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Cookie Sauce Review

Discussion in 'General E-Liquid Reviews' started by painbowslash, Oct 6, 2015.

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  1. painbowslash

    painbowslash Senior Member Verified Member

    Jun 13, 2015
    Hi! This is my 1st review ever of an eliquid, so please bear with me if my format or layout is off :)

    Could not find any reviews for this at all except a video review, so it must not be very popular. Hence I am making a slightly long review for people who prefer reading reviews instead.

    Could not find any descriptions from any site, except one in Chinese, probably because the liquid is from Shanghaiwhich only provided a few pictures but no reviews.

    Cookie Sauce Limited Edition
    (A facebook page name was on the bottle but I couldn't find any related page)

    I don't know exactly what "Limited Edition" suggests because there has been a steady supply so far from this brand.

    Also Cookie Sauce did not have a cookie flavor, which disappointed me slightly as I was looking forward to a maybe cookies and creme flavor.

    (Will do my best to include photos)
    Came in a nice brown paper packaging, which can be resealed after tearing open, with the ziploc type seal at the top, which can be used to let the bottle steep away from direct sunlight I guess

    Came with a small free packet of organic cotton, which was a neat little bonus.

    The package does not state the flavor inside, so I bought one thinking it was a cookie-related flavor, but ended up in a somewhat still pleasant caramel flavor, oh well I guess.

    The Bottle:
    Came in a little dropper bottle, made of plastic not glass.
    Slightly disappointed it wasn't made of glass as it's meant to be a slightly more premium juice.

    Dropper as usual, made of glass with a white childproof cap attached, expected as most premium juices come in dropper bottles.

    Bottle was a tad small, as compared to other 30ml dropper bottles that house the Foggy Boobies or Apple Crumble juices.

    Most important...
    The Juice

    "Tobacco Caramel Cream"

    6mg nicotine
    60 VG/ 40 PG

    I'm a big fan of dessert flavors, when I heard a new cookie flavor was available on my little island, I snatched up a bottle. Turned out to be a caramel cream flavor, which still appealed to me.

    The smell of the caramel is overpowering from the instant you tear open the package, hence I was eager to try it as soon as possible.

    The caramel taste is very obvious from the first hit, but pleasantly not overpowering or too sweet. Tastes somewhat like a butterscotch or vanilla flavor, well complemented by the tobacco flavor.

    The liquid did taste slightly creamy, with hints of milkiness. I had to add a few drops of 95% VG Foggy Boobies to really bring out a nice milky and creamy flavor.

    Interestingly as stated on the bottle, the juice is a tobacco flavor.
    Tastes toasty and a tad musky, but fortunately was not strong enough to dull out the other flavors, but just right to complement the sweetness of the caramel, preventing that overly sweet or stale flavor of caramel or butterscotch that lingers in your mouth.
    Tastes very much like a bit of RY4, or a very little bit like the Lucky Strikes I used to puff on.

    The throat hit made me cough once or twice at first, as I'm accustomed to 70%-100% VG juices.
    Added some high VG juice to tame the throat hit at first.

    After about a few hours I grew accustomed to it, and can now vape it without any additional VG, each hit leaving only a small sensation at my throat.

    For those who like the throat hit however, this should be spot on for you at 6mg.

    Final Thoughts:
    A nice creamy flavor, possibly an all day vape, but not for me as it does leave me with a dry throat after 10-15 puffs, unlike my other VG juices.

    Worth trying though, due to its affordable price for a little taste of more premium e-liquid and more subtle caramel taste.

    However I do not recommend people in Singapore, our country that outlaws vaping, to source this locally as suppliers mark this juice up by about $35 from its real cost.

    Hopefully this review will have helped you decide whether or not to pick up a bottle of this tasty e-liquid.


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