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C2CVaping - Other issue : sqcivic

Discussion in 'Reviews of Suppliers - Negative' started by sqcivic, Jan 25, 2014.

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  1. sqcivic

    sqcivic Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Sep 27, 2013
    los angeles
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    C2CVaping ​
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    5 December 2013 ​
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    - ​
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    I purchased a Kraken clone from C2CVaping. I noticed that the glass tank section was very jagged and cut unevenly leaving some areas where they would hardly make contact with the O-rings leaving some of the o-ring exposed. I thought, okay, I guess this is just a really poor quality clone. After inspecting it further, I noticed that it was not the same product that this company has pictured on their website. My Kraken has clear O-rings, they picture black O-rings. Their glass tank is perfectly cut all the way around mine is not. They used to have pictures of the serial numbers on the clones on their website(my clone never had any serial numbers), but they are not there anymore. After using this clone for maybe fifteen minutes I noticed that Juice was running down the side of the mod. I thought that was strange since the mod had sat straight up most of the time. So I attempted to pull the metal sleeve off and the glass tank EASILY came along with it, spilling juice all over my couch and I. So after doing some trouble shooting I discovered that the juice was slowly seeping from the bottom of where the tank was supposed to be sealed by the O-rings.

    I decided to email Ryan @ C2CVaping and explained everything that I had experienced with my purchase. He told me that it was the first time he had heard of anyone having issues with this clone and he offered to exchange it for one that was not defective. I sent the Kraken back to Ryan(I had to cover shipping costs, which I had no issue with at the time) after he approved the exchange. I finally receive it back from C2CVaping almost a month later. After opening the box I noticed that there were parts missing and the Kraken was scratched, RUSTY in several place, and the O-rings appeared to have been used I emailed Ryan back and told him that I believe that they had sent me a used Kraken. Ryan then told me that he had actually sent me my original Kraken back to me because he did not find anything wrong with it. I was disgusted with this company. They failed to deliver on the exchange as we had discussed, there was no mention of having my original product shipped back to me(I would have just requested a refund), I had to cover shipping costs out of my own pocket only to have them return my original item, my original item was sent back to me in worse condition. I attempted to write a review which they refuse to post on their website.. Their reason for not posting it is because they told me I was just "complaining".. Of course I am complaining!! Its my honest opinion on the product that I purchased from your company!!

    I have never, in my entire life, dealt with such an incompetent business. Their customer service is horrible, they do not stand by the products that they sell, they do not deliver on what they offer, and worse of all they will not allow you to post any honest reviews of their products unless they agree with it. It makes sense to me now why most of their products have very few reviews with very high scores. ​
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