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COV eGo Tank with Air Control in Steel color

Discussion in 'Tank Reviews' started by Mark Linehan, Jun 12, 2012.

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  1. Mark Linehan

    Mark Linehan Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Sep 15, 2010
    Salem, MA
    Greetings to all ECF friends and members. I know it has been a while since I made it online. I have been very busy in the dismal reality of RL. I have a LOT fo reviews that I need to do, but my camera died as you may or may not know, I thought I had a replacement but it was worthless. So I decided I will post some WRITTEN reviews in the meantime. Next month I think I finally will have my new camera and video reviews will be following up on all of these posts. I realize I have posted quite a few reviews, but I was really backed up on them from waiting for a camera. Oh well.. Here goes another of my "Finally Doing It" reviews..

    DISCLAIMER JUNK : I have received a number of products for free from various suppliers for the purposes of evaluation and review. Please be aware, and anyone who knows me will vouch for my integrity and honesty, that whether I paid for a product or not I will always and ONLY report what I believe to be accurate and honest evaluations of all products I have experienced. It is now, and always been, my intention to help my community of vapers be as completely and truthfully informed about the prolific number of choices available to them in the explosive growth industry of personal vaporizers and electronic cigarettes. Also, you need to know that I am not a person with a medical background and I do not make any claims as to the safety or risks to your health from the use of any products I review. I offer these reviews only as a report of my own personal observations. You should talk with your medical care provider if you have any concerns regarding the use of e-cigarettes/personal vaporizers. Thanks and on with the reviews!

    COV eGo Tank with Air Control in Steel color

    On the site it basically reads that this is an advanced User Device. Throat hit!! Wow. Length:101mm Resistance: 2.2ohm--2.6ohm

    So, I had not seen these before or heard of them, and it was on a spur of the moment that I decided they might be worth checking out. Especially since I am a big fan of EGO style products. I mean, I have 510-Ego adapters for every one of my PV's that do not have EGO connectors built in. This one caught my eye because it was a steel tank style device with a replaceable atomizer and a method for controlling your air flow. Well, I am very happy that I picked this one up so far. Let me explain what this device seems to be capable of in my experience.

    Okay, bascially, it is indeed a steel tank with a central air tube in the middle. It has two clear plastic windows to see your juice level. It has a plastic mouth piece and a screw on polished steel cap to hide away the mouth piece when you pocket the device. I have to tell you, this is a very large tank/atty with the big cap screwed on the top, but it looks more like a shiny steel pen than a e-cigarette when it is poking up out of your pocket. None of this has anything to do with hot it works though. THAT is what impressed me.

    Now, clouds of vapor has long been a builder of really cool metal mods and devices. They put a lot of effort into design and quality for sure. I had heard a little about air flow control items before, but never used one. So I got this and it is a lot easier to work with than I realized at first. It is also more capable than I realized at first as well. When I first got it and put it on my ego-c twist 1000mah battery, I was confused. This was an EGO tank, but the external EGO thread portion of the device was not connected to the tank. It was a textured metal ring that you screwed onto the EGO threads before you screwed on the rest of the tank with the internal 510 threads. It took me a couple of minutes to realize that you moved the ring closer and further away from the rest of the tank by cranking it up and down along the EGO threads. Now if you put it all the way up to the tank it would all but cut off any air draw from the tank. I thought this was pointless, and if you turned it down the EGO threads a couple of turns the air flow became insanely light and airy like you had no device at all. When I had it loose, I immediately got a really REALLY burnt nasty taste out of it. I was let down a lot at first, but I learned. I am good at that sometimes. Learning.

    The tighter you make the draw by turning the ego thread ring closer up to the tank, the more liquid you are able to draw into the atomizer it seems. So you change the air flow from a tight hard draw to a light and airy draw by moving the ring and what is really cool about it is that when you make the draw harder, it increased the juice flow to the atomizer and when you make it airy it pulls less juice in. If you have it too light, it pulls no juice and you will get a dry burn taste. Not pleasant. So.. Depending on which device you put it on, which juice you are using (thickness and strength) and what you enjoy personally, you can really find tune the way this ego tank draws and vapes.

