Blu Plus availability

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Jan 29, 2014
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
Blu Plus really hasnt hit any shops around here either, but the newer packaging for theo ther blu stuffs has indeed hit.

I'd say give it a few weeks, especially because its not necissarily on blus end, but rather, the state's regulations and whatnot for delivering and selling tobacco products (I know nobody around here carried mark 10s til about 3 weeks ago, even though theyve been out everywhere else for months.)


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Dec 17, 2010
Got my Plus kit a few weeks ago, here in NY State ...

I've been using medium length V4L Ash Cap batts with Vapor King e-Smart clearomizers, works very well. But as I vape hands free, the weight gets to my teeth after a while so I'm looking for a light weight alternative. The first thing I noticed with blu+ is:

- flavor is not the best (they no longer use J Creek)
- the tanks are NOT refillable
- nicotine strength isn't offered in ~6 mg range (24, 12, and 0 in some flavors)

That said, I haven't given up on it yet. Let us know how you like them when they come in.
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