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Joe salmons

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Apr 23, 2021
Supplier Negative Review

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Apr 21, 2021​

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I bought two smok mods from direct vapor and they only sent one. When I called up the "customer service" rep took an immediate attitude and refused to look into the problem, giving a canned response "those are out of stock"...

Ok so why did you sent one??!!!

Then the person says you want the same color???

I'm like what??? So you're admitting you were lying and now want to send another?

She refused to make it right by sending it faster or offering a discount on anything. I had to take her phone out of my wife's hands and start yelling to get a whole ten dollar discount on next order. She never said she was sorry or even attempted to empathize. I will never shop there again. Biggest mistake.

What's more, they took two days to send out the replacement.

Worst company ever.​
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