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Anthony Vapes: Asmodus Spruzza Kit Tech Review

Discussion in 'E-Cigarette APV Reviews' started by Anthony_Vapes, May 15, 2018.

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  1. Anthony_Vapes

    Anthony_Vapes Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 23, 2017
    Hi All, Anthony Vapes back here with my review of Asmodus Spruzza Kit. Please see bottom for disclaimers and links

    The Asmodus Spruzza Kit is an 80 watt single 18650 regulated squonk mod and dual coil RDA named the Fonte. It’s an older kit as it came out around early to mid 2017 and it’s been in my backlog for about 6 months but since i’m working on a review for their new Pumper 18 coming next week, I thought this was as good of a time as any. Especially with the popularity of squonking in full force and the lack of regulated squonk mods out there. It’s available in 7 colors. 4 stabwood editions all with a black body and different color wood panels of red, green, blue and purple as well as 3 mosaic editions white/green, gold/black, and blue and red.

    Manufacturer's Specs: Mod
    • Single 18650 High-Amp Battery - Not Included
    • Wattage Output Range: 5-80W
    • Maximum Amp Output: 35A
    • Maximum Volt Output: 7.5V
    • Voltage Input: 3.2V to 4.2V
    • Minimum Atomizer Resistance: 0.1ohm
    • Temperature Control Range: 212-572F
    • Ni200 Nickel, Titanium, and 304/316/317 Stainless Steel Compatibility
    • TCR Adjustments
    • TFR Adjustments
    • CURVE Mode
    • Durable Zinc Alloy Frame
    • High-End Stabilized Wood Panel
    • 6mL Squonk Bottle - Proprietary SSS Pump System
    • Intuitive 0.91" OLED Display - Touch Sensitive
    • Oversized Circle Firing Mechanism - asMODus Logo
    • Short Circuit Protection
    • Overcurrent Protection
    • Reverse Polarity Protection
    • Under-Voltage Protection
    • High Resistance Protection
    • Thermal Protection
    • Over Voltage Protection
    • Low Resistance Protection
    • Micro USB Port - Firmware Upgrades
    • Squonk-Ready Bottom-Feeding Section
    • 510 Connection
    Manufacturer's Specs: Fonte RDA
    • 24mm Diameter
    • 3.5mm Deep Juice Well
    • Superior Stainless Steel Construction
    • Two-Post, Single Terminal Build Deck Design
    • Side-Secured via Hex Screws
    • PEEK Insulators
    • Double O-Ring Top Cap Securement
    • Dual Slotted Side Airflow Control
    • Wide Bore Delrin Drip Tip
    • Squonk-Ready 510 Bottom Feeding Pin
    • Standard 510 Connection Pin
    Included in box:
    • 1 Spruzza 80W Squonk Box Mod
    • 1 Fonte 24mm RDA
    • 1 Pair of Prebuilt Clapton Coils
    • 2 Allen Keys
    • Spare Parts Pack
    • Instructional Manual
    Picture Album

    Asmodus Spruzza Mod
    Initial Impressions and features

    When I first got this Mod, I really liked the looks of it with the stabwood panels.. It’s a kinda small mod but light, similar to the hcigar VTinbox in size and shape. It uses a proprietary bottle system which i’ll talk more about later that you pump. It’s made to handle 24mm atomizers without overhang. The included RDA is the Fonte 24mm RDA that comes with a regular pin and BF squonk pin. It’s a dual coil RDA but they include a blocker to run it in single coil. It has the typical asmodus large touch screen on front. Overall though it was what i expected nothing impressive or different, but still nice and a bit classy.

    Watt Mode Performance (chart and spreadsheet in picture album)
    Let’s get into some data. I ran my normal testing. Testing resistances were done at .1 , .14, .19, and .55 ohms. wattage points were max (80), 60, 40, and 20. At .1 ohms it maxed out at 69 watts and 26 amps. For the rest of the testing it was high 0-4 watts. At .14 it maxed out at 76 watts. The rest of the tests it high 2-6 watts. For the .19 test it maxed out at 80 watts. For the rest of the testing it was high 3-11 watts. For the .55 testing it maxed out at 93 watts and 7.153 volts. The rest of the testing it was 8-17 watts high. The volts shows there is a boost circuit like most single battery mods.

    Overall I felt the performance of this mod was decent. Much like the minkin 2 and Minikin Reborn Ii tested, this mod tends to hit high most of the time so you’ll want to turn the watts down lower than normal. It’s a bit underrated at 80 watts since i got 93 with the .55 test. I was able to get max watts at .19 or higher which is likely caused by the low 26 amp limit i got, most single battery mods are around 30ish. The lower the setting though the more accurate it is. The 7.153 volt limit shows there is a boost circuit which makes sense since they list it at 7.5 max. They list the amp limit at 35 which is overstated. The watts is underrated. It also features a power curve mode that works great as well as well.

