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DRAG2 Review Update 11/26/18

Discussion in 'Voopoo' started by Radar2013, Nov 27, 2018.

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  1. Radar2013

    Radar2013 Super Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 2, 2013
    Indianapolis, IN, USA
    When 8 of us here were chosen to receive and review the DRAG2s and Minis we were told we had a week to do the review or we would not be eligible for the "Grab Bag" drawing. A week is not long enough to mess with and test a new to Market Mod and give it the review that the product deserves so on my behalf it got the review it deserved with a week of use. What alot of these manufacturers dont understand is that those of us they choose most of us have family, Children and jobs that we have to tend to priority one.

    Over the Thanksgiving break we had at work, I had some time to actually mess with the DRAG2.

    When I first opened the package and read the manual a month ago there was very little about how each mode works and you would think with as much as they have been promoting the Gene FIT Chip that there would be detail about it in the manual. There was very little and I mean very little. The thing that these manufacturers needs to remember is that there are quite a few people that will be buying this as their first kit because of all of the hype. Atleast give them some info on what the bells and whistles are for.

    The kit came with the U-force tank. Now a month ago I ran through all 3 modes of the Gene FIT Chip with the Uforce tank and could not tell a Difference. Now like I said over the Thanksgiving break I had some time to play with this Drag2. I put one of my Freemax Mesh Pro Tanks on this time with Triple Mesh Coil. I put the FIT Chip on 1... Where in the world did my power go? Yeah it may cut down on your battery use but you are going to lose on taste, Throat Hit and Clouds. FIT Chip on 2.... Much better... Better taste, a little warmer throat hit, bigger Clouds. FIT Chip on 3... And there it is. Great flavor coming from the Juice, much warmer Throat Hit and Big Ole Clouds.... The Mod isnt the problem I dont think. Im thinking that maybe just maybe the Uforce Tank isnt (or it could be the coil)
    properly regulated for this Mod. All I know is that when I put the bigger Mesh Pro Tank with a Triple Coil on the Mod I got a big surprise...

    Now.... Would I buy this? Since I know what the issue is and the store sold just the Mod... Yes I would.
    Would I refer this to a friend? Again knowing what I know now... Yes I would Mod only though...
    I believe the Uforce Tank is their issue..
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  2. ranjen617

    ranjen617 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I agree on the tank. I went to the 3 setting as well. Haven't looked back.
    Keep using it and see how the paint lasts. Mine is chipping and peeling on the top right of the battery door where my finger lies, I'm a lefty.
    I like the mod but. ....
    The instructions were rather bleak to me as well. You really have to have an understanding on these mods before you buy this one or you won't understand the settings. I had a small knowledge coming into this but many first mod buyers are going to be clueless. I remember my Innokin 220 having more and the Smoant just rocks at their instruction manual.

    It has potential for sure but the paint, I'd rather see two sides life the front side vs a painted battery door chipping. o_O;)

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