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bucks/montgomery county

Discussion in 'Pennsylvania Vapers' started by captknots, Dec 27, 2014.

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  1. captknots

    captknots Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Apr 29, 2014
    philadelphia pa
    from bucks and Montgomery county I've been to I think every vape shop, Worlds Famous in Norristown, Volition Vapor in Hatboro, Vapor Phoxxe im not exactly sure where, and liberty vapor in Lansdale(haven't been to pheonexville because of my experience at Lansdale)

    the people working in Worlds Famous are great, and the prices are reasonable, the flavors are also top of the line, and the staff will help you out if you need it. I went in one time with some issues with my omega and they not only showed me how to fix it, explained what was wrong, and fixed it for me, but even built me free coils to run my first duel coil, and showed me what they were doing, on of them even made me some coils to use later, great experience all around

    Liberty vapor is where I got my first starter kit, and they really pulled the wool over my eyes, sold me 25$ worth of equipment for 50$ and because they were the first juice vendor I tried, they tricked me into thinking it was premium quality, when it turned out to be comparable to mt baker vapor(which costs less than half as much). on top of that the staff treated me like a customer at a used car lot, and acted like I was an idiot when I knew more than them, looked at me like an alien whenever I said anything like "cig-a-like" or "passthrough" and the first time I tried anything from anywhere else I never went back.

    Vapor Phoxxe the workers seemed to cater only to an "in-crowd" of regular customers, ignoring my existence the first 20 minutes I was there and then giving me attitude about having questions, they only sell 100% vg juice, and their nicotine has a horrendous flavor to it, but I didn't know that until I bought the juice because the samples are 0nic, but none of the juice I got tasted the same as the sample because of the gross nicotine they use.

    Volition Vapor was actually great, they dont make any of their own liquid, but what they do carry is well priced and top notch or close to it, they carry mainly vapor chef and eVo, and has a somewhat lacking selection, they are missing some levels of pg/vg ratio and nicotine for certain flavors. on the other hand their staff was the best ive met at a b and m yet, they were open to learning from customers and teaching them the right things. they suggest twist batteries for beginers which I wish was suggested to me, and they even have unlabeled testors for flavors they dont carry to see what their customers would like them to order next. although they are lacking in some juice options, they have a great selection, and great prices.

    so there you have it, if your in bucks or Montgomery county this has been my experience with the local b and m selection, hope this helps
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  2. Jefferson62

    Jefferson62 Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 12, 2011
    Douglassville, PA
  3. rob m

    rob m Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Nov 21, 2014
    Philadelphia, PA
    check out Zoola Vapor in Willow Grove also a very nice friendly shop. I have been to world famous also and agree with you it is a great shop.
  4. Signmaker

    Signmaker Super Member

    I'll have to scope out Worlds next time I'm down that way.
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