    It works great in this regard, and so I highly recommend this device for EGO enthusiasts and those able to get EGO adapters. I would be surprised if you did not like this device. If you have trouble getting any good vapes with this then chances are you just have it too loose or too tight. Play with it and you will quickly get the hang of being able to perfect your vapes with this really REALLY cool new device from COV. After all, as I have said TIME and TIME again when people bring it up, it is the atomizer/cartomizer/tank that makes the real decisions for vaping. I mean, it is the heating coil, wick, resistance levels, air flow, juice flow and other aspects of the peripherals that decide 90% of how good your vaping is going to be. Truly, what you use for a battery/PV/VV device means much less than you probably realize. I mean look at it this way. If you are getting spectacular vaping with one of these EGO AIR CONTROL TANK devices at 3.3v on your 300 dollar PV, then I hate to break the bad news to you, but unless you are able to modify your wattage manually with your PV then you will be able to get the same vape quality with a 20 dollar EGO battery as well. 3.3v is 3.3v. Buying an expensive PV help when you have vastly varying devices to vape with. The PV allows you to use a varied assortment of devices, it does not make your devices better in most cases. I don't know if I am making sense and explaining that properly.

    My main point here is that this EGO TANK with AIR CONTROL should work fantastic on any PV you own that has the right voltage level because with it you can perfect the amount of air/juice ration you are getting across the coil and THAT is the biggest decided of how good your vape will be IMHO. Voltage is voltage, but a device that lets you control the activity across your coil is the real holy grail.

    I got my 510/EGO TANK ATTY with AIR CONTROL in polished steel or black at Clouds of Vapor
  2. Morpheus

    Morpheus Full Member Verified Member

    Oct 23, 2011
    White Plains N.Y.
    I got mine today and it took me awile to set it up but COV Bruce got back to me in less then an hour with advice and now i'm up and running my experences are just like you describe here so i agree with this review
    um lovin it !
  3. irwink

    irwink CASAA Member ECF Veteran

    Mar 16, 2010
    Norfolk, Virginia, USA
    I'm sorry but I cannot agree with the 2 previous reviewers based on my own experience. I received 2 of these from COV yesterday and immediately filled one to try it out on an eGo 1000 mah battery.

    The juice I used was a semi clear 10% vg flavor. Before filling I fired it briefly and noticed there was some kind of primer burning off. Sure enough after filling it there was a nasty primer taste mingled with the flavor. Not good but I contined to vape it assuming the primer taste would burn off. It did but that didn't improve things much. After experimenting with the air control quite a bit it tasted like not enough juice was reaching the coil to deliver anything even approaching decent flavor no matter how tight I adjusted the draw.

    I ordered 2 of these because sometimes 1 of anything can be defective and you cannot judge from that. So I decided to move to the 2nd unit with a different, darker juice but still 10% vg.

    The 2nd unit yielded somewhat less of the primer taste but again my final experience was the same as the first. I mounted both on a Twist and varied the voltage. My best experience there was between 3.2 - 3.4V. I vaped about half a tank in each unit and sadly things never got better.

    While it's possible that both units were part of a bad production run I don't intend to find out. While a nice idea and well put together these were the worst performing tanks I've tried. If given the choice of these or going back to carts and atomizers I'd choose the latter without a second thought. I have nothing against COV and have purchased other items from them in the past so I'm not knocking them but just this one product.

    So I guess I'll resume my quest for the holy grail.
  4. flobiwan

    flobiwan Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 20, 2009
    I just got this same tank and i was let down too. First, i dont' know if i'm filling it right. I assume you unscrew the atomizer and fil it from the bottom down one of the side holes, which is what i did. For some reason, i can't get anyone at Clouds of Vapor to respond to my email questions. (i emailed them about 3 days ago when i first ordered this).

    Also, i've been using this for about an hour fiddling with the air flow control and i have yet to get a decent throat hit. Flavor is good, but there's no throat hit at all. Is this normal for this atty? I'm using it with the 1000 mah twist battery.
  5. Luther

    Luther Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Mar 5, 2011
    Winston-Salem, N.C.
    My experience is much like irwink's. Dry hits galore.
    The adjusting ring is too loose as well. Any adjustment you make will be easily upset by the slightest movement.
    There is no "dialing it in" because there is no chance it will stay there.
    I tried this on an Ego twist ,a stock Ego 3.2v battery, a VV box mod and a 3.7v device.
    It uniformlly disappointed me on each and every one of them.
    All this happened over a week and a half time period.
    I gave it every chance to work but it just would not.
    I wish I had spent the money on a back up Vivi Nova.
  6. Mark Linehan

    Mark Linehan Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Sep 15, 2010
    Salem, MA
    Duplicate in another thread already so just linkbacked that one here.. sorry.
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