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Desert Ship

Discussion in 'DIY E-Liquid' started by mrmiller96, Nov 29, 2012.

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  1. mrmiller96

    mrmiller96 Full Member

    Before I got into DIY, I got ahold of several tobacco flavors, and one of them was so extremely perfumey as to be completely unvapeable. It was like vaping an overly strong car air freshener. It was only a 5ml bottle, so I chucked it and moved on.

    I have been trying out various tobacco flavors for a while, trying to create a good cigarette-esque flavor blend.
    So, one of the flavorings I got was Desert Ship. As soon as I opened the bottle, I recognized the exact same overly perfumed scent as the one I had pitched before. It was so strong that it made me nauseous. Even a single drop in a 60ml batch is noticeable and unpleasant. I had been hoping for a Camel flavor, but this is nothing like any kind of tobacco at all. It actually reminds me of the smell of a batch of perfumed filters I once got from American Spirit when I was rolling my own back in the mid 90's. (why they doused the filters in perfume I have no idea, but this smells identical.)

    Some people here at ECF absolutely love Desert Ship, so I'm wondering, did I get a bad batch of flavor? Is there any way to cut the overpowering perfumey scent to make it taste like tobacco? Should I just give it to someone else? As it is, I can't vape it - not even extremely diluted. I am now afraid to order other tobacco flavors for fear that they will contain this same perfume.
  2. glassmanoak

    glassmanoak Resting In Peace ECF Veteran

    Feb 17, 2012
    Lafayette, La
    I can only suggest that you put it away and let it steep. Steep has transformed "unvapable" to "wonderful" for me before with a tobacco flavoring. Leave the cap off.
  3. MattBott

    MattBott Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Tobacco flavorings have a reputation for being super strong and needing a LONG steep. So, mix at a low percent (1-2%) and let it sit in a cool, dark place for a month. Yes, one month.

    Note: This is just from me reading, I have not made any DIY tobacco flavors.
  4. gimmieshelter31

    gimmieshelter31 Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Mar 26, 2011
    DIY is an exercise of patience and experimentation. While I'm certainly not an expert,some things I have learned are:

    -You are going to need many bottles .
    -Mix new flavors in small batches.
    -Read ECF member Hoosier 's blogs about diy and finding flavoring percentages that work for you.
    -Most FlavourArt Tobaccos are suggested to be used in the 1-3% range for starters and require long steep times to mature. Some try to avoid this step buy adding more and more flavoring and usually are disappointed with the results.
    -Most flavorings are HIGHLY CONCENTRATED and will not taste the same way they smell after dilution and maturation.
    I remember reading on this site a FlavourArt sensory profile that has a graph showing the floral,spicy,metallic etc notes of each tobacco flavor.I'll try to find it tomorrow if someone else doesn't have it readily available. Choose those with lower floral notes.
    -Ethyl Maltol,apple cider vinegar,and/or MTS Vape Wizard are used by some to smooth out harsh notes and floral notes in tobacco flavors.

    I cannot over emphasize the need to make small batches of one flavor,at various percentages and the patience to allow the flavor to fully develop before making your final decision on it. Some flavors you just will not like.

    For simple tobacco flavorings that you may or may not like,try EcigExpress or Vapingzone's Super Concentrated Chinese flavorings. Many have had good results with these flavorings in the 2.5-5% range. Be sure to write everything down you add to a mix and label the bottles with what ever system you choose. This will keep you from repeating past mistakes and allow you to repeat your successes.

    Again ,I implore you to read the blogs of Hoosier.

