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Changes and Quality Control at Ms T's Bakery

Discussion in 'Ms T's Bakery' started by radicalfrog, Nov 24, 2011.

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  1. radicalfrog

    radicalfrog Unregistered Supplier ECF Veteran

    Sep 17, 2009
    Boothbay Harbor Maine
    There are some changes that have taken place here at Ms T's Bakery! I wanted to wait until the weekend to do this so it wouldn't take time out of doing your orders BUT thanks to the other thread here I am doing this now. So some of the orders I intended to create tonight won't get done because I have to do this now!

    Changes: Orders that went out this week you will see that my labels have already been changed to reflect Lot #'s, Ingredients and the Expiration Date. I have been doing my own testing internally in the past but, now due to the nicotine problems that arose I now changed the labels to reflect what I actually do here. All nicotine I receive is checked by the supplier (a well known USA nicotine supplier that is a Paid Supplier here on ECF) and it is also checked by me to see the correct strength of the nicotine.

    Quality Control: All orders are hand mixed by ME inside the bottle you receive with sterilized needles! I am the ONLY person that creates your orders! I handle EVERYTHING! If anything is different with anything I have, I do not use it and contact the company immediately! Trust me there are some flavoring companies that probably hate me at this point LOL. But if they are not correct I don't use them! Sometimes I have to put things in your order on back order and this is why!

    I guess what I am saying is that if and only if there was a problem, there is ONLY ONE person to blame! ME! I can assure you that it is NOT very often that I screw something up!

    I have a separate room here in my home set aside as a lab for nothing but my creating! NO I am NOT doing this in my kitchen or bathtub with my kids running around me! It is CLEAN and SANITIZED! After each day I CLEAN up and get ready for the next day! When I am not creating it is CLOSED and LOCKED!

    SAMPLES: I DO NOT have samples sitting on shelves just waiting for your order. IF you receive a SAMPLE it was created at the same time your order was and it is just as fresh as the rest of your order! That is the reason your SAMPLE is the same nicotine level you had on your order! I don't do this often because it takes up so much time to do the sample, create the label and such!

    I hope this answers all your questions!

    Happy Thanksgiving To You All!
    Ms T
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