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Battery options?

Discussion in 'Modding Forum' started by Anemephistus, Apr 16, 2014.

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  1. Anemephistus

    Anemephistus Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I a new mech mod I made. No shorts, lots of fun. I built a RDA to go with it (out of old sink parts) I had one hitch (basic electronics level stuff, I was embarrassed but laughed it off)

    So its steam-punk style (not my normal thing) it was fun to make but I'm noticing something that makes me think.

    Basically my problem is this: the device works perfectly, I coiled my 2 wire twisted 32 gauge (awg) over a 5\32nds bit 5 times and threaded it with 2 mm wick and it atomizes without burnig great.,. For a few minutes then it tapers down quick fallowed shortly by slowly heating then week puffs and sluggish heating.

    It is powered by an 18650 battery, I could get a new one but before I get a more expensive battery I had a though, what other options exist? My mod has a fat compartment ( measurements in photo) and longer than an 18650 won't fit well but wider or shorter will.

    So what's out there that bigger around, factory made and accepted by general safety concepts as far as you folks know?

    image hosting 30 mb



    My buddy thinks glow is everything, I know its not but since I built the Atty with modular posts I loaded it with four sub ohm coils for fun...
    how to do a screen shot

    jpg images

    Any way it works ( even if I hit the submit key instead of preveiw ) but I'm seeking a larger battery any ideas?
  2. jacobmckeone

    jacobmckeone Full Member

    Oct 23, 2013
    There are 26500s around. Both shorter and wider.
  3. asdaq

    asdaq Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Looks pretty good. I'm not sure if the entire length has 26mm clearance but there are 26650s to be had as well. I haven't heard they are impressive on current, but you get more mAh. I'm pretty sure there are better quality 18650s to be had for the current.

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  4. Doghead

    Doghead Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Sep 30, 2013
    I'd like to see nicer pics of that set-up.

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  5. Anemephistus

    Anemephistus Senior Member ECF Veteran

    No tablet is evil for typing though.

    This is my mech mod in lockout position, when it is ready the screws line up...

  6. Anemephistus

    Anemephistus Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Before I proceed... A friend brought a nemesis mod to my birthday party, I loved it. I decided I wanted one but first I figured I should try making something that would work comparably just to see if I was sure...

    Alright I switched to a desktop.. so, here it is. i built the atty with old 510 threads that i got off an old atomizer. I made the base plate from an old candle holder I bought in a thrift shop, I cut disks brass disks out of it. I took the stack off of an evod/protank atty and ran a tap down it (3/32nds) so it would accept a computer screw if you do this stop 1/16th from the end so that the foot does not snap off, then I insulated it with high temp silicone I salvaged from an e-pipe that looked cool but never really was my thing (I kept it looking good for company ;) ) The atty has up to five posts, the center (+ lead) and the other four terminals (- leads) Each is threaded for a 3/32nds type screw. Currently I have only one coil running because I do not trust this generic battery very much.

    I build computers as a hobby and I had the screws and nuts laying around, The motherboard anchors were what I used here, I just chucked them into a drill and lathed them till smooth. I bought set screws with the same threads so I could make good terminals and I drilled 1/16th holes in each nut horizontally so I could thread the coil wire. The disks of brass I cut for the base (dremel...Love those folks) gave me space to put five tapped holes (#36 tap 3/32nds) so far I have not put more than 2 coils in because again..that battery.

    The main device was scrap copper. I like copper so I figured eh, why not. It has a steam punk look, not my normal thing but I liked it so well I figured why not. The end cap was a literal cap end piece. I put a screw in (I cut the threads with an improvised tap no idea what size) and I took the screws from an old outlet because the are brass and look good with the copper. I milled a cam into it ( Dremel ;) ) and cut a lockout into the cam, a personal point of pride here...the cam lockout is 31/64ths from the firing position with enough spring tension that I cannot fire the coil without unlocking it.

    The "switch" is the foot of an old chair. It's steel and had a nice wide pad for a foot. I ground into it and put a lock washer onto it so it would not pass through the hole I drilled in a chunk of oak, I added a cheap steel spring and there it was...My own mech mod.

    Now that I have got it going, I don't think I'll go back. I just need to figure out what I want to do for a battery, I want sub-ohms safe with a good running time. I like the coils I am running but I chase clouds, it makes small clouds better than anything else I own, but I want crazy clouds and salvage has taken me this far...

    So I digress... Pics explain everything so here you go











    the threads were from an old ego twist and the atty housing and threads came from a sink i found... I love salvage for test projects.

    The cam leaves a hole when fired for gas evac in the event of failure, i hope this never matters...

    I should add one thing, I built the Atty with the ability to do something crazy having 5 posts but I have only been using this device with 1-1ohm coil, and several post removed. I had two on it as listed above but the total resistance was still above 1 ohm. That super bright glow pic was for less than a second on a full charge.

    It might be built from scrap but I'm not trying to kill myself with it. I plan on getting further into sub ohm ranges with predictable / protected batteries and more research.
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