/whatever to put on top.

This may not be what you're looking for (it's not a passthrough), but is the best bang for your buck I know of right now:


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Mar 31, 2013
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I started with the Ego Variable Voltage twist and so far I have been very happy with it and have not felt the need for anything else (yet), I say yet........because while I'm really happy with my ego twist, T2, Viva Nova combos in the back of my mine I always wonder about all the other gear you hear about, but so far have resisted purchasing them. Bottom line is, as a two pad a day smoker the gear I use has gotten me off cigarettes and I couldn't be happier. The kit that Ocelot has recommended is a good buy and the egos or twists are a good introduction to Variable Voltage and work well. By the way, welcome to the forum and congrats on quitting smoking!
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