    Simplified TLDR Power Performance summary
    Mod performance is decent. Mostly hits hard so turn watts down a little. Underrated for max watts (93), Yes boost circuit, amp limit 26 which is low. Volts tested at 7.153+ so accurately rated at the 7.5 they list

    Temperature Control Performance
    Using SS316 wire with the SS mode, and in TCR mode with 00092, I tested 6 builds a single round spaced, a dual round spaced, 2 fancy single coil builds and 2 fancy dual coil builds. The mod has a 60 watt limit in temp control mode so one of my fancy dual coil builds couldn’t even be powered enough to judge. The other 5 builds however, I found the mod to be pretty weak. You have to set it over 550F to get any sort of decent vape. It does provide some good dry hit protection but i had to set mine at 570F to get a warm vape and feels more like what it should be around 450-480ish. It doesn't pulse and throttles well. If you play around with the TCR enough you may be able to get a decent vape without maxing out the temp settings (572F is the max). For me though I have to give it a fail. I wish asmodus would step up in this department because poor temp control is the only thing that really stops them from being killer mods.

    Other Usage Notes
    The mod uses a 3 click to lock and unlock. To turn it off you have to enter the menu which is 5 click then hold down the power option. The touch screen auto locks after you fire the mod. The screen unlocks by swiping down on it. You can also change that to a click setting in the menu but I prefer the swipe down personally. The menu system is a but cumbersome IMO but the main adjustments are easy to make. In temp control you need to 5 click to get in the menu and scroll by swiping left or right to get to the Ohm symbol and hold that to set the resistance and lock it in. In power mode that isn’t needed, it just reads live resistance. Changing the Power in temp mode is easy, with the screen unlocked just tap the temp or power to cycle between the 2, then hold the one you want to adjust. To change modes just unlock the screen and swipe left or right over the mode section. To adjust your TCR or curve hold down on the mode. It sounds more complicated than it is though, it’s pretty intuitive outside of setting your resistance for temp mode.

    The bottle it comes with is interesting. It’s a clear hard bottle that is square and uses a pump system so you don’t have to squeeze it. There is good and bad to this. The good for me is knowing your atomizer and how many pumps you need for a consistent juice fill. I found 3-4 pumps to work well for most atomizers. The negative is if you pump too much, it doesn't suck back any excess juice. It also uses a proprietary bottle system and no spare included sadly. There is also no way to see the juice level without removing the panel. They should have added a cut out for this. The fill is also interesting, but the positive is you can fill it in the mod without removing. Juce lay the mod on it’s back and slide up the plastic window on the front, fill it then slide the window back down. The fire button is large and clicky and there is no button rattle.

    Fonte RDA
    Overview and Specs

    It’s a side airflow RDA with 2 large air slots. AFC is really tight to adjust however. If you want to adjust it it’s easier to pop out the cap and reseat it. Lubing it up makes it a little easier but the oring is a little tight there. It comes with an 810 o-ring black delrin tip. However I found my friction fit ones fall right out and some other o-ring one’s i have were quite loose in it. They don’t include a 510 adapter. The included tip fits great and isn’t too loose or too tight. The top cap is a low profile cap making it very short and includes heat sink wings but can still get pretty hot. They also include a blocker to use single coil mode.

    The quality is pretty good. No major complaints however the negative is screwed into the deck and not milled. It’s a 24mm diameter so should not overhang on any mod really. The juice well is a decent size but the airflow sits a little high up and is angled down a little so over squonking or over dripping shouldn't be an issue for most. I only used it as a squonker with the spruzza and the pump system and never had any issues with leaks. I also experienced no issue with whistling or loud airflow either. It’s a pretty quiet RDA with nice smooth airflow. Branding is simple, there is nothing on the outside visible not even a logo. It’s just a basic black RDA. All the branding is on the bottom so not visible while it’s on a mod

    Build Deck and Wicking (pics above)
    Let’s talk about the build deck now. It’s made primarily for dual coils, however you can install a single coil and use the included block to block the other side and use it in single coil mode. I only used it in dual coil mode as i’m not a fan of using those blocks personally. The build deck is a straight across 2 post deck (no stagger) with one 1 hole per post, although very large and easy to fit large coisl in. Due to this though both coils must be installed at the same time and since the post screws come in from the side, it’ll twist flat wire leads. The holes are also really close to each other so to fit larger builds take a little bit of patience and fiddling with the coils. I’m not a fan of the deck at all, it looks like something that should have been on an atomizer 3-4 years ago and won’t be beginner friendly, although it is good quality with nice hex grub screws.