    Good luck with DIY mrmiller96.
    Found the link (it is in pdf format) -
  5. butterfly2746

    butterfly2746 Senior Member ECF Veteran

  6. Plumes.91

    Plumes.91 Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 30, 2012
    United States
    dude, i'm right there with you. I've tried premixed desert ship from 2 different vendors now and they both tasted extremely perfumey. Idk what they are putting in there. one tasted like perfume and cocoa, the other tasted like perfume and orange peel scrapings. Gross. I usually enjoy tobacco flavors, but not desert ship. Not yet at least. Gross.
  7. DizGrizz

    DizGrizz Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 19, 2012
    Near Austin, TX
    Sounds like good advice to me. I know I've had many juices that were just plain gawd awful when young and matured into fine juice after 2 weeks or more. The more aromatic, the more likely steeping (usually with the bottle open) will make a big dif.
  8. gimmieshelter31

    gimmieshelter31 Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Mar 26, 2011
  9. Rule62

    Rule62 Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 28, 2011
    Melbourne, Florida
    Desert Ship is one of FAs tobaccos that is especially strong. I like it at 1%, with 2% Cotton Candy.
  10. graffinfected

    graffinfected Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Sep 17, 2012
    yeap... you gotta steep it..

    give it a few weeks.. maybe even a month...

    you said 1 drop in 60ml? or did i read that incorrectly?:ohmy:
  11. mrmiller96

    mrmiller96 Full Member

    Thanks for the info and especially the PDF. I appreciate it!
  12. mrmiller96

    mrmiller96 Full Member

    Yep. I made a 60ml batch of juice. I wanted it to be subtle. I added 'smooth', a touch of vanilla, 15 drops of diluted TA(I was planning on adding more TA as it steeps to bring it up to a good level - add some, steep, add some, steep, etc.), and a single drop of the Desert Ship. I could still smell the DS very strongly. I've set it in a cabinet in my basement to steep for a while - it's been about two weeks so far. The aroma has muted a little, but it's still there, and it still gives the juice a bit of an unpleasant taste. I'm testing it once a week to see how it goes. I think I'm particularly sensitive to this specific scent for some reason. I think once it has sufficiently muted enough it might actually become pleasant as a low note in the flavor, but so far it's still overpowering.

    Thought I'd add, I had a similar problem with Black Honey Tobacco flavor, but That one muted easily after a week of steeping. It's very strong when I first add it to a batch, but it becomes a nice subtle undertone fairly quickly. DS, however, barely seems to fade at all. a little, but not much.

    I might buy a bottle of 0-nic base and use it to dilute the bottle of flavoring down to a more manageable strength so that it doesn't make me nauseous whenever I open the flavoring bottle. I have a 10ml bottle of very concentrated flavoring. What would be a good amount of pg/vg to mix with it to dilute it sufficiently if I do? or should I just leave it as-is?
  13. graffinfected

    graffinfected Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Sep 17, 2012
    ohhhh!!! ok, i thought you mixed a 60ml base and then added one drop of DS and it was STILL too strong.. it was kind of

    well i think the TA is whats the culprit here because thats a strong strong flavor.. and you said you added 15 drops..(even though its a 60ml mix, it will come out strongto some people) you should do something that someone once told me here that really helped me out with the M-type flavor from TFA...

    mix a 5ml bottle but just add one or two drops to it. thats it.. rather it be m-type, TA, or even DS...(dont add anything else) do it and then wait 3 weeks at least.. taste it then... it wont taste the same as when you vape it right away and by the time you try it... it will be nice and smoothed out... you wont need TFA smooth for it. it will do it on its own.. it works for the m-type.. so i dont see why it wont work for DS. And it actually tastes very good. nice and mellow tobacco flavor.. which is what i expected from M-type to begin with..
  14. mrmiller96

    mrmiller96 Full Member

    I did that with my Tobacco Absolute. It made a large batch of more subtle (still strong enough to only need a small amount though) TA flavoring and mellowed it out nicely. The 'smooth' is in there to round out the sharpness and enhance the sweetness of the vanilla while keeping it's flavor overall. (I like the combination of 'Smooth' + Vanilla)

    I'm considering doing the same for DS - I've got a 10ml bottle of it, but I'm not sure how much base to add to sufficiently mellow it. It's way more aromatic than the TA, though that doesn't necessarily indicate how strong its flavor will be. I think I'll try mixing 5ml batches and see how it goes.
  15. graffinfected

    graffinfected Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Sep 17, 2012
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