Been meaning to join here for a while... well here i am :D

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May 13, 2015
    Just want to say hello to everyone, I will be posting much more frequently here. I have always used reddit for my online vape socializing, but i guess theres some crap going on over there that i dont really care to read up on. Always wanted to make an account here so now the procrastination is over!

    Heres a little about my vaping career so far:
    2yr vaper (really got into the more advanced hobbyist side of it a few months into vaping)
    Main setup is a dual 18650 parallel mosfet box w/ various rda's and a few RTA's. Soon will have some mini TC VF's that will probably replace the mech box as my ADV's.
    I am a flavor chaser first and foremost - but ive never complained when a flavorful build also produced big clouds. Sometimes I enjoy being a "cloudbro" around home for ....s and giggles (cmon sometimes its fun to toss some huge clouds around the house :p ).
    I enjoy trying my hand at some more advanced coil building, but dont consider myself good at it by any means - craziest builds ive done probably would be some ribbon clapton builds or fused Clapton.

    Im hoping my stay here will be a positive one, and i dont see why it wouldnt. I look forward to discussing this wonderful hobby we all enjoy around here, thanks for having me :D


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    Aug 23, 2014
      hi br4d. I've got some dual parallel boxes also. I haven't got into the TC thing though... I just like my kanthal builds too much to have much desire to start messing with something I don't have good purpose for.

      I've done claptons before, but generally just prefer standard microcoils at low resistance, i often use 22g or do 24g parallel wraps.
      Glad you are here!
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