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asMODus Tribeaut 80W Box Mod

Discussion in 'Standard E-Cigarette Reviews' started by Frenkyou, May 17, 2020.

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  1. Frenkyou

    Frenkyou Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Apr 26, 2019
    I thank the Sourcemore Online Shop for kindly sending me the asMODus Tribeaut 80W for a free review Link: - E-cigarette, Electronic Cigarette Online

    The AsMODus Tribeaut 80W Box Mod is practically an update of the famous Minikin, the Tribeaut houses the advanced asMODus 80H chipset with many temperature control options, customized delivery curve and excellent safety equipment.

    Power is supplied by a single 18650 battery.

    The packaging of my asMODus Tribeaut 80w in black version shows the image of the Mod in the center at the front, in the upper left the ASMODUS capital letters always with the same font but on the opposite corner at the bottom we find the word TRIBEAUT both writings are silver in color and well contrasting with the black background of the cardboard packaging, the indication on the color of the object is located at the bottom left. To underline how the silver fonts placed on all sides are a sort of spectacular holographic print that changes color as we rotate it.

    The brand name, the product name, the technical parameters, some warnings, the asMODus email address and the inevitable logos and brands are represented on the back.

    On the other sides of the package with the use mainly of silver on a black background we can see in the order: on the short side at the top the asMODus logo, the batch number and the check security which are instead shown on the lower short side.

    On the first of the 2 long sides the writing TRIBEAUT 80W, on the second side the usual logos and brands.

    Once you open the package inside we find:

    1- asMODus Tribeaut 80w
    1- USB cable
    1- User Manual
    1- Manual for the correct use of the batteries
    1- Warranty card

    Technical Parameters:

    - Zinc alloy frame construction
    - Intuitive power button
    - Two Up / Down adjustment buttons
    - OLED screen
    - Puff counter
    - Chipset: asMODus 80H
    - Battery: a 18650 flat top battery with high discharge capacity certified for vaping is required
    - Output power range (VW or curve mode): 5.0-80.0 W.
    - Output power range (temperature mode): 5.0-60.0 W.
    - Atomizer operating resistance range: 0.1-3.0Ω
    - Temperature control range: 212 ° F-572 ° F / 100-300 ° C
    - TC (Ni200, Titanium, SS316, SS317)
    - TCR
    - TFR
    - User-programmable power curve mode
    - Maximum output voltage: 7.5 Volts
    - Maximum output current 30.0 Amp
    - Input voltage range: 3.6 Volt-4.2 Volt
    - Standby current: <350uA
    - Standby time: 10s
    - Work efficiency: 94%
    - Charging parameters: DC 5V / 1A
    - Pin: 510
    - MicroUSB port for charging
    - Upgradeable firmware

    Security Protections:

    - Reverse polarity protection
    - Low resistance protection
    - High resistance protection
    - Warning Low voltage input
    - Warning High voltage input
    - Chip overheating protection
    - Short circuit protection
    Weight: 143gr
    Dimensions: 81x40x38mm

    Available colours:

    - Blue
    - White
    - Black
    - Red


    How it is made:

    At first glance I immediately noticed a remarkable resemblance to the OBS Cube, the perfectly symmetrical and balanced three-sided frame design strongly recalls it, the part of the zinc alloy body is pleasantly rounded and covered with a rubbery / soft layer, thus ensuring excellent comfort.


    Certainly the material of the zinc alloy frame is super resistant, even the polycarbonate panels seem it, but I do not recommend a drop test for the mod, since its compact nature means that its excellent chip is crammed in an environment rather restricted, therefore, following an accidental fall that generates strong vibrations, his safety could be affected.


  2. Frenkyou

    Frenkyou Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Apr 26, 2019
    The front where the display is located is no frills, the Tribeaut is designed to offer simplicity and performance, nothing more, the screen is sufficiently large, it reports the battery charge status, the wattage, the voltage, the resistance ohms , the number and duration of the poufs.

    The buttons are rigid and once pressed they do not emit annoying noises as expected from the confirmed general quality of asMODus, the Fire button is beautiful with the embossed asMODus logo, the two adjustment buttons are located near the base just above the Micro USB port and seem to draw a beautiful smile.

