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Bats, sushi, trannys and creepy dolls

Discussion in 'Gay Group' started by OTownB, May 21, 2013.

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  1. OTownB

    OTownB Full Member

    May 20, 2013
    Orlando, FL
    WARNING: this is a drunken FUM! If you don't know what FUM is, PM me and will explain.

    Okay.....I have been approved to the gay group! ready for the crazy night???? Where do I start? Went to the P (Parliament House for those not familiar with Orlando) to see Addison Taylor whom I am slowly converting. Then to rev to see pants who is almost fully converted. Then back home to my crazy adobe where a bat flew in front of me and gave me whiplash.

    So....I go upstairs to my bedroom and decided I needed some water. Walked outside to the balcony to grab a bottle from the fridge (yes I have a fridge on the terrace) and i find Jon (he is still on analogs but vapes a???) Don't really remember what it is (eRoll maybe) but I busted him smoking an analog on the floor below. You can see it between his fingers if you look closely.

    photo 3-1.jpg

    So...I fussed at him for a minute or three. Then my tranny room mate comes home and we start chatting........kinda boring yet kinda exciting!!! (Okay she isn't exactly a room mate but she is a really good friend that rents the studio apt above my garage).

    photo 4.jpg

    photo 5.jpg

    As we are talking I remembered I had left over sushi downstairs in the kitchen. So, I told her goodnight and proceeded to go downstairs to retrieve my leftovers. As I open my bedroom door I about crapped my pants!!! Apparently Jon (who is visiting for a few days from Tampa) thought it would be cute to leave a REALLY creepy doll in front of my bedroom door.


    I freaked out! Closed the door and now in bed typing this. Just a synopsis of my crazy night, anyone that lives in OTown has had a few nights like this I'm sure. Good night fellow vapors! I'm sure I will not remember posting this tomorrow, LOL, it's all in fun BUT as crazy as the night was I did not touch an analog! (70 days and counting!!)

    I would like to hear from anyone else in the Orlando area (drunken or un-drunken stories) or even Florida for that matter.
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