Atomic Cinnacide v. Red Hots

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Sep 19, 2009
Ok, I'll admit, I'm a cinnacide junkie :p

But I still like trying new juices, although they never compare to AC!

I ordered Red Hots from DIY flavor shack, and got it in quickly with some freebies. So kutos to great service.

Now on to the comparison.

Atomic cinnacide is like an atomic fireball candy, or big red gum. Red Hots is like a cinnamon stick or cinnamon root (not really like a cinnamon root, heck, i dont even know what a cinnamon root tastes like, but Red Hots is kinda rooty, or really, tastes like a cinnamon stick from potpourrie, very natural cinnamon like.)

Although some may like one more than the other, I'm AC 100%!
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