    Of course, the firmware can be updated via the USB port, instructions and files are available here Link: asMODus Firmware Updates

    The considerable size of the cup with the spring loaded pin allows to host atomizers up to 28mm without protrusion, the 24 / 25mm atomizers do not disfigure but on the other hand the smaller atomizers like the 22mm ones seem to disappear a bit on the huge base and they allow a glimpse of part of the cup below.

    On the bottom of the Mod there are the vent holes for the 18650 cell, the sliding door shows the usual brands and logos, to access the battery compartment just slide it, inside there are clear indications regarding the direction of insertion of the cell.


    -------------------------------------------------- ------------------
    How does it work:

    5 click on the fire button to turn on the box, the start-up screen is a bit annoying, in fact every time you turn on the device you are warned not to use batteries with poor safety, you must therefore confirm that you are using a safe battery , I don't mean that battery safety isn't important, but you don't need to remember it every time you start.

    A Mod on with further 5 clicks on the fire button switches directly to the menu, to scroll through the various options, press the fire button again, to confirm one, press one of the UP / Down buttons.

    Then in the Menu appear:

    - Power Off
    - Mode
    - Brightness adjustment
    - Puff clear
    - Exit


    -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------
    In the Mode menu there are:

    - PWR (power)
    - Temp
    - Curves
    - TCR
    - TFR
    - Exit

    In this menu the selection procedure is inverted, that is, we scroll with Up / down and confirm with Fire.


    In temperature control, by simultaneously clicking the Down button and the Fire button, we can set the right value of the installed resistance.

    In Curve we can set a customized shooting curve on 5 different points of W/s.

    Note: The lock / unlock function of the buttons and the Mod is obtained by pressing the button and the fire button simultaneously


    Note: The operating manual can be viewed, here the Link:

    -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------
    Final thoughts:

    If I remember correctly this is my first Asmodus, I realized it soon, arguing with the key usage sequences different from the others (in the end it was enough to get carried away).

    For the rest, qualitatively speaking I can only confirm how good I had already heard of this brand, the finishes of this Asmodus are pleasant to the touch, I find the clickability of the keys very valid without any kind of annoying noise, I see a compartment door batteries easy to open and safe to close, I note that the screen does not offer a thousand colors but in addition to offering precise indications it contains all the information useful for vaper's, the brightness of the screen is adjustable and has good visibility for home use, but the itself is not as good outdoors, I would say that we are faced with a tough and no-frills mod.

    More lukewarm could be the opinion of many regarding the weight (188gr with inserted cell) certainly beyond the average of the single 18650 batteries on the market. Personally, by virtue of the amazing ergonomics and the sensation of solidity that it offers in hand, (the weight among other things well distributed) I do not consider it an aggravating one at all.

    This triangular shape factor has favorably surprised me because it makes the Tribeaut very versatile to be held in multiple positions and in all ways, with one or the other hand the keys are always easily accessible.

    The constructive solidity due to the materials used leads me to think that the Tribeaut also has a certain impact resistance.

    Rather the size of the Tribeaut seemed a little excessive for a Mod with a single 18650 cell, at this point I would have liked to have seen a Tribeaut II even slightly larger than this if necessary, but with the possibility of using 20700/21700 cells in view to obtain more autonomy of charge and to make the best use of large Flavor atom (among other things, very well hosted thanks to the huge central cup).

    Its strong point is certainly the asMODus 80H Chip which contains a ton of technology, great control over the TC and a good output, which can also be customized with a curve that can be set on 5 points, it manages the 18650 battery even at best. Relatively high wattages for a single battery, the 80H Chipset undoubtedly places the Tribeaut absolutely at the top of the devices in its price range.

    I absolutely recommend it! Especially for the chip's performance, for its build quality, for its excellent ergonomics and for the more than excellent price.


    This and other devices can be purchased from the Sourcemore online store: asMODus Tribeaut 80W TC Box Mod single 18650
    You can apply the "ATM" Discount Code to this Asmodus Tribeaut 80W.

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