    Wicking is pretty easy as well, just drop it down the sides into the juice well which is nice and deep. It’s an RDA so no tips or tricks needed.

    Performance wise, I used it as a Dual coil RDA only as intended. I ran 3 builds in this. The 2 above, and one more simple round wire (28 Gauge 3mm ID 6 wraps). All Builds 3mm-3.5mm ID. There is room to go bigger as well, but I felt 3mm was a nice sweet spot that wasn’t packed too tight. Also due to the mods limits from being a single battery mod and the temp control limit of 60 watts I didn’t want to go too big. Overall it was a decent performer. Even with smaller builds it can get quite hot if you chain vape. The flavor was just average on it. Not really much to say other then it’s not really impressive and a poor pairing for a single battery mod in the kit

    Pros: Mod
    • Build Quality
    • Nice looks and form factor
    • color options
    • Only regulated stabwood squonker I know of
    • no button rattle, solid built
    • Bottle pump system works well
    • Nice large bright touch screen
    • Power mode performance is decent
    • nice fire button
    • Watt curve mode
    • accurately rated for watts and volts
    • battery is easy to get in and out without damaging wraps
    • can fill bottle without removing it
    Pros: RDA
    • Build Quality
    • Good oversquonk protection
    Cons: Mod
    • Very expensive (you are paying for the wood)
    • not sold separately as far as i see (forced to buy bad RDA with it)
    • temp control performance
    • no spare bottle
    • Proprietary Bottle System
    • overrated amp spec (amp limit is on the low side at 26)
    • too many steps to lock resistance in temp mode
    • can’t see juice level without taking off panel
    Cons: RDA
    • Flavor is just decent
    • Build deck is outdated and not beginner friendly
    • Poor choice to pair with mod in the kit
    • most 810 drip tips don’t fit well in out outside of the included one
    • gets hot when chain vaping
    So with all that said, do I recommend this kit or not? It’s hard to seperate it since i don’t see either sold separately. It’s also a bit on the pricey side which I think will hurt it’s popularity. Personally I have to lean towards the no. Unless you want a stabwood regulated mod and don’t mind the price tag, there isn’t much of a reason to get this one. The RSQ or inbox provide better performance at a smaller price and the new pulse 80w just launched which i’ll be reviewing next month. Personally I have to give a pass on this one, But if they sold it separately and got the price a little under 100 it would be worth it for the stabwood and power/watt curve performance.

    This is Anthony Vapes just keeping it honest, hopefully you all can say the same and i’ll catch you on my next review.

    It can be purchased here for 129.95 asMODus Spruzza 80W Squonk Starter Kit | Vape Kits

    Product Disclaimer
    This product was sent to me from Element Vape

    Review Disclaimer
    I review products for what they are with no account of where it comes from or who makes it. The test results are the results for what is in my hand. Due to possible QC difference your experience may vary. There is no way for myself or anyone to predict if a device will last 6 months, 1 year, 5 years etc. Any manufactured item from cars to phones to computers to mods have a possibility of arriving DOA or having a small percent failure rate. There is no way to predict this or quantify this. That’s why warranties and lemon laws exist. I can only review what I have in my hand for better or for worse. Contrary to popular belief, there is no special review samples of higher quality. Most of the time personally i get retail versions, the few times i’ve gotten early releases they are usually worse than the final retail version.

    Reviewer Disclaimer
    I decided to add this disclaimer in as i feel it’s important for people to know their source of the review. I’ve been vaping since late 2011. I’ve vaped all the styles from MTL to RLH to DTL. tanks, RTAs, RDAs, you name it. I do prefer the DTL and RLH style over MTL personally. My main focus from an atomizer is flavor. For mods i’ve used mechs and regulated mods. I’m an avid temp control vaper but enjoy power mode as well and the occasion mech useage for nostalgia. I’ve been doing reviews since late 2016. As of Jan 2018 I’ve done over 100 written reviews and done over 150 video reviews on my channel, Although i’ve taken a break from videos in the past few months to focus on written reviews.

    I spend a lot of time helping vapers on forums as well and try to answer all the questions and comments on my reviews. I’m not an “out of the box” reviewer. I do my best to be thorough at all times. All mods get tested with an oscilloscope and stress tested. At times if needed i’ll disassemble them as well. Rebuildables get multiple builds in them. Tanks i use all coils until the die or a minimum of 2 weeks if they don’t die sooner. I do this for the community to help people find good products and avoid bad ones. In my opinion a reviewer works for the community and nobody else. It’s our job to inform vapers of issues and not be advertisers as well as provide constructive criticism from a place of knowledge back to companies with these reviews so they can improve and make better products in the future.

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